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May 13, 2015 2:55 pm

New Organization Monitors Campus Radicals to Expose Them to Future Employers (VIDEO)

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The organizations featured in Canary Mission's database on its website include Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the Muslim Brotherhood. Photo: Screenshot.

A new organization was launched on Tuesday to track organizers of anti-Israel movements on U.S. college campuses and alert the public, as well as future employers, about their involvement with the hate groups, The Algemeiner has learned.

Canary Mission was founded by students and citizens concerned by the growing number of campus movements that work to demonize and boycott Israel, harass Jewish and pro-Israel students, and spread radical, antisemitic ideas.

In a statement issued on its website, Canary Mission’s anonymous founders said the public has the right to know who is a part of this “dangerous campaign” of “ugly antisemitism and anti-Americanism that drives the anti-Israel movement on campuses across the United States.”

“So do the future employers of those who immerse themselves in antisemitic activity as college students,” the statement continued. “We are determined to expose the statements, activities, and unsavory affiliations of all of those responsible for spreading this hate on our campuses.”

Launched in New York City, Canary Mission has created a database of students, professors, organizations and off-campus agitators who are actively involved in college campus antisemitism and the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement around the U.S. The detailed database provides descriptions, links, photos and videos for each activist listed. Its website also allows the public to submit details about someone involved in antisemitic or anti-Israel activities. Once the details are verified, the organization will publish a page about the person or group.

“By holding people accountable for actions they would rather leave buried in their past, the organization seeks to serve as a deterrent for others contemplating involvement in these threatening movements,” Canary Mission said.

Members of the organization explained, “It is our duty to try and contain this tidal wave of hatred, and ultimately turn back the tide to make the campuses across North America welcoming and open for Jews and Israel- supporters once again. We call on our fellow Americans to work with us, ensuring that today’s hate mongers on campus are not employees in your workplaces tomorrow.”

The database includes campus groups such as the Muslim Students Association (MSA), which was established by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. In an entry on its site, Canary Mission says the MSA has ties with a number of radical groups and notorious terrorist organizations, like Hamas. It points out that a FBI investigation in 2004 revealed an internal Muslim Brotherhood document in which a brotherhood leader called the MSA “one of our organizations.”

Among the individuals featured in the database is Taher Herzallah, a student who uploaded photos of wounded Israelis on his Facebook page and described them as “the most beautiful site (sic) in my eyes.” He currently works to organize BDS activity on campuses in the Western U.S., according to Canary Mission.

Another featured student is Tina Matar from University of California, Riverside. Matar is president in her university’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and is also teaching a university course entitled, “Palestine & Israel: Settler-Colonialism and Apartheid,” which is sponsored by anti-Israel English professor David Lloyd. Matar was also one of the authors and proponents of the Israel divestment bill she helped pass last year at UC Riverside, though it was later overturned.

Watch a promotional video about Canary Mission below:

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  • ken ting

    Let’s ignore the fact that this plays right into the narrative BDS puts forward about Zionists for a minute. Why do the participants/members of Canary Mission not have the courage of their convictions and list their names as well? Are they afraid of being served papers for a libel suit?


    Excerpt from this website …

    Palestine Legal documented:

    60 incidents involving accusations of anti-Semitism made against students or faculty, based solely on speech critical of Israeli policy.
    24 incidents involving accusations of support for terrorism made against students or faculty, based solely on speech critical of Israeli policy.

    “The smearing, harassing and intimidation of Palestinian rights advocates has serious consequences,” said Dima Khalidi, founder and director of Palestine Legal and Cooperating Counsel with the Center for Constitutional Rights. “Not only does it harm the reputations and careers of students and scholars, but it also encourages censorship of students and scholars, thereby trampling their First Amendment rights and limiting debate and the free exchange of ideas at our nation’s schools.”

    The findings include snapshots of incidents that took place on various college campuses since January 2015, including at Stanford University, Columbia University, Northwestern University, University of Toledo, Northeastern University, multiple University of California campuses, Pitzer College, and Occidental College.

    “False accusations of anti-Semitism are being employed as a strategy to pressure campus authorities to suppress speech that is critical of Israel,” said Maria LaHood, deputy legal director at the Center for Constitutional Rights. “This is troubling not only from a constitutional standpoint, but also because it detracts from and undermines the fight against true anti-Semitism.”

  • HaroldT

    What a laudable programme.

  • Paul Rosenbaum

    How can the rest of us support this important activity?

