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June 15, 2015 3:51 pm

Hundreds Sign Petition Calling for Mossad to Return Muslim Activist Asghar Bukhari’s Shoe

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Asghar Bukhari accuses the Mossad of stealing his shoe. Photo: Screenshot.

Asghar Bukhari accused the Mossad of stealing his shoe. Photo: Screenshot.

Hundreds of people signed a comic petition demanding the return of a shoe to a British Muslim activist who claimed it was stolen by Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency.

Simon Cobbs, founder of Sussex Friends of Israel, a United Kingdom-based pro-Israel group, told The Algemeiner on Monday that he created the petition to mock activist Asghar Bukhari, who claimed on Facebook over the weekend that the Mossad sneaked into his home and stole his shoe. Bukhari, a founding member of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK, later posted a 15-minute YouTube clip in which he doubled down on his allegations.

“They’re stealing people’s homes in Palestine,” he said. “You think a shoe is a big deal for them?”

The story made waves on social media and prompted dozens of mocking tweets with the hashtags #MossadStoleMyShoe and #ShoeishConspiracy.

“This whole ‘Mossad stole my shoe’ became so ludicrous, so stupid. This man has made a complete fool of himself that the only logical response was for us to start a petition to demand the return of his sandal,” Cobbs said. “I think the petition has been taken in the way it should be, which is really, this is so stupid, let’s have some fun at this man’s expense.”

Cobbs started the petition on Saturday and it has already garnered over 200 signatures. It calls for “the immediate and safe return” of Bukhari’s shoe, saying, “we fear that his sanity is about to be compromised unless his much prized sandal is returned immediately.”

The pro-Israel group also took to Facebook to joke at Bukhari’s expense. The organization posted a graphic depicting a supposed Mossad agent reeling from a foul-odored shoe with the caption, “Mossad agent photographed trying to steal a shoe from a BDS member.” Another humorous post calls for Bukhari to eat a plate of foot jelly or “the next time you see your shoe it will be swimming with the gefilte fish!!”

The petition has been featured in international media including the British Telegraph and Israel’s i24 News, and Cobbs said he is “absolutely flabbergasted” by the amount of attention it has received. He told The Algemeiner that people are realizing the “ludicrousness” of Bukhari’s claim and are having fun with it.

On a more serious note, Cobbs said Israel’s supporters in the U.K. are facing “enormous problems” posed by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, and a “creeping feeling” that Israel is to blame for every problem. However, he said, Bukhari’s accusation has been giving people a chance to find some humor along the way.

“The last 48 hours were absolutely what we needed and it was like a gift of God for us because it made a situation that we can then laugh at,” he said. “This whole scenario, this whole paranoia that’s happening in the U.K. at the moment, certainly among the extremist Muslims who say Israel is this and Israel is that, [Bukhari]  gave us the opportunity to actually laugh for a change instead of kvetch.”

“We took the opportunity and that’s what the petition is: an opportunity to laugh at the ridiculousness of it.”




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  • Ich bezahle Ihren Anwalt lieber Herr Bughari

  • Marilena Cojocaru Marcovici

    Ich bezahle Ihren Anwalt lieber Herr Bukhari

  • Koorosh

    Was it at the stroke of midnight that the shoe disappeared?
    Their “prophet” started his “prophecy” as a highway robber. He also killed the Jews to steal dates tree from them to fund his vicious attack on people and especially the Jews!

  • Theo Singer

    What next shoeless in Gaz

  • Joseph London

    I don’t really care about his stolen shoe, but I demand the Mossad return all the odd socks that disappear from my washing machine. At last I know who has been nicking them!

  • Henna du Plessis

    This is relly serious. The Mossad urgently needs worn, used cheap Palestinian shoes and or sandals. They build secret weapons with these. Please send a donation to them so that they can purchase some, or better, collect as many as possible from your Palestinian pals and send it with a courier service direct to Mossad.

  • marcel landry

    Cinderella he isn’t

  • Susquatch

    I know as a matter of fact that Mossad didn’t steal his shoe, because I did. But I can’t return it since I am now using it in my dog’s litter box.

  • Gerald Cooper

    I’m sure everyone who is well informed knows from reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion that Jews use Moslem shoes in order to make hamburgers.

  • Bukhari is just being a typical Arab crier.
    We all know the type. They cry over anything to garner any sympathy they can.
    Just one of the millions that are a waste of skin.

    • Tom Wood

      Henry…you’re so racist! Yes he was an idiot but at least he was a funny idiot.

    • Well Said Henry

  • P gaetti

    A shoe ? Really ? They have better things going on than a shoe !

  • DocReality

    Anyone need anymore evidence showing these people are morons?

  • Where can I sign the petition? I’m so worried about this poor man hopping along on one sandal …

  • david

    I believe the shoe was last seen in the hands of a running Brian Williams.

  • Mickey Oberman

    By all means return it to him.

    And behave like gentlemen by carefully polishing his shoe.

    A generous application of lard will give it a lovely shine.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    LOL! However, Muslims have no sense of humor. They are unable to laugh at themselves.

  • Gary A Frank


  • Gary A Frank



  • Jeffrey Reiss

    Sign me up, please!