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May 16, 2015 9:29 pm

Pope Says Palestinian Authority’s Abbas Could Become ‘Angel of Peace’

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Pope Francis. Photo: Casa Rosada via Wikimedia Commons.

This morning Pope Francis received the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), in an audience in the Vatican Apostolic Palace.

The meeting took place ahead of tomorrow’s canonization ceremony for the first two modern-day Palestinian saints and aftter a bilateral agreement was reached last Wednesday between the Holy See and the “State of Palestine”, to sign an accord int he near future which will regulate the status of the Church in the Middle Eastern country.

Read full story at Vatican Insider.

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  • Mickey Oberman

    If the Pope is infallible as I have heard so often and if he truly gives a damn about the Jews why does he not make an infallible proclamation that all Catholics must refrain from any kind of anti Semitism whatsoever or be excommunicated.

    So simple to make things right for once.
    Mickey Oberman

  • Mickey Oberman

    May the ‘Angel of Peace’ show the leader of the Catholic church his version of ‘Peace’.

    I do believe he can find many Catholics in the middle east on which to demonstrate his peaceful inclinations.

    He might even go so far as to accept some brilliant priests in training to attend west bank schools and thus further their education.

  • Over an 8-year period, the people of Israel absorbed more than 8,000 missiles and rockets launched by Arab Muslim terrorists from Gaza.

    After 8+ years of unprecedented restraint, Israel finally struck back against the missile-launching terrorists in Gaza.

    No other nation in the history of the universe has ever practiced so much restraint for such a long time.

    Israel’s unique and record-breaking restraint was never praised by the Pope, or by anyone else.


    Soon before her death, Joan Rivers [may she rest in peace] said something similar to this:
    “If Mexico started launching 1,000 missiles per year at Texas, how long would the USA wait to shoot back?

  • The pope is what the roman emperors were it is time for the Third World to remove vatican and mecca from power

    The pope is what the roman emperors were it is time for the Third World to remove vatican and mecca from power

  • hill

    another friendly pope. Just like PiusXII. Next the arabs will be wearing “Gott mit uns” on their belt buckles.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Pappa’s next step is to meet with Abbas to plan the next inquisition.

  • Kirk

    Is the pope delusional? Abbas – an “angel of peace”? One of the craziest things I have heard. This guy doesn’t want peace at all. Just stupid.

  • Eric R.

    Apparently, this has been debunked. Made up by a leftist, Jew-hating media anxious to destroy Israel.

  • deborah

    Calling Abbas a angel of death would be quite funny if not for it being a giant slap in the face for us Jews.

    • deborah

      Correction, angel of peace, not death. Freudian slip there

  • arne normann

    .. the christians do not allways respond to what seems to bee proper judgements of reallity…

  • Pinchos

    he is loosing the plot, he started well, now its becoming unbalanced

  • Podargus

    The Pope is off with the pixies.

  • Russell Mollot

    Well, if — as Catholics believe — the Pope (as the vicar of Christ) is infallible, then they must accept that Mahmoud Abbas (who funded the Black September attack on the 1972 Munich Olympics in which the 11 Israeli Athletes were murdered) is an “Angel of Peace”. Well, perhaps it takes one to know one. Abbas, now serving the 10th year of his 4-year term of office as president of the “Palestinian Authority”, has ceaselessly promoted incitement against Israel and Jews, in its school textbooks, television programs and websites. I can only imagine that Jesus (Prince of Peace?) is thrilled by the Pope’s elevation of Abbas to “Angel of Peace”. Let’s keep this in mind next time Christians are murdered in the now-Muslim city of Bethlehem (and elsewhere).