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May 13, 2015 3:47 pm

EU Commissioner: Europe Without the Jews is Not Europe

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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European Commission First Vice President: Frans Timmermans. Photo: YouTube Screenshot

A “Europe without the Jews is no longer Europe,” the first vice president of the European Commission Frans Timmermans told a gathering of the continent’s Orthodox religious leaders on Wednesday.

“We need your contribution to have this debate,” said Timmermans, who spoke to the 29th convention of the Conference of European Rabbis via a recorded message from Brussels.

Timmermans — who heads the Commission’s “dialogue with religions” — said recent attacks at a kosher supermarket in Paris and at the main synagogue in Copenhagen were just the “tip of the iceberg” of European antisemitism.

“Antisemitic behavior and speech run deeper,” he told the conference.

He said the conference’s choice to convene this year in Toulouse is “highly symbolic,” referring to the 2012 shooting spree at a Jewish school in the city that left three children and another man dead.

“We will never forget the horrific shooting,” he said, adding that it was “a very dark day for Jewish life in Europe.”

He vowed that the “European Commission and the European Union would fight antisemitism wherever it rears its ugly head.”

In January, the first vice president said that the European Commission was committed to combating antisemitism in Europe, and that it would put forth a new strategy to do so by this month.

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  • Charles Martel

    The Muslims have finally figured out how to take over Europe! You just wash up on their shores!Hell the Moors never figured this out.

    As long as Europe takes in these hate mongers Jewish life will be at risk.It is time for Jews to close the sad chapter of Jewish life in this large grave yard.Let secular Europe deal with these fanatics.To the Jews of Europe -turn off the lights-hand in the keys- and leave Europe to ROT!The stench is already in the air.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    That is utter nonsense. Europe has worked tirelessly for a thousand years to exterminate every last Jew in Europe. All that’s different now is that they outsourced it to the Muslims.

  • The EU is committed to combating anti-semitism in Europe wherever it rears its ugly head, BUT every time the EU takes in Muslim migrants it increases anti-semitism and anti-Christian hatred in Europe. The Australian High Court ruled that Australia is not required to accept Jews seeking asylum because the State of Israel officially accepts any Jew seeking asylum. The 50+ Muslim countries should set up a system whereby any Muslim seeking asylum can be accepted by a Muslim state. The present flood of young male Muslim migrants into Europe is a Trojan Horse.

  • Jonas

    My God, the Dutch liar Timmermans is talking what a laugh, he is a product of the Dutch society. For the Dutch readers, the book “Om erger te voorkomen “of Nanda van der Zee is an eye opener. No good word for Holland concerning Israel/Jews
    Anyhow Timmermans doesn’t give a s**t aboud Israel and/of Jews, he is only focused on position and money. Menber of the Dutch labour party the PVDA.

  • Jonah Lissner


    Toward An Israel Liberation Theology for the Global South: Vatican and Mecca Peace Overtures Obfuscate Occupation of Indigenous Lands for Political Gain
    Jonah Lissner

    Copyright 2015 by Jonah Lissner. All rights reserved by the Author.


    The myriad peoples of the world have greater access to political and technical knowledge today in Zaire and Borneo, better than in the year 600 in Arabia, or 500 years ago at the dawning of the Inquisition and the Spanish Reconquest.

    In 2014 there are many Protestants, Evangelicals, Agnostics and Atheists in the world today among the Catholics and Muslims which did not exist in the same strength 1,000 years ago. It is easy to read modern news and history. For what do they seek?

    It can be said although the Catholic Church and the Islamic religion are losing their powers to convince and control by public relations acts alone in the face of Protestantism, it is quite possible the Vatican and the Catholic Church are one of the wealthiest political bodies in the world next to the House of Saud. How could this be, by tithing alone, as bequested to the believers of the early Church?

    If the wealth of the religious hierarchies is directly related to amount of holiness, then are the poor merely threatened to hell for their lack of euros or riyads and charge cards?

    Do they yet realize an ephah of flour is enough to join the Israel confederation and donation to the Temple in Jerusalem, and the restoration and Liberation of the Temple, for all Mankind to try to live in Peace?

    Peace through Swords not Plowshares: The Vatican and Mecca as False Universalist Commonweal and Totalitarianism

    Imperialism and military conquest guided the rise and rise of Catholicism and Islam. Exactly when did the wealth of the Vatican begin, after the preaching of the early Christian communities? Consider again the wealth of Mecca and Medina.

    Medieval tithing and Catholic wars, corporations and guilds likely helped to build the wards of the Vatican’s central wealth, city by city and region by region over the centuries since Constantine. Unfortunately they did not stop at Italy but invaded other countries to achieve these actions under the guise of religion.

