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May 20, 2015 5:43 pm

Public Funding for Swiss ‘Breaking the Silence’ Event Stuns Local Jewish Community

avatar by David Daoud

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The Swiss Foreign Ministry and Zurich Municipality will be sponsoring an event organized by 'Breaking the Silence', much to the chagrin of the local Jewish community.

The Swiss Foreign Ministry and Zurich municipality’s decision to sponsor a traveling exhibition by Israeli nongovernmental organization Breaking the Silence has raised eyebrows in the local Jewish community, Israeli NRG news site reported Wednesday.

The event is set to be held in June at the “Culture Helferei” events center, and will feature testimonies from former Israeli soldiers claiming that the IDF carried out unnecessary killings of Palestinians, according to NRG.

The testimonies are expected to deal mainly with military operations against Palestinians, and alleged violations of human rights by IDF soldiers during the course of their service.

Community representatives in Zurich told NRG that Breaking the Silence originally sought out a local synagogue for its exhibition, but was rejected after the group refused to organize additional soldiers to tell “the other side of the story.”

“I didn’t serve in the army and I don’t know the issue,” said president of the community Andrei Bolog, according to the report. He expressed disbelief that the Swiss authorities would fund the event, adding that he would make further inquiries into the decision.

Swiss officials told NRG that the country supported the event because it increased “dialogue about human rights.”

The event invitation, posted on the Medico International website, states that for, “48 years, the Israeli army has been occupying the Palestinian territories.” It also claims that the mission of ‘Breaking the Silence’ is to, “raise awareness of the daily reality in the Occupied Territories, and to create public discourse on the moral price for military control of a civilian population and an occupation that has lasted many long years.”

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  • Fred

    Switzerland was ready to receive Hitler in the 1930 ties they already had special Government buildings set aside in Zurich. They also rejected Jewish refugees & send the back to certain death, they refused to return Jewish deposit, they refused to return Jewish loot deposited by NAZI murderers, they helped NAZI’s to escape. Swiss Red Cross does not recognise Magen David Adom but Islamic Green Crescent. So much for neutrality. So it is hitching its bandwagon onto anti Israeli discourse what else is new ??????

    • Ron Ganzfried

      You are right, Fred. But don’t forget the US and all other “white” nations. Except for the governement buidings, allegidly set aside in Zurich (which is not plausible, as Zurich is not the Swiss capital).

      • Ron Ganzfried

        I forgot: those nations behaved in the same way

        • The Watchman

          Yep! The Americans under Roosevelt shut the doors, the British not only shut the doors, but sent the ships full of Jews back to the Nazis and the camps, the Australians didn’t want to “import a Jewish racial problem”. But the WORST were the Jewish Leaders and “intelligentsia” in those countries who actively colluded in the exclusion of thousands from being rescued. They’s all do it again, in a heartbeat.

  • Kris Kristian

    When will the Israeli government identify those bastards, so that the world will now what a traitor looks like and how much money he is getting from the Swiss.

    • Ron Ganzfried

      He is getting my tax money and I agree with that

  • Reform School

    Analyzing recent history against a chronological map of the Ottoman Empire, the warm RECEPtion Europe has given its Islamic guest workers would have ERDOGAN dancing in the streets, but for the tacit disapproval of its public display outside the harem.

    Sweden, Norway and Denmark have gotten so submissive to their guest workers, future maps may draw Scandinavia and Scandalnavia as distinct areas.

    United States President Barack Hussein Obama’s restructure of government in collusion with dumbed-down, obeisant media, courts and lawmakers, empowers him to submit ALL Americans to Allah, virtually dhimmifying its dumbed-down electorate, by ignoring their constitution.

    Christian Europe’s “forgive-at-any-cost” foreign policy, by appeasement of that which can never be appeased, empowered Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich, making the Second World War inevitable. Thus Obama makes the Last.

    Is it any wonder Switzerland is falling like a domino to Islamic domination? Famous for clocks, wristwatches and chocolates, is it only Swiss (Emmenthaler) cheese (and [k]not heads) that provide “Holier-than-Thou” attitudes?

    • Baht Harim

      Looks like you didn’t learn much in reform school.

      • Ron Ganzfried

        yeah, you’r right.

  • danny kid

    Why are Jews still living in switzerland?

    • Mike

      Because that’s where the money is!!!

      • Bill


      • Bill

        I see trains fill with Jews sitting in Swiss rail yard at night passing through to concentration camps in darkness. I see Swiss munitions factories producing weapon for the Wehrmarcht that prolong Second World War by six months. I see the plunder of Europe sitting in Swiss Vaults. I see no remorse I see no shame.

      • Yes. Idiot.

  • Will the terrorists give back the cities they have just captured making innocents literally flee for their lives if they haven’t been slaughtered by them? I don’t believe the Swiss are so dumb but I can be wrong. I believe they, like the Pope, are acquiescencing in the hopes of not being targeted. Sorry guys, that won’t happen. In my opinion, the Swiss and the Pope are enabling terrorists.

