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June 3, 2015 3:11 pm

State Department on the Defensive After ‘NY Times’ Report Casts Doubt on Iran’s Commitment to Nuclear Deal

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U.S. State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf. Photo: Screenshot.

U.S. State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf said the State Department was ‘perplexed’ over a NY Times story regarding an increase in Iran’s nuclear fuel stockpile. Photo: Screenshot.

The Obama administration went on the defensive on Wednesday over a New York Times article published the day before, which claimed that Iranian nuclear fuel stockpiles had grown 20 percent in the last 18 months, flying in the face of the interim nuclear agreement.

State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf sent a flurry of messages on Twitter to one of the article’s co-authors, claiming that the “main contentions of your story are wrong.”

“You write that ‘Western officials and experts cannot quite figure out why’ Iran’s stockpile is at this level – not true,” she wrote, referring to the main argument of the Times’ piece, namely that Iran’s boosting of nuclear fuel stockpiles challenged the White House’s attempt to secure a nuclear deal by the June 30 self-imposed deadline.

Harf then followed up with several more messages, “You write that ‘The overall increase in Iran’s stockpile poses a major diplomatic and political challenge’ – not true. You write that this partially undercuts our contention that the Iranian program has been ‘frozen’ – not true. And you insinuate Iran is doing something it’s not supposed to do under the [Joint Plan of Action] or in violation of its obligations – not true.”

But critics of the pending nuclear deal, which would be based on the framework announced in Lausanne, Switzerland by negotiators from Iran and world powers say Iran has reneged several times on the commitments it agreed to in the Joint Plan of Action, the official name for an interim deal announced in 2013.

For example, Iran was found to have been pumping uranium into an advanced centrifuge, which the White House ultimately dismissed as an accident.

Critics also say that the interim agreement was drafted to be deliberately weak to make it easier for Iran to follow its guidelines, such as not prohibiting the acquisition of nuclear equipment. Earlier this week, Russia announced it was helping develop a new nuclear facility in the country.

Negotiators from Iran, the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Russia and China are pushing to finalize a nuclear deal by June 30 that would see the lifting of international sanctions, which were imposed to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.


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  • Brian

    How in the hell did this idiot get this position? Or the one before she has now. Funny she is from Chicago…maybe??? No I am just crazy.

  • C. Bruce Richardson Jr.

    Iran would feel no obligation to abide by any agreement with “infidels.” The sanctions are causing the present Iranian religious dictatorship trouble. The sanctions may be slowing down their development of nuclear weapons. The sanctions are working. The present Iranian regime is hostile towards the United States. There never has been an apology for the Iranians attacking our embassy and kidnapping and holding United States citizens. Why are we even talking to those people?

    • MIke

      I agree, why we would give Iran anything is beyond understanding and complete insanity!!!

  • Kick her out

    I did not know that this stupid broad even knew how to read of wruite

  • Joseph Stein

    We can all rest easy. Though Obama may not yet have a plan to deal with ISIS the State Department has adopted ‘Hans Brix diplomcy’ to get tough on the Ayatollahs.

    Da Hans Brix letter-writing Pran was hatched after carefully studying the foreign policy moves of Hans Brix in Team America when he visited Kim Jong IL’s palace but prevented guards from carrying out a inspection for WMD:

    Hans Blix: Then let me look around, so I can ease the UN’s collective mind. I’m sorry, but the UN must be firm with you. Let me in, or else.

    Kim Jong Il: Or else what?
    Hans Blix: Or else we will be very angry with you… and we will write you a letter, telling you how angry we are.
    A Whiteshouse spokes person stated Obama is confident that this carrot and stick approach of lifting sactions while threatening an angry letter will bring Iran to its knees.

  • Brian B

    All the nations concerned want an easy deal for Iran so that the money will flow uninhibited.

