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June 2, 2015 3:26 pm

Palestinian Girl on Children’s TV Program Recites Poem Calling Jews ‘Barbaric Monkeys’ (VIDEO)

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A Palestinian girl recites an antisemitic poem on PA television. Photo: Screenshot.

The latest broadcast of a children’s program on official Palestinian Authority television featured a young girl reciting a hate poem filled with degrading insults against Jews, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported on Monday.

On the show The Best Home, the girl invoked Koranic language, calling Jews “barbaric monkeys,” “the most evil among creations,” and those “who murdered Allah’s pious prophets.” She also described Jews as “throngs… brought up on spilling blood… impure… [and] filth.” The girl proclaimed that she is not afraid of the Jews’ “barbarity” because Jerusalem will “vomit out” the Jews. The poem continues, “My heart is my city and my Koran.”

The girl concluded the poem saying, “As long as I have my arm and my stones, as long as I am free and do not barter my cause, I will not fear your throngs, I will not fear the rifle.” A PA television host then applauded the girl before declaring that Jerusalem is “the eternal capital of Palestine.”

According to PMW, the expression “barbaric monkeys” was borrowed from a verse in the Koran that states, “…those whom Allah has cursed and with whom He became angry and made of them apes and pigs.” The Koran also teaches that the Jews murdered Muslim prophets, with the verse, “Say, then why did you kill the prophets of Allah before, if you are [indeed] believers?”

PMW documented youths reciting the same hate poem on official PA television twice in the past: once last year and another time in 2013.

Watch the young girl on PA television below:

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    Egyptian Islamic clerics Sheik Said Al-‘Afani and Sheik Muhammad Abd Al-Salam appeared on Egytian Al-Rahma TV on 2009 January 17.

    This is what they said:


    “(The Jews) are the accursed people, who incurred the wrath of Allah.
    They are the offspring of snakes and vipers, the slayers of our Prophet Muhammad, whose death was a consequence of his being poisoned by a Jewish woman.

    We should know that the Jews are the slayer of all the prophets.
    They killed the prophet Yahya (John the Baptist) and the prophet Zakariya.
    The slaughtered the righteous prophet Yahya, and they presented his head as a gift to an Israelite prostitute. Our hatred of them [the Jews] is purely on religious grounds, and not because of the pure, sacred land, which was blessed by Allah, or because of Gaza…

    Not only because of Gaza, not only because of [the] al-Aqsa [mosque] and so on.

    We hate them [the Jews], first and foremost, because of their enmity towards Allah, and because they slayed our prophets. Let me clarify that it is our duty to hate them, as part of our faith.”


    “Right [correct]. People have become confused about this, some think that it is a territorial or national issue, or that it has to do with the blessed Al-Aqsa mosque; but the issue is much broader, it is a matter of faith. We are obligated to hate them because they are a murderous people, and the enemies of all that is good and of Islam.”

    SOURCE: Why Muslims hate Israel?
    (a pricelessly honest 1.5 minute video from MEMRI TV)