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June 7, 2015 3:14 pm

Outrage Over Soccer Match in Gaza Dedicated to Kidnappers of Israeli Soldiers

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Two Palestinian soccer teams use the images of kidnapped Israeli soldiers on a flyer for a soccer cup final being held in Gaza. PHOTO: Simon Wiesenthal Center

Two Palestinian soccer teams used the images of kidnapped Israeli soldiers on a flyer for a soccer cup final being held in Gaza. PHOTO: Simon Wiesenthal Center

A flyer advertising Sunday’s Palestine Cup Final in Gaza between the Shuja’iyya and Rafah clubs carried the faces of two Israeli soldiers kidnapped and killed during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge, Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin, saying the match was between their kidnappers.

The flyer carries the names of the two competing soccer teams, and above each is the name and picture of the soldier kidnapped in that team’s area.

Below, a caption in yellow reads, “the two teams [lit. poles] of kidnapping soldiers, in the final of the Gaza Cup.”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, reacted strongly to the flyer. He said, “it is difficult to put into words how great the outrage is at Hamas’ bottomless inhumanity.”

Cooper also had criticism for the UN, saying that, “while the UN prepares its next denunciation of Israel for defending her citizens last summer from Hamas terrorism and while world leaders demand that Israel agree to a timeline to reach a two state solution, those leaders maintain their silence at the outrages like today’s flyers and allow Hamas to use the remains of dead Israeli soldiers to taunt grieving Israeli families.”

The bodies of both Shaul and Goldin continue to be held by Hamas in Gaza.

Cooper ended by saying that, “Instead of granting a Hamas group the legitimacy of an NGO at the UN,” referring to the recent status upgrade of the Palestine Return Centre at the international body, “world leaders… should denounce Hamas [for] their genocidal hatred of Israel and the Jewish people.”

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  • The Watchman

    Fight fire with fire FFS. Get “Palestine” banned from FIFA, or at least make a noise about it.

  • Kris Kristian

    where are those who always blame Israel for everything?
    Where is the voice of FIFA?
    The PA soccer team should be banned from international sport.
    They are not human, they are savages who should be treated as such.
    But of course, if Israel did such an uncivilized thing, then the whole world would be up in arms against the “apartheid” state.
    We must now wait for an answer from FIFI>
    Hopefully, they will expel the Palestinians soccer from international sport.
    Will the UN recognise this as the leaders in BDS against Israel?

  • Rabbi Menashe Bovit

    And the corrupt bozos of FIFA (most recently busted by the FBI) wanted to ban Israeli soccer teams from the World Cup.

  • Larinthian

    People have every right to be outraged. But, what I am equally or even more outraged over is the fact that the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab countries in the middle east, are given a free pass to continue their barbaric, morally bankrupt, and evil actions by the international community while Israel, a democratic country, whose laws are governed and based on justice, principles, and honor, is routinely slandered, persecuted, and demonized. In legal circles, those that are complicit in an illegal activity, are considered just as culpable as the entity that actually committed the offence. The Arabs do what they do because they know that they won’t be held accountable for their actions. The other day, I read an article in which the U.N.’s Ban ki Moon, expressed his outrage over Israeli settlements but there is no outrage over the Palestinians ongoing pursuit of committing death and destruction to Israel and her citizens. Last week, a representative from the U.N. went to Israel, to bend Netanyahu’s ear over the “two state solution.” The very next day, the Palestinians started to shoot missiles into Israel again, where was the outrage over this. At the same time, it was discovered that Iran has been supplying Hamas with weapons to use against Israel, again, where was the outrage. I disagreed with Netanyahu’s response to the “two state solution” diatribe. Instead of saying that he was in favor of a “two state solution” he should have reiterated his original statement by saying that over the last several decades, Israel has offered many proposals to finally normalize relations with the Palestinians and on each occasion, Israel was rejected. Netanyahu should have also said that the practice of immediately expecting Israel to make foolish concessions, will no longer be tolerated and that it’s long overdue that concessions are placed upon the Palestinians, that Israel will not relinquish an inch of land, that Jerusalem is now as it always was, the capitol of Israel, and that there will be no further discussion of “peace talks” until the current Palestinian terrorist group coalition is dissolved. The very next day after the U.N.’s push for a “two state solution,” rockets were once again being shot into Israel and that for those who can’t understand why there hasn’t been progress among relations between Israel and the Palestinians, this is a great example of why. By the way, I have yet to hear a single word of criticism over the Palestinians behavior. But, let’s face it, Israel is persecuted not for what they do, they are persecuted for who they are, the one and only Jewish state.

  • Reform School

    The world would be a better place if terrorist dedications were replaced with “dead-ications.


    This is what happends when Israel caves in to the worl demands .
    they should allow the vote which the palis will never get the reqeired 2/3 and Israel would have not have to give any concessions which will haunt us for years And the palis will exploit to their advantage . The political Terorism by this terrorsits is just started since they gotten emboldened .

  • Kerry M. Berger

    Since the Palestinians are using every occasion to politicize and demonize Israel, even at sports matches, the time has come for Israel to officially lodge a complaint to the United Nations of anti-Semitism against the Palestinians particularly Hamas and any of the militant wings of the PLO or PA. It’s time to fight fire with fire, propaganda with factual propaganda. These kinds of insults hurled have no proper place in international sporting events. The Palestinian team should cease and desist or face being banned from global sporting competition. It is really as simple as that.

  • Anthony Dayton

    You have to thank Hamas and whoever created this flyer for adding their culpability to the soccer scandals and its corruption and thuggery. They have taken a world sport from the people. Better to be on the side of the Israeli kidnapped soldiers than on the side their kidnappers and those who celebrate it, if the people ever decide to reclaim their sport

  • Yale

    Has anyone asked FIFA what its position is on this?

  • Historian

    The UN controlled by 3rd world Islamic counties who hate The Jewish State and Israel..Who cares what they demand. Palestinians do not deserve a state of their own. We do not need another terrorist state and who would want to live next to them? NO ONE!!

  • Mickey Oberman

    Israel should do all it can to disrupt those games short of going into Gaza.
    Anyone wanting to cross from Israel to Gaza and from Gaza to Israel should be stopped as should all communication and transportation.
    All Israel media as well as the public should do their best to ridicule the Gazans and their teams of vicious murderers.
    Battles can be fought without going to war and they can be effective and victorious.

  • brenrod

    obviously not outraged enough to bomb those at the match, which is what outrage should produce. Or are those who are outraged expecting sympathy form the other?

  • art frank

    Their “cup” runnith over with blood. The inbred savages of gaza glorify murder. Israel should kill them all. Bomb the friggin soccer match.

  • Learn how to defend Israel from unfair media bias
    and refute inaccurate Israel-bashing reporting:

    Joining pro-Israel organizations might help Israel.
    Pro-Israel organizations include:

    PS: I humbly suggest that The Algemeiner link to these web sites, and write articles about the organizations behind them.

    • All media simply does is point out the inaccuracies, the intolerance’s and the World will wake up to the reality that Israel is not the enemy. Arabs Muslim are not the enemy. Merely a few disenfranchised haters in Islam and the far right are!

      • The Watchman

        Sorry Patrick, but the BIGGEST enemies are the LEFT and they always have been. The fascist Left have never gone to defend Jews, they go for the confrontation with the fascist Right and between which you’d have trouble slipping the proverbial cigarette paper.