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June 3, 2015 1:32 pm

Palestinian Football Association Chairman Threatens to Prevent Israel’s Participation in the Olympics

avatar by David Daoud

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Palestinian soccer official Jibril Rajoub waives a symbolic red penalty card at Israel during the 65th FIFA Congress. Photo: YouTube.

Palestinian soccer chief Jibril Rajoub waives a symbolic red penalty card at Israel during the 65th FIFA Congress. Photo: YouTube.

The chairman of the Palestinian Football Association Jibril Rajoub warned on Monday that his group may in the future seek to prevent Israel’s participation in the Olympics.

“If Israel does not change its behavior and continues to act in a racist manner against the Palestinians, putting forward an initiative against Israel’s participation in the Olympics is entirely possible,” Rajoub said.

The comments were made to Israeli news website NRG on the sidelines of a welcoming ceremony in Jericho, upon his return from the FIFA congress in Switzerland.

At the ceremony, Rajoub spoke about advancing sport as a bridge between Israelis and Palestinians.

He expressed satisfaction with the outcome of events last Friday at the FIFA congress, where the Palestinian delegation headed by Rajoub informed FIFA at the last possible moment that it was withdrawing its request to have Israel suspended from the international football body.

The move was preceded by an intense day of negotiations between former president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, who resigned on Monday, Israeli Football Association Chairman Ofer Eini, and Rajoub.

Rajoub said he considers the course of actions in Zurich as a triumph, not only for the Palestinian people, but also for Israeli athletes and FIFA.

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  • Stephen Franklin

    Given what Fatah (Black September) terrorists did at the 1972 Munich Olympics I think that the PA will be even less likely to persuade the IOC than they were to persuade FIFA.

  • He has not yet learnt that G-d watches over Israel. Let’s see what happens with the IOC …

  • Bullfrog Europe

    Wow … About time the Palestinians woke up to reality.

    They make it quite clear they wish to destroy the State of Israel. So what do they expect ?

    Let’s shut the border with Gaza and flatten the area. Deprive them all of food, water and life. Then the Jews can live in peace.

    What do the Palestinians and the world say about the rest of the Arab world ? Nothing .. Isil, Assad, Al Qaeda, Iran, Libya .. Nothing but a load of scum fit for the dustbin.

  • Marvin

    Why do you give this “terrorist guy” this free press and free spreading of his venomous words. I wouldn’t use his picture to line my bird cage!

  • Leo Toystory

    Why is the scumbag Rajoub even still alive???
    He ought to have been taken out decades ago.

  • David

    What the Palestinians should know is that after the 1972 Munich massacre nobody gives a damn about them or their damn threats. Put simply, they are not welcome at the Games ! In fact, if Muslims don’t smarten up they will be excluded from the Olympic Games ! Their persistent stifling of human rights, their chronic oppression of minorities and their pathetic theocracies are the antithesis of Olympic values and merit their being excised from the Olympic movement altogether.

  • art

    The pa continues to follow Oslo and “NORMALIZE” relations with Israel and prepare its people for peace. Some peace process it was merely a tactic to destroy Israel. No one of good faith or moral honesty can say that the pa/hamas/fatah/plo/ islamic jihad etc wants peace

  • Jack Holan

    Doesn’t Jibril Rajoub have Jewish blood on his hands as a PLO terrorist in the day?

  • howiej

    The Israel football Association should demand that it be competing in the geological group where Israel is located. Israel competes in the European Group of FIFA because the Arabs and Muslims in the Asian Group refuse to compete against them. Assign Israel where she belongs and let those refusing to compete against them suffer forfeiture of their competitions.

  • g

    I have a better idea! Why not wait until the Israeli athletes show up at the games and then kill them? Oh, wait…we already tried that.

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    and refute inaccurate Israel-bashing reporting:

    Joining pro-Israel organizations might help Israel.
    Pro-Israel organizations include:

    May I humbly suggest that because Orthodox Jews are increasing as a percentage of American Jews, they should also increase their participation in pro-Israel organizations, to compensate for the declining numbers of non-Orthodox Jews.

    • rulierose

      thank you for this list.

      of all these great organizations, the one I donate to is Shurat Ha Din (Israel Law Center). Nitsana Darshan-Leitner is the person responsible for stopping Gaza flotillas by threatening to hold the boats’ insurance companies liable for damages. Shurat Ha Din also recently helped win a multi-million dollar judgment for victims of Palestinian terrorists. she is brilliant and can use all the help we can give her!

      • Linda Golden

        Please let everyone know how they can donate. Thank you.