  • This is a travesty of justice and truth.

    • What does “Your comment is awaiting moderation” mean? Sounds like it means you don’t approve my own words which are clear and civil.

  • H.S.Cohen


  • Lynne T

    Why be surprised I expect that there are Swiss NGOs that are among Betsalem’s “benefactors”.

  • Ed Kohl

    See Richard Kemp :
    “”Based on my knowledge and experience, I can say this: During Operation Cast Lead, the Israeli Defense Forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare.”

    • Dede Domstein

      This comment is to Ed Kohl’s statement. That is true and has been substantiated by US American Generals.

  • Simone Miller

    Since the Swiss are anti-semitic this should not come as a surprise. There are no such entity as palestinians and the individuals living in Israel can live freely in all of the surrounding arab nations.

  • Liz Jones

    For years the Swiss Red Cross saw nothing going on during the Holocaust..move on nothing new to see here!

  • Monty Pogoda

    These soldiers, to my mind are Traitors and should serve prison sentences – long ones.

    • Markus E Brajtman

      These soldiers, should be arrested the moment they return to Israel (if they ever return).\I am sure that the Swiss will protect them and give them homes and jobs.
      I wonder what those traitors are being paid in return for their depicable treason.
      They are selling Israel out to the highest bidder.
      I wonder iof any other soldiers “witnessed” what they say.
      For money, some people will sell their mothers.
      Aazing how every other soldier reports on how the IDF went out of their waym=, at persi=i=onal risk, to protect the terrorists families.
      Their parents must really be “proud of those bastards.”

  • Abbushuki

    Rather the discourse should be on the moral and physical price for Islamic Arab racist rejection of a pluralistic society, active bigotry against non-Muslims and for 68 years violently refusing to accept the hand of peace offered by infidels who have no other agenda than to make the land flourish for all its inhabitants. That should be the topic. The current one supports, encourages and reinforces Arab causeless hatred, pushing away any hope for peace.






  • To create public discourse on any subject requires both sides to be given the right to explain their views. The Swiss Foreign Ministry and Zurich municipality should give the Israeli govt the right of reply. If not, then the Swiss Foreign Ministry and Zurich are acting dishonestly and promoting the views of a very small minority.

    • Kris Kristian

      like the poep, France, England etc, with their huge import of Muslims who have taken over much of their lands, they are afraid of the Islamic terrorism. So, to be on the safe side, they work with the Islamic terrorists against Israel.GOD will punish all those nations.
      Instaed of stopping Muslims entering each country with the aim of eventually turning those countries into Islamic states, these all close their eyes, But they forgot. When there will be (and for sure) a Muslim majorityy, the Christians will be called infedils and will be forced to convert to Islam.
      Buckingham Palace, The French Presidential palace etc etc, will be converted into mosques, as will all those magnificent cathedrals.
      It may be too late now, to stop the spread of evil, with satan as their god.

  • Chaim Pinczewski

    Its time such individuals should be prosecuted for treason

  • Dan Smith

    the occupation has lasted this long due to the lack of leadership in Palestine and the inability to recognize like Sadat the legitimate state of Israel and its sovereignty/ Side issues like human rights, war codes and supposed violations by the Idf, confuse and trivialize the public on both sides….When the core issues mentioned above are addressed publicly and honestly by Net. and Abbas the negotiations can move on…. As a combat veteran and medical corpsman in Gaza from the 1st intifada, 87 -94- in the “tracks of steel” Brigade 14, I participated first hand in military action and not human rights violations…. Those veterans from Breaking the silence, are using the wrong venue to pursue a complex agenda=== I come from a state, Georgia, that gave house arrest to Lt. Co. Calley who killed and savaged 100 civilians in mylai, Vietnam//// Now there is injustice and not the imperfect track record of the Idf in Gaza

  • How can one see the comments? It doesn’t seem to work

    • It announces “24 Comments” yet they dont seem to be accessible for reading?

  • The Watchman

    Oh yes, I nearly forgot. Switzerland has a tendency to use its “neutrality” to canoodling up to the world’s most antidemocratic, brutal monsters, Mugabe, Kabila, Arafat, Abbas, Chavez and a multitude of dictators, marxists, Islamic terrorists, murderers and kleptocrats so that they use Switzerland to stash their stolen ill gotten gains and of course the “aid” money that never gets to where it was supposedly destined and that we guilt-ridden western useful idiots keep paying out from our taxes.

  • The Watchman

    Why surprise at the Swiss? They colluded with Nazis to hide stolen Jewish gold, money and art. They allowed trains full of Jews to cross their “neutral” territory destined for the death camps. They happily allow the most rabid Jew Hating “charities” to reside in the country. They host many Jew bashing conferences. Allow the proliferation of many Fascist Islamic groups with which many Swiss share the same Jew hating culture as they did “neutrally” with the Nazis. They are so neutral that they never defend Israel and the only reason they tolerate the Jews in Switzerland are firstly money and the lucrative trade in gold and diamonds, and of course it is home to some of the most rabid anti-Israel Jews, the right sort of Jews, until they are no longer useful.

