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June 11, 2015 2:57 pm

Report: Apple Includes Palestinian Flag Among New iOS 9 Emojis

avatar by David Daoud

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The flag of Palestine is rumored to be included in the Emoji lineup of Apple's iOS 9. PHOTO: NRG.

The Palestinian flag is reported to be included in the Emoji lineup of Apple’s iOS 9 operating system. PHOTO: NRG.

The Palestinian flag is likely to be among the national symbols included as part of the emoji line-up of Apple’s new iOS 9 operating system, Israel’s NRG reported on Wednesday.

The version of the upcoming iOS 9 referenced by the report is still in development stage, and is expected to undergo a number of changes before it is released to the general public.

However, if no changes are made to the emojis featured in the new operating system, the Palestinian flag will remain available to iPhone users internationally.

Between now and iOS 9’s official release, Apple is expected to release at least seven iterations of the operating system, each of which will include additional changes.

The expected inclusion of the flag will not be the first time that Apple has found itself in the midst of a controversy related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In 2012, as part of an upgrade to Apple’s software, Jerusalem was not displayed as the capital of Israel. The omission led to an Israeli uproar against the company, eventually prompting Apple to reverse its decision.

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  • I applaud Apple for including everyone, and their views, but Palestine is not a country, and should not be categorized under Flag. If Apple wants to encompass everyone, and everyone’s views, why don’t they have the Confederate States flag? Or Isis’s Flag? I suggest they revise this, and take into account all the hate, and misery they have put Israel, (our biggest allies) through.

    • Jay

      You know what else isn’t a country? The Northern Mariana Islands. That flag is included. Palestine is more of a country than most of the territorial flags on there. Not all UN members recognize Israel, in fact, more of them recognize Palestine over Israel. Don’t be a hypocrite. Palestine is a UN observing member state as well, by your own logic Vatican City shouldn’t be included either. Please do a tiny bit of research before you make a statement like “Palestine isn’t a country” just because you don’t agree with it or Israel and a few others don’t recognize it. I don’t support Palestine or Israel, they’re both “bad” countries who have committed horrible acts, but I hate people who don’t do ANY research on the subject and say things like “Palestine isn’t a country” when they provide absolutely no evidence. There’s just so much evidence against them. A more advanced thing have more of something, then using that thing to destroy the other thing. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

    • ZamCarrot

      You can’t be that stupid.To be precise,Israel is not even a country in the first place.They were from EU and they invaded the Palestinians.Most UN members recognize Palestine.Learn some history before saying things like “Palestine isn’t a country”.

  • joey