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May 15, 2015 1:23 pm

FIFA Head Calls for Concessions to Palestinians Ahead of Vote on Israel’s Status

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FIFA head Sepp Blatter is asking Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. – Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) head Sepp Blatter is calling on Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians ahead of a vote that could expel the Jewish state from world soccer’s governing body.

Blatter is scheduled to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on May 20 in an effort to find a solution to complaints over Israel’s alleged restrictions on Palestinian soccer players.

“The onus in this respect is on Israel with its outstanding infrastructure, fully functioning professional league, and economic context,” Blatter wrote in his column for FIFA’s weekly magazine.

Blatter added that Israel should make it easier for Palestinian and foreign soccer players, as well as equipment, to get in and out of the disputed territories, AFP reported.

The Palestinians, who have been members of FIFA since 1998, have initiated a motion at the next FIFA congress on May 28 to bar Israel from international competition. The Palestinians also oppose the participation of five soccer clubs located in Judea and Samaria communities in Israeli national championships.

Under Blatter’s leadership, FIFA has been accused of corruption and bribery relating to the 2018 World Cup in Russia and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Blatter, who is up for re-election as FIFA’s chief, said the Israeli-Palestinian soccer dispute is “the biggest challenge” facing him right now.

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  • art

    Sepp is the expert on bribery and extortion. He has made his demand now he will sit in judgment

  • Israeli football /soccer lost a lot of sympathy among Anglo-Jewry when they played a match in London on Shabbos. Just the same we don’t want to see Israel penalised and would sugest that they come to an agreement regarding Palestinian players and equipment. The Israeli govt should also stop the Israeli national team from playing on Shabbos.

    • Mickey Oberman

      Typical Brit.
      Surrendering to Islam.

    • Carolyn

      Mr. Feld,
      You must be aware of terrorist antics transporting various kinds of terrorist tools.
      Israel has every right to examine a group based on terrorism whose attacks and killings of Jewish Israelis has never stopped. Customs in most European countries
      not only search musicians instrument cases, they have been known to keep the instruments of guest orchestras and soloists. Musicians don’t kill anyone, yet, their
      instruments are , at least, often detained.
      Not playing on Shabbos is another aspect that would , probably, give another excuse from these anti-Semitic sports organizations. where are the Jewish owners
      and why aren’t they saying anything? Or does this Blatter just want payoffs for his pockets from Israel?
      JJS110 has an excellent point. Israel should be strategizing to block and expose the PA and what advocacy means- supporting terrorism, killings, Sharia,
      honor killings, placing innocent Palestinians where bombs are made and launched,
      etc. If that is what they want to associate with, that should be widely exposed.

  • JJS110

    Why doesn’t Israel file a complaint against the PA as a terror-supporting administration that has no place in international organizations of any sort until it unequivocally renounce terrorism and stop the hate culture they nurture their people in since birth? Not to mention its on-off alliance with Hamas, a genocidal and terrorist organization recognized as such by the whole world? The same world that contradicts itself by treating the Palestinians as if they’re not a terrorist nation. If one pseudo state deserves to be kicked out of FIFA, it is the Palestinian Authority. FIFA is yielding to unacceptable pressure. If it allows this to happen, the Palestinian poison that is eroding all international institutions and even international law will have claimed another casualty. And for what? The international community is allowing a cancer to eat it from the inside, and when it will realize its destructive power, it will be too late. Throw the Palestinians out now rather than later.

  • art

    Another piece of PA extortion. Good thing the pa was supposed to “normalize” relations with Israel under Oslo. If FIFA boycotts Israel they will be in violation of US law. Hear that President Obama??

  • art

    The grafter Sepp now is a politician. Better he just stay a corrupt Fifa stooge