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June 14, 2015 9:50 pm

Israel Submits Gaza War Findings to Netanyahu Ahead of UN Report

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IDF targets Hamas terror tunnel as part of Operation Protective Edge. Photo: Twitter.

IDF targets Hamas terror tunnel as part of Operation Protective Edge. Photo: Twitter. – An Israeli government-appointed panel on Sunday submitted a report to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concluding that Israel adhered to international law during last year’s war with the Hamas terrorist group, ahead of the United Nations Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) unveiling of its own findings on the Gaza conflict.

“We will expose the truth. Israel did not commit war crimes,” Netanyahu said Sunday.

The prime minister said that “anyone who wants to know the truth will read [Israel’s] report… Those who want to continue the baseless accusations can waste their time reading the U.N. report.”

“We will continue to defend our soldiers, while they continue to defend us,” added Netanyahu. While it was given to Netanyahu, Israel’s report has not yet been released to the public.

The UNHRC, which has a history of bias against Israel, is expected to release its findings this week.

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  • zadimel

    Where is my reply post to art?

  • zadimel

    Where is my reply to art?

  • Rick Hester

    God Bless Israel and the Jewish People.

  • martin

    I think its time to disband the un it cant accomplish anything its days are numbered its so one sided all it does is give well paying jobs for useless people who cant their way to the bathroom without an aide

  • Enezio E. de Almeida Filho

    The UNHRC has become a terrorist defending organization!

  • Why can I not see the comments on your site?

  • When watching the defence by Israel agains the Terrorist Hamas agressions last year (not via the Media who were acting as 5th Column though) I had the distinct feeling that UNHRC were – if not a “branch of HAMAS”, so at least a “collaborator” of HAMAS. Why else would they give their “schools” over to HAMAS for storing rockets etc. to be used indiscriminately against the civilian population of Israel? (<—rhetorical question).

  • Ronald Travis

    We the people of the United States dont care what the UN OR ANYBODY ELSE SAYS,WE STAND WITH ISRAEL

  • rachel robinson

    where are those five comments? why are they hidden from us?? Maybe there were twenty comments, maybe there were none – we do not really know. This is not a good publication, and I will not waste my time reading it.

  • manasseh

    I wish America would have a president who backup their troops! May Hashem! Bless you!

  • rachel robinson

    I hope we can read in this publication a full report from the Gaza commanders about their investigation of the Hamas’ behavior during the same war and whether they “adhered to international law during last year’s war with Israel.”

  • Julian Clovelley

    We had similar problems with a roof and gutters we just had replaced. The first time it rained water poured into the house in several places

    So we called in the tradesman who did the job, who went up on the roof and checked that the job had been done properly. He was up there for half an hour and when he came down he assured us that the roof and gutters had indeed been replaced properly

    Since the rain still pours in – which it never did until the roof was replaced – we are wondering if he was the right man to check his own work

    What do other readers think? Should we ask an independent body to assess what was done to our house or should we rely on our tradesman’s assurances?

  • R.Eluchans

    Hamas, as a terrorist group is the one committing crimes, attacking civilian population and using their women and children civilians as human shield.
    Israel, the only democracy in the region, has the right to defend itself.

  • art

    Israel should make it clear that if Israel is guilty of so called war crimes then the US France, Britain, NATO are similarly guilty. NATO and the US must be made to understand that the ICC will be used to castrate their military

    • zadimel

      art: I am shocked, shocked that the US, France, the UK and NATO would be guilty of war crimes. In particular, the US and its close ally,Britain, pounded Nazi -occupied territories in Europe as well as Germany, causing 500,000-600,000 civilian deaths. Many,perhaps most German civilians supported the Nazi efforts to exterminate all the European Jews,as well as gays,the physically and mentally disabled,political opponents(such as communists and liberals) and religious adversaries. A significant number of other civilians,who opposed the Nazis and, some of whom took measures to slow down the pace of the war against the Allies, died in the air raids and ground combat. In all of these instances, as well as in post WW 2 combat, innocent people die or suffer injuries. If those who seek to defend themselves against the threats and acts of deadly aggression are brought before the courts of universal justice, how can such aggression be thwarted?