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May 26, 2015 1:17 pm

Israeli Judo Team Faces Antisemitic Harassment in Morocco: ‘We Will Murder You’

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Illustrative image of a Judo fight. An Israeli won a gold medal at the under-21 European Judo Championship held in Bucharest, Romania. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Israeli athletes at a world Judo championship in Morocco reportedly faced antisemitic slurs during the competition, news site WorldNetDaily reported on Monday.

“We will murder you,” and “you’re not wanted here, go home,” were among the vituperative attacks directed at the Israeli Judo Association team, which was in Morocco last week for the World Masters Judo Tournament. According to Haaretz, each Israeli teammate was met with boos and jeers upon entering a fight.

Additionally, no Israeli flags were present at the competition, despite representation for other countries, according to the Times of Israel. The Israeli team was also unmentioned on the website for the competition, and Palestinians flags were raised during Israeli fights, according to the report.

Ultimately the Israeli team returned home without picking up any medals.

Despite warnings from Israel’s Shin Bet not to travel to Morocco, which has no diplomatic relations with the Jewish state, the team traveled to the competition anyway.

Upon landing, members the Israeli team were detained by Moroccan authorities at the airport over supposed visa issues. Later, Moroccan authorities claimed a gun had been found in one of the team member’s belongings, according to Yedioth Ahronoth.

The team was not released until International Judo Federation President Marius Vizer intervened and threatened to cancel the event if the Israeli athletes were not released.

Moroccan authorities later provided the Israeli team with personnel from the Moroccan king’s security unit, according to the WND report.

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    Morocco is supposedly a moderate country that treated its Jewish citizens with respect: not true otherwise why would they have 1500 Jews left when in 1948 they had a quarter of million Jews. The country’s population at the Anti-defamation League poll was shown to be 90% anti-Semitic at a basic level. It does not bode well when this is the highest Jewish populated country in the Arab world to see what happened to the Israeli Judo team: a disgrace, that should indicate to all Jews in the world that going to Morocco as tourists should not be recommended. The Judo team was advised by Shin Bet not to go there and they went anyway only to be retained with no food, no chairs and not water for 8 hours at the Airport and be denied their national flag. It shows the level of Morocco, a country of barabarians and savages.

  • American-Irish

    Islamic intolerance for anyone and everything just continues to grow. When will the world finally launch a “jihad” against everything Islam and remove this malignant cancer from our planet once and for all?

  • Ike

    Would anyone expect less from islam? Regardless of of where the “religion of peace” or should I say “pieces” raises its ugly head, there is death, destruction, incivility and utter chaos. islam must be eradicated from the face of the Earth!

  • M. Otero

    Through most of 635ad to 1967. the Arabs have been obliged to keep their Jews in an inferior status lest their Jews rival and humiliate them. This may be one of the reasons for all anti Semitism everywhere and in all times.
    The answer is for the Jews to learn from women everywhere how to accept a status of second ratedness and inferiority to their too often, third rate men, Begin with forbidding men to drive cars so there will be less chance of their cheating on their wives. I’ve always wondered if the Arab may use their bushy black eyebrows and exaggeratedly baritone voices are maintained as instruments of Arab male control or intimidation.

  • The Watchman

    Cut to the chase. Typical of ISLAM, end of story. The continuing creeping Nazism. Surprised they didn’t object to and ban Judo, after all it contains the word Jew.

  • Never to be trusted annihilate amalek

    Never to be trusted annihilate amalek

  • steve

    Time for Israel to kick all the muslims out of Israel. Israel must become muslim free.

  • Maurice H

    Morocco under King Hassan protected Jews for years and was one of the few Muslim countries in the 1960’s-when hatred of Israel was at its peak-to actually welcome the likes of Peres and Dayan. The new Muslim world of the 21st Century is even more anti-semitic and anti-Israel thanks to Obama’s “Arab Spring.” Thanks to it governments once friendly to the US and even tolerant of Israel are being led more and more by Islamic movements or being threatened by them. Thanks O!

  • Christoph Geller

    This truly is disgraceful behavior and lets the world know the caliber of Morocco. Shalom my friends.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Today it is the Israeli flag which is not allowed, and at some point it will be the American (and all others) flag. What is the ultimate goal of islam? The subjugation of all peoples under a universal caliphate. All non-muslims are considered ‘infidels’, to be dealt with accordingly. Remember; the second half of the chant ‘death to Israel’ is ‘death to America.’ Morocco is only a symptom, not the cause.

  • Jarred

    Seriously what did they expect,to be received with bouquets of flowers….The famous Muslim hospitality at it’s best….

  • The Black Africans will take Morocco

    The Black Africans will take Morocco and Algerian slave traders and throw them to the sea

    • Majid Mahmood

      Islam is taking over the world like it or not hahahahahahahahahah

  • DC

    It’s a disgrace to the game and an insult to civilization, revealed in the actions of the Moroccan government and the attitude of the Moroccan people, to abuse a team, any team, in such a manner. It’s a sport for heaven’s sake. Their hatred of Israeli’s takes precedence over any sport competition and stunts their minds to any progress. In my opinion, it’s the Moroccans that aren’t ready for civilization. What a shame. Poor people.

    • Christoph Geller

      I concur my friend. This stress undoubtedly led to lowered performance by Israel’s extremely talented Judo team. The Moroccans are obviously emotionally and intellectually stunted to a level comparable to young children. I feel somewhat angry but more sorry for the ignorance of these people. As leaders of the new world we must set an example for the rest of the world.

    • shloime

      the logical conclusion is to expel morocco from the international judo federation. but will this happen? of course not. why not? because the arab/moslem block has about 30 votes, to israel’s 1. so israel had better get used to the isolation caused by the plo’s latest round of attacks in international fora. this is just part of an organized campaign to demonize and delegitimize israel.

  • typical in an intolerant Muslim world or country. Sad to say, but true.

    • Maurice H

      The result of Obama’s “Arab Spring”