  • Atilla

    It would be interesting to know the political leanings of the IDF members who claim that the IDF carried out unnecessary killings of Palestinians.

    I guess a side effect of the mandatory military service is that there will be those without the necessary commitment and understanding of the realities of the conflict.

    Should they be considered traitors ?

  • Isaac Brajtman

    I hope that they make it clear that the occupation continues, as the attacking Arab countries though defeated each time, have never sighned a peace treaty and still openly state that their aim is to annihilate the Jewish people.Including those soldiers who now run down the army they served in

  • Joel

    With barbarians about to destroy ancient historical sites and expanding their bloody rampage, Russia encroaching into Ukraine, China building islands in the South Chine sea, North Korea about to tip their rockets with nuclear warheads, Switzerland wants to billing Idrael for defending their country. They need to be careful what they wish for!

  • Alan Baumgart

    Perhaps the State of Israel or the Municipality of Jerusalem should fund an exhibition documenting Swiss treatment of Jews in World War II at some well-traveled spot like the central departures hall of Ben Gurion Airport in the interest of “dialogue about human rights.”
    It would show what Swiss commissions have already concluded:
    that Switzerland “declined to help people in mortal danger.” Many of those turned away at the border were handed over directly to the Nazis, making Switzerland an accomplice in the Holocaust (Bergier commission) and
    the Volcker panel’s report that Swiss banks turned a deaf ear to the needs of Jewish depositors.


    never a PEEP from Switzerland for years and years ….

    and now this ?? >> what idiot(s) figured out that
    this is/was a good idea ?? >>

    a “dialogue about human rights.” ??? … I think NOT >>

    so much for neutrality !!


    never a PEEP from Switzerland for years and years ….

    and now this ?? >> what idiot(s) figured out that
    this is/was a good idea ?? >>

    a “dialogue about human rights.” … I think NOT >>

    so much for neutrality !!

    • Ron Ganzfried

      I, among many others, found it a very good idea.

  • myra vero

    I hope, they will oppose all this lies.

  • Ephraim

    Well, they stole billions from Jews (or knowingly kept the stolen goods for others), so should such a horrific experience be a surprise?

  • Otto Schiff

    Who is NRG?
    This is a very bad story and it would be good
    if there were a more adequate sourcing.
    Bad things happen in continuous warfare.

  • Sarah Olsen

    This is outrages! How many lies can be told about IDF, probably there is always a place for one more.
    The IDF is the most humane military in the whole world.
    Stop the lies! Tell the truth!!!!!

  • Naftali

    they say ‘Follow the money’ BTS exhibits in Switzerland so anti-Semiteswill give them money. If it was about truth, they wouldn’t have a problem having other soldiers heard.

  • Erev Rav!

  • When the invitation states that “for 48 years, the Israeli army has been occupying the Palestinian territories,” the immediate response should be:

    1. When and how did these territories become “Palestinian”?
    2. How do you define “occupation” of a land that was RECONSTITUTED as the Jewish National Home under international law in 1922 — a provision that has never been rescinded to this day?

    If the mendacious phrase of “occupied Palestinian territories” is left unchallenged, there is no limit to the layers of distortions that will be built upon it.

    For a summary of these internationally recognized rights of Israel to the land west of the Jordan River, please see:

  • Mireille Mechoullam

    Everybody is talking about occupation territory when the correct word is disputed territory. Number 2 is inviting one side that’s insinuate about human right violation without invited the side that dispute that lye is far away from being fair game. Number 3 why is Swiss Foreign Ministry avoiding the real violations of human rights in all Arab countries of the Middle East and some in Asia. I guess the world cannot depart from antisemitism.

  • Steve Loeb

    If the Swiss won’t finance both sides of the story, then perhaps the global Jewish community will finance a counter event – held on the same night, same city but different venue – presenting soldiers who tell the other side. There is a group of them and they are incensed that this is going on poisoning the image of the IDF. Anyone interested – read this from YNET –,7340,L-4657689,00.html

  • “…the country supported the event because it increased “dialogue about human rights.”

    Or perhaps it increased the billions of blood-money from HAMAS et al, held, no doubt, in the coffers of this country that once whored for money and now seems to have joined the whores for islamism?

  • Trains carrying Italian slave laborer to Germany passed through Switzerland during World War II. Were there trains carrying Jews to Auschwitz that also passed through Switzerland? There is some evidence, but it is not conclusive.

  • steven L

    “Breaking the Silence” is acting against IL and therefore antisemitic even if they disagree.

  • anon

    Nothing should stun us anymore. The Swiss are still living off of money they stole from the Jews in the Holocaust.

  • zg

    This is unbelievable. The Israeli government should also protest agressively.