    The pages of history are “literally” littered with the brutal military conquest of the five continents of the world, in continuation of the heathen Roman empire, by the Catholic Church, and the Arabian version in the political push-back against the Roman Empire and the vacuum left by the Parthian Empire in the Near East, the Judaic Yemenite Kingdom, and the Hunnish invasions of Europe, in Islam circa 600 CE. The torture and suppression of Science and the Scientific method by the Vatican in the life of Gallileo and others is well-documented fact as are the mass conversions under force in early Islam.

    The lands colonized in the name of the Vatican and the post-Roman Empire Church of Constantine, are not, and were never, the homelands of any of the European peoples, who for mercantile, military or venturist reasons, joined the Catholic crusade and purported neo-Reconquest of the other non-European Four Continents of the Earth. Neither is the case for the lands of Africa and Asia claimed for Islam by force.

    The stalemated battles of the Medieval Crusades versus the Muslim, Israeli and Heathen armies in the Near East and Israel proper were the perpetuation of historical currents; these Medieval battles echoed the Roman empire’s invasive battles against the Near Eastern peoples centuries before. Reeling from the Muslim conquest of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean by Moorish invaders and a politically-fractured region, the Catholic Church rebuilt its fortress from certain defeat circa 700 CE for century after century before finally forcing Moors, Israelites and non-Catholic Christians and Heathen peoples to either leave the Inquisition or convert by force to Catholicism under torture or intimidation in 1492 CE, after some 700 years of Mooro-Judaic suzerian.

    Since then the nations of Europe and Arabia have enjoyed an unprecedented 500 years of historical expansion into lands not of their own, at the expense of non-Catholics and non-Europeans, since circa 1500 CE, at the behest of the Vatican and the Catholic Church in Spain, Italy and Portugal. The year 1500 CE coincided with the Catholic church’s “Reconquest” of Spain and the Mediterranean lands for Catholic ethnic groups, from Jews, Moors, Amazigh and Arabs, and “religious movements non-aligned to the Vatican”, such as Albigensians, Cathars, Eastern Orthodox, Heathen, and proto-Protestant movements.

    Centuries later revolutionary Protestant Christians in Europe later battled Catholics in the terrible 30 Year- and 100 Year- Wars, St. Bartholomew’s Day massacres, et. al. and still do political battle to this day over the veracity of interpretation of their Bible. It is safe to say that any given country’s military and the Catholic church, especially in Europe, have never truly been separated.

    It had to stay united covertly because it is redundant to Torah. Truly, how can there be an improvement on the word of G-d?

    Late Historical Precedent for Roman or Arabian Power Base After Global South Civilizations: True and False

    It is well-trod territory: The Catholic Church is based in Rome and Vatican City. Why Italy, and not London, Paris or Moscow? As is historical fact Rome was the seat of Heathen Roman power until circa 350 CE, when Constantine chose to become Christian, and by the homogenization of the sects of early Christianity into a mainstream religion of Empire.

    However the large Empires of the Near East, Africa and Asia did not have a similar religious sea-change and the Romans were soundly defeated at the Battle of Nisibis circa 217 CE in modern Kurdistan by the Parthian-Judean armies. It is from the Carthaginian and Parthian Wars of which Israel and Judea were integral that the second redundancy in Islam arose in Mecca 400 years later.

    Never again did the heathen Roman cohorts venture past the Tigris and Euphrates without any redoubt. Ashoka in India was quite enthusiastic to be Buddhist; the Chin emperors were of the People’s Natural Religion; Ethiopia was Israelite and Sabaean.

    Although the Israeli, Carthaginian and Amazigh armies had ultimately lost to the burgeoning Roman empire two hundred years before due to the hesitation of Hannibal, they had their revenge in 711 CE Iberia, and circa 1182 CE in the reign of Saladin. Yet the Temple in Jerusalem was not yet rebuilt; the Hindus in India struggled fiercely against Muslim occupiers in centuries-long warfare.

    In 1636 Ethiopia sent out the last attempt of the Vatican to install a Catholic control system. And although the Germans, Celts and Huns would ultimately sack Rome again and again during the Roman tenor, there was one treasure which the heathen Romans, and their direct historical descendants in the Vatican, would keep until these days: the Treasures of the Beit Mikdash Temple of Yerushalayim.

    The Arch of Titus demonstrates the Menorah and other treasures of the Temple of Solomon, which are still rumored to be kept illegally in the Vatican vaults from their rightful owners of Israel, as plunder. The Israelites and inheritors of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses, again live today in their own Lands, but their Temple for all Mankind is not yet Rebuilt.

    In war and peace, memories are long of historical precedent and warfare: Israeli history demonstrates King Solomon sent colonies to Iberia, Tunis and other regions of the Punic and Early Iron Age Mediterranean, circa 1000 BCE, well before the Vandals, Greeks and Romans had ever lived in Iberia.