  • brian ellman

    It is difficult to see why we continue to tolerate the socialist-viewpoint 0f Barack Hussein Obama and his acolytes—-which include his oft repeated statement that “we have your back”—that is what is not true —never mind what Harf says—he has turned his back on anyone who does not follow his vision of a perfect world

  • No one can believe a word said today by US govt – I am very sad to say. I didnt vote for this Evil bunch!

  • Eric R.

    It would take an incompetent leftist government to put somebody so stupid in place as their foreign policy spokesperson. On any given day it is a toss-up whether she or Jen Psaki is the dumber one.

    When you have these two + Kerry at State, no wonder why the Russians are running diplomatic circles around us – they have (the wily, but smart) Sergei Lavrov running the show.

  • arne normann

    ..seems to me that also muslims now are dangerouse to all, including themselves, having posibillity to use that kind of weaponery…

  • Poor little miss Harf: I suppose that, as the WH /Obama administration pays her salary she has to say what they want, but the end result is to make her look like a fool.

  • There is a doubt whether America is run by United Nations or by president obama. The United Nations is legitimising the presence of UN peace keeping forces in golan. But are they of any use? nothing. Thy are in Kashmir. is there any use ? Nothing .But they are busy in reviving the old yoga practise of the giants of Sri Lanka and the west bank of Jordan river. But even though they do yoga they will kill the tamils in Sri lanka. the day the United Nqtions is closed it will be a good day for the world

  • steven L

    Rohany stated proudly that he was in charge of the cheating while discussing with the European countries and very likely he is doing the same now. The Iranians don’t change and are smart, the West doesn’t change and is STUPID. Iran will break through long before the West realize it. Even if it is a lie, the West will not be able to prove it.

  • Susan Staehs


    This President Seems Determined At What Ever Cost To Secure A Deal With Iran….Before He Leaves Office.

  • Francis Figliola

    Islam permits lying to deceive unbelievers. It is called al-Taqiyya: Islamic word for concealing or discussing one’s beliefs, strategies, etc.

  • art

    Finally, even the NYT must admit that Obama is lying to the American people Harf says “not true” but fails to provide a glimpse of what she/Obama considers true. Even the UN and IAEA says iran is moving ahead with a nuke program. Obama has given them cover and broken the sanctions

  • Fred

    Iran has the Obama/Kerry admin. over a barrel and laughing the beards off. Iran stands its ground not budging but false promising, also not allowing any inspection of its stockpile & spitting in US eyes.
    Famous last words of Obama / Kerry ” No Nukes on my watch “. What a tragic joke…

  • dante

    obama is a fool. the world is not occidental college or harvard. it’s not hyde park. it’s not springfield. it’s not Washington, DC. whatever worked for this fool in those places doesn’t work in moscow, beijing, tripoli, damascus, tehran, riyadh, cairo, tripoli, ramallah, etc.

    but obama hasn’t noticed. he’s been outmatched in every way by the mullahs but he hasn’t figured it out. he’s a fool and he’s determined to be a fool. too bad for America. too bad for the world.

  • nelson marans

    Evidently when the New York Times reports any criticism of the U. S. State Department, a very rare occurrence, the State Department is ready to rebut the disclosure. Certainly, our negotiators were aware that Iran was not living up to its promises, increasing rather than decreasing its stockpile of unenriched uranium. President Obama and the State Department are committed to a deal with Iran, no matter what the terms, with Israel the victim.

  • damita

    Big fat lies from liar Obama. So what’s new?

  • susan morris

    Countries like China and Russia will never be as disturbed by Iran’s nuclear ambitions as the U.S. The reason is simply because Iran would likely side with them, and against the United States, in any projected war.

  • In year 2008 CE Dick Meyer [Richard Meyer] wrote a book called: Why We Hate Us, in which (chapter 1, page 9) he described the New York Times as: “Supposedly, it is the Magna Carta of liberal bias.”

    It seems that even “the Magna Carta of liberal bias” disagrees with President Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran.