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May 20, 2015 10:35 am

Vatican: Pope Francis Meant No Offense With Abbas ‘Angel of Peace’ Remark

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Pope Francis described PA President Mahmoud Abbas as an "angel of peace." Photo: Kobi Gideon / GPO.

JNS.org – Vatican spokesman Father Frederico Lombardi said that Pope Francis meant no offense in his purported description of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as an “angel of peace.”

“It is clear that there was no intention to offend anyone,” Lombardi told Reuters on Tuesday.

Pope Francis, who canonized two 19th-century nuns from what was then Ottoman-ruled Palestine, met with Abbas on Saturday at the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace, where he presented the Palestinian leader with a bronze medallion.

There have been different accounts of what Pope Francis actually said in Italian during an exchange with Abbas, with initial reports suggesting the pontiff called Abbas an “angel of peace.” Other reporters present said the statement could be translated as “you are a bit of an angel of peace.”

The pope’s comments angered many pro-Israel observers who have questioned Abbas’s commitment to peace and his links to terrorism. Last week, the Vatican also came under fire for referring to the “State of Palestine” in a bilateral treaty between the Vatican and the Palestinians.

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  • The Jewish people war of survival was not won when Hitler lost. It continues to this day, against enemies with far more effective tools of mass murder at their disposal. Plus we are easy to find now.
    In compliance with the 1920 League of Nations Resolution, two-state solution was implemented in 1922 when British administration of occupied Israel in violation of International Treaties, (for 50 barrels of oil) allocated more than 77% of Israel territory to Arab-Palestinian Arabs and created Transjordan (now Jordan in) where today over 90 percent of the population identify themselves as Arab-Palestinian. Every party, including UN, EU, US, etc., must respect The 1920 San Remo Treaty, the League of Nations Resolutions, adopted and accepted by UN in 1945. Therefore, all so called “Arab-Palestinians” must be relocated there in Jordan. Enough stealing Israel land. Britain and Jordan must compensate Israel for stolen land and natural resources. That includes the assets and land of the million Jews and their children, (that lived in the Arab countries for over 2,000 years), who were expelled from Arab countries of which the majority settled in Greater Israel. (120,444 sq. km. of Jewish Real property was confiscated, which is 5-6 times the size of Israel and valued in the trillions of dollars).
    The League of Nation was contemplating on filing charges against Britain for violating the Mandate for Palestine, especially for restricting Jewish immigration prior and during WW2 1939-1947.
    History of “Arab-Arab-Palestinians”
    Article 24 of the 1964 PLO Charter addressed to UN stipulates: “Arab-Palestinian Muslims do not exercise authority over West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and Gaza territories”
    Arab leaders like Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi told the Peel Commission in 1937: “There is no such country as ‘Palestine’; ‘Palestine’ is a term the Zionists invented!”
    In 1946, Arab historian Philip Hitti testified before the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry that “there is no such thing as Palestine in history.”
    In 1977, an executive committee member of the PLO Zahir Muhsein confirmed that there is no such thing as a separate “Arab-Palestinian” people of Arab descent. In an interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw in March 31, 1977, he stated the following: “The Arab-Palestinian people do not exist. The creation of a Arab-Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity.”
    In 1948, Bernadotte, mediator between Jews and Arabs appointed by the UN General Assembly, noted in his journal that the “Arab-Palestinian” Arabs had little desire for independence:
    “The Arab-Palestinian Arabs had at present no will of their own. Neither have they ever developed any specifically Arab-Palestinian nationalism. The demand for a separate Arab state in Palestine is consequently relatively weak. It would seem as though in existing circumstances most of the Arab-Palestinian Arabs would be quite content to be incorporated in Transjordan.”
    In 1947, Arab leaders protesting the UN partition plan argued that Palestine was part of Syria and “politically, the Arabs of Palestine (were) not (an) independent separate … political entity.”
    Western media must stop broadcasting and publishing fraudulent, fake, false, and distorted information on Israel and Jews. Current situation, specifically in Europe, is quite similar to 1930s, however, we, Jews, learned our lessons and will not hesitate to give appropriate response to any mortal attacks on us.
    YJ Draiman