    It is known that many Roman citizens across the Mediterranean found Torah and Israeli worship and lifestyle of interest before and after the time of Jesus and either purported to or converted to Torah belief and study. Ethiopia, Punt, India and other lands welcomed Israelites and they brought the Torah with them.

    Israel, Jerusalem and the Rebuilding of the Temple for the Global South

    How can the Israeli Temple be accurately rebuilt, without these artifacts at the Temple Mount? How can there be “peace” between hostile actors and redundant religions, without the Israeli Temple in Jerusalem to be fully restored, and how correct is their perception of the Temple? What is “peace”? Peace can be defined in rote as: “the act of cessation of wars and hostilities”, or it can be defined more complexly by this Author [Jonah Lissner] as: “the act of agreement by multiple actors to prevent or circumvent bellicose acts through force or arms, entreaty or treaty”.

    In the Israeli Liberation Theology dialectic, Peace is achieved as a confederation of Believers, Students and Worshippers of the Torah, at their own choice. They are invited to make pilgrimage the the Temple in Jerusalem, as it was done for the First and Second Temples. Even Catholics and Muslims are invited.

    Apparently “peace” is not such a simple thing in reality. Talk of war and peace, whether in Rome, Parthia, Carthage or Brussels, demands the question of historical continuity, to be asked by not only Israel, but the other Native, African, Asian and American Indigenous peoples in the world, from the Philippines to Thailand, India to Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda to Brazil and Mexico:

    If the Vatican claims to urge others to redistribute the wealth to the poor, why has the Vatican not redistributed its gains from military conquest to the peoples it then converted by force? Are those peoples not impoverished?

    Are those peoples “not important” to the Vatican if they are not Catholics? And if so, why are non-Catholics so important to the Vatican when these peoples have their own Temples, Priests and Presidents? In this case the Vatican is described as neither a relevant nor necessary broker.

    If Mecca claims to have the most accurate religion, why does it need to have antecedents? Yet paradoxically, Judaism and Christianity, let alone other religions, do and have existed and are recorded and mentioned in the holy book. QED, Islam is redundant, superfluous and irrelevant.

    We do not have to look even past the tip of Gibraltar, walls of Aleppo, Mecca or Tangiers; within Europe are the peoples, in Spain, in Portugal, in Italy and Sicily, Ireland, Avignon and Brussels, who have chosen to support the military Church and not the peaceful Church. Similarly one can say there are peoples who have chosen to support the military Islam and not the peaceful Islam.

    Did not the prophet of the Church ask for Peaceable ways, the ways of the Torah, which he had learned to proselytize to his Apostles and the early believers? Should not Catholic Europeans, in every interest of ethics, ask When, Where, How, and Why, the Church of the early Apostles became the Empire Church of the Romans? Should Catholicism not come to terms with its own redundancy?

    Are they Catholics or Muslims of Peace, or Catholics or Muslims of War? If they are Catholics or Muslims of War, should they not expect the 5+ billion non-Catholics and non-Muslims of the world to be militantly and enthusiastically against the Vatican’s and Mecca’s worldly strategy of divide, conquer and obfuscate, falsely justified in the name of “improvements on the Torah” the Word of G-d?

    Methods to Advance Israel Liberation Theology

    If the Vatican keeps them illegally, when will the Artifacts of the Israeli Temple be returned to Israel and the Temple rebuilt? When will Mecca offer the laurel of Peace?

    What of The “Peace” and Lands of the Ethiopians and Nilotic peoples occupied by the Catholic Church since circa 1900 CE? The “Peace” and Lands of the Occitanians of Southwest Europe, or Native american tribes of the Americas? The temples of the Makranis, Bengals or Sindhs?

    The “Converso” or Crypto-Israeli populations of Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Sicily, Balearics, Canaries, Calabria and Malta? “Peace” and Territories in the grand entirety of India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Korea and Japan before 1950 CE?

    If the Vatican or Mecca are, as self-proclaimed entities so qualified to make “peace” and not war, then should not the native Aboriginals of Australia and Tierra del Fuego share the same yearning as the Israeli in Jerusalem for the full restoration of the Tribes of Israel and the Land of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates?

    Should not the indigenous Druze, Kurds, Baloch, Kashmiri and Pathan share the same yearning as the Israeli in the Liberation of Jerusalem for their own homelands to be free of Western and foreign intervention? The Catholic Bible and the Coran are based on the Torah.

    We must ask by what right does the Vatican have to meddle in the politics of Israel, let alone dictate any terms of peace between Israelis and Jordanians, or Kurds and Arabs? When are the multiple billions of dollars to be returned? After Buchenwald and Auschwitz, can gold alone ever be enough to the Nation of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses?

    Indeed, when will The Lands of Zion dictate terms of peace to Sicily and Sardinia, Corsica and Catalonia, Brussels and Rome, Mecca and Medina?

    • Festus

      It is the truth men . The religions are hypocrites.

    • Needs more organization and focus. Good info though..