  • I also want to note that the people that seem to be targeted are not hiding behind anything. They are part of groups at universities, they make comment and work on projects that do not use a pseudonym or any other type of “identity-hiding.” I’ve already noted that this is both terrorism, and a witch-hunt, but that it is insane that most of the people who are commenting are called for terrorism of people who disagree on political issues by chiding, intimidation, and boycotting (whatever that means). I have a right, in this country, to buy a product I choose to buy, and not buy a product I choose not to buy. Many people in this thread are calling people who don’t agree with them “barbarians” which is also text-book “dehumanization,” a process which operates on the very logic used against the Jews by the Nazis. You dehumanize someone, you can feel okay terrorizing them, or even killing them. You are attempting to make every single person in the world agree with you and preach your values by intimidation and FORCE. That is brutal fascism TO THE CORE. The other “truth” going on here is that everyone name-calling like little angry children. Why? Because they cannot justify rationally or logically the actions of Israel. Which is all most students and professors are asking them to do. If these types of childish comments are all you have to defend Israel with, no wonder you’re using terroristic coercion.

  • Jack Steyr

    Just from the replys we see that antisemitism a rampant

  • robert davis

    EXCELLENT INITIATIVE: those opportunists thriving on antisemitism should be exposed so they lose more than they earn from arab funds doing their dirty antisemit job. We must also explain what anti Israel politics and pr is: plain POLITICAL ANTISEMITISM nothing else. Trying to destroy Israel is another way to destroy jews in particular since that would cut off the only way out jews have to leave socialist ie nazi countries with leftwing ie nazi governments. What these nazi european governments want is to cut off jews’ retreat by destroying Israel and they perfectly KNOW for sure that to create an arab state in the middle of Israel is tantamount to destroy Israel under the guise of…”peace” that word being asocialist ie nazi inversion for destruction.

    • David Corner

      It would behoove people like you to read the definition of antisemitism first.

      But then again… ignorance is most often simply a matter of choice

  • S Weinstein

    If Jews want to give liberals another reason to hate Jews, they should support the McCarthyist Canary Mission. After all, a Jew can’t have too many enemies, can we?

  • Dean

    The problem is that the kind of behavior exhibited by Jew haters, terrorists and Israel bashers is commonplace and I would guess that Obama himself would knowingly hire any one of the radicals in the BDS movement like the ones portrayed in the video.

    In fact, many governments, churches and NGO’s as well as some Jewish agencies such as J-Street and NIF would also invite the barbarians into their organizations and have them in top positions.

    Anti-Semitism is not and never has been a barrier to employment. However, being a “Zionist” (Jewish in other words) today is a barrier to employment and I would guess that a pro-Israel advocate would have a hard time getting into a Democratic organization, leftist university/church, union or government post.

  • I think my NAG group should get involved with this organization.

  • Aviva Astrinsky

    Mazal Tov! What took you so long?
    It’s time to expose all the professors who brain washed all these

    Expose the Muslim organizations who provide them with “grants” and “scholarships” and conference sponsorship. Start with the members Middle East Studies Association, an organization that canceled the membership of all scholars who did not tow the official line of the Gulf sponsors.

  • David Deutsch

    It does demonstrate how bereft of arguments (and decency) the Zionists are.

  • David Deutsch

    This is extortion and those being monitored should bring criminal charges.

  • RiverKing

    Jonty Dash: “Lets keep our heads down and let it all blow over.” sounds an awful lot like advice given European Jews in the Thirties. How can you even think “Never again” if you forget recent history?

  • Expose the haters – boycott the boycotters!

  • Martin Bookspan

    God bless the activities of the founders of Canary Mission….and God bless the founders themselves!

  • thelma rosenberg

    I think this is an excellent idea I hope it will generate a lot of useful info. This is my first comment!

  • thelma rosenberg

    I think this is an excellent idea I hope it will generate a lot of useful info.

  • YK

    Excellent initiative, god bless.

  • Andrew


  • Jonty Dash

    I don’t like this. If we stand against the radicals, it will make them even more angry. Lets keep our heads down and let it all blow over.

    • robert davis

      Oh! so it will make socialist nazis…angry! Too bad! That never made things blow down better make them BLOW UP. Of course they will anyway but sooner the better.

  • Lynne T

    Private sector employers with any degree of sophistication are looking at the social media profiles of prospective hires. The problem with this proposal is that it will be spun as “McCartyism” and, in the case of academic institutions, there is already a lot of house cleaning to be done vis a vis toxic faculty.

  • Adele Zelenka

    I tried to connect with but Bing does not have you at this web address. Just at this one I’m on now. Shalom, alz

  • COO-DO, this is the most sensible action I have seen in a very long time.


    Bravo lets fight the lies with the truth

  • Jonas

    bravo bravo bravissimo

  • Ron

    A brilliant idea!

  • RObert

    This is actually quite disturbing. And I find it hard to see how these individuals are “hatemongers.” This is ridiculous.

    • robert davis

      Sure,trying to destroy Israel thru political unending pressures,blackmail, endless pr and boycotts,pogroms etc. is no warmongering! What is it then? a kosack play? oh,but what was cosack playing? you prefer to stay put until they get you in your bed!

  • I wish I had a million dollars to contribute! This is a wonderful idea, people should be held accountable for their actions and views. Is it too much to expect the hate mongers to be ashamed? Maybe, now that they’re in the public view, they will try to find excuses. I can’t imagine any of merit!

  • I wish I had a million dollars to contribute!