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June 12, 2015 6:31 pm

State Department Denies Backtracking on Yet Another Condition for Iran Nuclear Deal

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State Department Spokesman Jeff Rathke avoids addressing possible military dimensions of Iran's previous nuclear work. Photo: C-SPAN Screenshot.

State Department Spokesman Jeff Rathke avoided addressing the possible military dimensions of Iran’s previous nuclear work. Photo: C-SPAN Screenshot.

The Obama administration appeared to be backtracking on another demand laid forth in the interim agreement between Iran and world powers in Switzerland in April, this time on addressing the International Atomic Energy Agency’s concerns over the possible military dimensions of Iran’s previous nuclear work before a comprehensive deal is reached.

“The Iranians … will have to reach agreement with the IAEA on providing the necessary access to address the concerns about the possible military dimensions of their program,” said State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke on Friday.

Rathke denied that the Obama administration had walked back on its demand that Iran address those concerns before reaching a deal, which faces a June 30 deadline, over lifting sanctions, saying Iran only had to “agree to provide access.”

“Our position on the possible military dimensions issue and the necessity of Iran working with the IAEA, that position remains the same and hasn’t changed,” he claimed, adding that he was not free to disclose whether the Iranians would be compelled to address the IAEA’s concern regarding previous military work in exchange for the lifting of international sanctions.

On Thursday, the Associated Press first reported that U.S. and Western officials had backed off on the requirement that Iran disclose all information regarding its past nuclear work before world powers would accept a deal.

Secretary of State John Kerry said in April that the U.S. would not accept a deal unless Iran addresses all of the IAEA’s concerns regarding the previous military dimensions of its nuclear program.

“No. They have to do it. It will be done. If there’s going to be a deal, it will be done,” Kerry told PBS news.

Meanwhile, Iran’s ambassador to the IAEA, Reza Najafi, said on Friday that Tehran rejected “baseless and void accusations carried under the title of PMDs,” the acronym for the possible military dimensions clause.

He said the IAEA was being “fed with wrong information,” and invited nuclear inspectors to the Mariwan nuclear site questioned in a recent report.

According to semi-official Iranian state news agency Fars, the PMD issue has been “a persistent bone of contention in the talks between Iran and the UN nuclear watchdog,” which are separate but simultaneous with the political talks between Iran and six world powers, including the U.S.

The EU last Thursday cautioned Iran to cooperate with the stalled IAEA probe of its military sites, warning a deal was not possible otherwise.

Iran’s leaders, including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, have sought limitations to the purview of international inspectors’ reach among Iran’s military sites. Iran insists it has never sought a nuclear weapon as part of its program, based in part on a religious edict by Khamenei himself.

IAEA chief Yukiya Amano said it could take “years and years” of inspections before Iran could restore full confidence that its military never intended to build a nuclear bomb.

Amano said the IAEA was prepared to “accelerate the resolution of all outstanding issues.”

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  • I have always said that there will never be a deal done with Iran, its simple after over 10 years of so called diplomatic talks and we still have no there will be NO DEAL 16 day’s to go watch this space.

  • Raymond Rakower

    This is the best demonstration that Obama, perfectly assisted by Kerry and by the European leaders and Putin, are actively preparing the Western and Middle Eastern world to World War III. Its start will be the destruction of both the Israeli and the Palestinian peoples under the rain of hundreds of Iranian nuclear-tipped missiles to saturate the Iron Dome raining on the Israeli and Palestinian territories. Two birds with one stone for the Iranians: Jews and Sunni moslems One could say that the Iranian government, strongly assisted by the Russian and the North Korean dictators, will solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem: it’s called ‘vacuum cleaning’.

  • Must be horrible (schizophrenia-inducing)at this time to be Messrs Kerry, Rathke, Earnest … and Mrs/Miss/Ms Harf or Herf, Pelosi and others …

  • Michael Mayben

    Who would ever believe these Islamic women abusing, homosexual, pedophiles. Any backtracking only insures Iran, a hostile nation of terrorists whose belief that death is their way to paradise, will ramp up their nuclear weapons program as soon as they can. A massive launch of nuclear missiles by Iran and the immediate retaliation from their targets, USA, Israel, and any other targeted non-Islamic country would most likely result in the end of the world as we know it today.

  • steven L

    No doubt there will be a secret document between Iran and the US. In the meantime both sides are lying to the world. Both sides need to save their “HONOR” and show that neither caved in.
    But one fact is certain: the IAEA has voiced repeatedly the fact that they DO NOT have the means to monitor the cheater.
    History is a predictor of the future. The IAEA never caught Iran cheating while cheating. The Shiadists will cheat or more precisely, will continue to cheat while in discussions with the rest of the morons.

  • Historian

    The US will be thee ones who allow Iran to get a nuclear bomb. Obama is so set on reaching Any agreement he will put the US and Israel in jeopardy. No feather in his cap.
    He will be the worst President. (even than Jimmy Carter)Promises promises not realized.. and friendships gone by the way side. With friends like him who needs enemies!!

  • dante

    there is no lie too big. there is no deception too broad. there is no betrayal too great for this administration.

    it is evident to everyone that obama/kerry will do anything to conclude a deal with the mullahs; these fools will cave to anything the mullahs want. one wouldn’t be surprised to kerry dressed as a waiter serving beverages, at their call, to the mullahs.

    the promises to the American people mean nothing. the pompous rhetoric about adherence to principle (“no deal is better than a bad deal,” etc., etc.) means nothing. it matters not who will write the history, these buffoons will be marked as the most gutless and foolish individuals ever to control American foreign policy.

    chamberlain, by comparison, looks perceptive.

  • Joseph Camp

    Comments from Obuma:
    Written by Mike Gallagher.
    Many listeners have asked about the “President Obama: It Was You” essay that someone sent me.
    Here it is:
    President Obama: This is why you didn’t go to France.
    It was you who told an Islamic diner – “I am one of you.”
    It was you who on ABC News referenced – “My Muslim faith.”
    It was you who gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to rebuild foreign mosques.
    It was you who wrote that in the event of a conflict – “I will stand with the Muslims.”
    It was you who assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that – “I am a Muslim.”