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June 8, 2015 1:39 pm

Larry David Says Antisemites Cost Him Tony Nod for ‘Fish in the Dark’ (VIDEO)

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Larry David (R) alongside Jason Alexander complains about antisemitism snubbing him, Harvey Weinstein, Tony nods this year. Photo: Screenshot.

Larry David (R) alongside Jason Alexander complains about antisemitism snubbing him, Harvey Weinstein, Tony nods this year. Photo: Screenshot.

Comic Larry David rancorously struck back at the Tony Awards judges on Sunday night from the show’s central podium, blaming antisemites for snubbing him a nomination for his Broadway show Fish in the Dark.

David made the comments standing alongside Jason Alexander, who long played David’s cantankerous alter-ego on the Seinfeld sitcom and who will take over as the lead character in Fish in the Dark following David’s final performance, also on Sunday.

David began his speech by explaining that “The true measure of a man is not to be nominated and still show up to read a list of names of those who are nominated. That’s a big man;. That’s a big, big man.”

Continuing, he said: “People who, if it were up to them, would put aside the obvious antsemitism — yeah, that’s right, I said it; I said it — the antisemitism that denies a nomination to a Larry David or a Harvey Weinstein. Then, yes, I am a loser.”

Neither Fish in the Dark — about fifteen relatives coping with a death in the family — nor producer Weinstein’s grandiose Finding Neverland productions received Tony nods this year.

Still, jokes aside, David obviously had something to be proud about in Fish in the Dark: the play’s advance sale, totaling $13.5 million, broke Broadway records.

Watch a video of David’s remarks below:

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  • Dommy

    Diane, don’t forget decades of cheap Jew- targeting humor by Mel Brooks and Don Rickles. Neither can go three minutes without “the Jew” this and “the Jew” that, and the self-haters in the audience applauding their approval.

  • Louie Kemp

    Larry, is a Comedy Genius who had the fortitude and guts to say what he thinks, even if it is a sensitive subject to some people…Kudos Larry,,, Never again is a slogan that needs to be lived not just said…. Good for you Larry…

    Louie Kemp

  • M. Otero

    David might find out just how dangerous his gag is if he read “comments” on many articles on the internet. Without any apparent provocation, comments will lapse into “the chosen people”, media ownership, and the SS Liberty, etc.
    Hitler’s rise to power was his unifying use of centuries of endemic Jew hatred going back through Luther. He managed to convince himself as the useful idiots’ street responded to his passionate oratory.
    I remember the naked US antisemitism 1930 to 1946. The Arab League is behind the present Palestinian saga and the 1948+ Jew free expulsion of 900,000 Jews from the Muslim world. See JJAC or WOJAC.

  • Diane

    Since I cannot edit my previous comment, I wanted to make clear that it is “Kern’s” comments (above) that are right on the money! Larry David most likely cares nothing about anti-semitism or Israel. He makes it worse for the rest of us!

  • DocReality

    It’s really hard to tell what his intentions were, but I think it was tongue-in-cheek; Jews make up a serious contingent on B’way both financially and creatively; it’s possible he was just being sardonic.

    On the other hand, many of those B’way Jews are also bleeding-heart liberals and J-street supporters, so it could have some other intent.

    He’s not always the easiest man to read.

  • Caleb

    The way of the world dickheads every where

  • Chaya Goldstein

    It seems as if you’re reporting this as a straight news story. Larry David was obviously joking. If the mainstream media gets a hold of this they’re going to make mincemeat of you.

  • kern

    Personally, I think that Larry David’s routine (delivered in the persona of his sit-com version of himself) was despicably insensitive and harmful to Jews.

    We are living in a world in which virulent antisemitism is growing at an alarming rate. Physical attacks on Jews around the world have grown exponentially. There is a movement destroy Israel’s legitimacy and another to destroy her economically in the name of making her accept indefensible borders. Progressives, leftists, socialists, the current American President and others who believe that America and its world leadership has been a force for evil in the world have employed their monopoly in academia to poison young people’s minds against Israel. They have joined with pro Jihadist fatwa followers (by the way, the American President is the only Western world leader who has touted a fatwa as being a good thing) and extreme right garden variety antisemites in making college campuses a hostile environment for pro-Israeli students.

    In the midst of all this, comes Larry David parading some tired shtick about annoying Jews who ridiculously blame all their woes on antisemitism.

    Larry David has every right to satirize whatever dated target he wants. But I feel the need to take him to task because his satire is dishonest in relation to today’s American Jews , and encourages others to ignore the truly horrific antisemitism that we are seeing today, AND it is clear that he doesn’t give a s–t.

    • It’s satire stupid.

    • Diane

      Beautifully stated! Jews like Larry David and Woody Allen, with their whinny, schlubby, neurotic, mama’s boy behavior is and has always been sickening. They make the rest of us look homely, pathetic, creepy and weak. I do not find them funny; they are an embarrassment to the Jewish people.

      • Hank

        Touche !

      • Dan P.

        You Diane, or whoever you are , are an embarrassment to the Jewish people. You obviously do not know what the Jewish people is and also voted for Obama (Hussein).

      • Totally agree with you, Diane, and it’s about time someone said it.