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June 15, 2015 3:42 pm

Latest Flotilla Leaves Sweden for Gaza, Will Attempt to ‘Break Israel’s Blockade’

avatar by David Daoud

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A new flotilla is making its way from Sweden to the Gaza Strip in an attempt to challenge Israel's naval blockade. PHOTO: Channel 2 News Online.

A new flotilla is making its way from Sweden to the Gaza Strip in an attempt to challenge Israel’s security blockade. PHOTO: Channel 2.

A Swedish flotilla of anti-Israel activists has left its home country and is en route to Gaza with the goal of breaking the Israeli naval blockade around the coastal territory, Israel’s Channel 2 reported on Monday.

The Swedish flotilla is expected to disembark in a number of additional countries before it reaches the Gaza Strip in an effort to assemble other activists from across Europe.

According to the report, several activist organizations are supporting the flotilla, including FreeGaza, which works to delegitimize Israel in the international community.  

Another group supporting the flotilla is Gazan terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), which has been intently following the flotilla’s progress since it left Sweden, and is hoping that it will attract a lot of international attention, just as the ill fated Mavi Marmara flotilla did in 2010.

A senior leader in the organization, Khaled Al-Batash, threatened that PIJ would end its current ceasefire with Israel if the Jewish state were to stop the flotilla on its way to Gaza.

Israel is also closely following the developments with this latest attempt by European activists to challenge Israel’s maritime blockade on Gaza, and is preparing to deal with it.

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  • Laurie F

    @ Kirk Augustin Thank you for your calm, detailed, and EXCELLENT comments/replies! Knowledge is power!

  • Charles Martel

    Sweden is a Muslim country.Hell there are places the police are not allowed to travel.You have allowed the Virus into your culture and it has killed the Host country. Sharia is on the way so change your sexual activities or get stoned!

    Other than ABBA and Blondes Sweden has little to offer.Of course I liked both.

  • Yale

    The new flotilla should be stopped for and taken into Ashdod for inspection. Any weapons on board should be confiscated and put on public display. Everyone on board (including the crew) should then be tried for giving aid to the enemy and engaging in war crimes since the weapons are intended to be used against civilians. Finally, the displacement of the ship and its cargo should be deducted from the amount of material sent into Gaza; if it equals or excedes the total currently going in, then nothing should go in for some period of time.

    It should be Israeli policy to offset aid sent to Gaza by the displacement of any ship and its cargo that attempts to break the blockade. Organizers of future flotillas will have to recognize that what they’re doing will hurt the Palestinians.

    • Kirk Augustin

      Legally Israel has no authority at all on the high seas, since Gaza has a coast on international waters.
      There is no evidence there will be any weapons on board, but it is also legal for Gaza to obtain all the weapons they want. Israel has no say in the weapons of other nations. Gaza is not part of Israel, and Israel has no international authority.

  • Rick

    Why not send help to Tibet, or ISIS controlled Iraq or Syria?

    • Kirk Augustin

      Because Tibet is disputed and no one has authority, and it is Israel that funds ISIS.

  • HaroldT

    Will the Israeli’s have the courage to impound and confiscate all the ships involved and keep all passengers in detention till foreign countries pay for their deportation.

    • Kirk Augustin

      The ships will not be near Israeli waters to are going to out of Israel’s jurisdiction. Interfering with them will be an international crime against Sweden.

  • Phllip A Nagle

    This time just sink the boats and let everyone on them drown.

    • Kirk Augustin

      And that would be not only a war crime, but an act of war against Sweden.

  • Le Golem

    Bomb Sweden, except for females between 18 and 30.

  • Let them (The Flotilla) know that Israel has mined the waters and any unauthorized approach without inspection and guidance through the waters by Israel may lead to the Ships being sunk by the mines.

    • Kirk Augustin

      That would still be a war crime and act of war against Sweden. Israel has no jurisdiction to enter the waters off Gaza at all.

  • Tony Rice

    Like those who go to join ISIS, these people are nowt but troublemakers, louts with obviously no jobs, barnacles on the backside of humanity. Israel dare not blow them up as to do so will attract w/wide criticism. The Government of Sweden stands condemned for allowing this flotilla of attrocity to assemble, recruit , get supplies and set forth on a mission of eventual death and destruction. THAT is their aim, let’s hope somehow they are thwarted. Why the Arabs can’t realise it would pay them to cooperate with Israel who would no doubt in an atmosphere of frienship give the Arabs the benefit of their knowledge and experience gained when in a wider world. But that is an embarasment to the Arab leaders,especially the supposed spiritual ones, which we with western minds know is the last thing they are!.

  • Sam Harris

    Deep Six them.

  • Have European activists done anything to help refugees from Myanmar? Of course not. Have they tried to end the executions of homosexuals in Iran? Silly question. Opposing Israel is the be-all and end-all of the Left.
    In 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza, thus creating an independent Palestinian mini-state. Nothing Israel has ever done has led to more anti-Israel hatred.

    • Kris Ktistian

      Israel has full international rights to stop this terrorist flotilla.
      The Muslims/Arabs are so powerful in their oil, money and population, and their lies about Israel, that they have the support of mnay ignorant Christians across the world. No matter that the only country in the entire ME. is where the Christians are safe, free to speak and practicwe their religion, unlike in Islamic countries where they are persecuted and churches destroyed.

      • Kirk Augustin

        @Kris Ktistian, not Israel has no jurisdiction at all. Gaza is bordered by International waters that Israel can not legally prevent this flotilla from entering as they wish. The Israelis blockade violates the Geneva Conventions, is a war crime, and also violates the UN Resolution, 181, that created Israel. If that resolution is abrogated, Israel ceases to have legal existence.

  • Remarkable that Sweden is NOT combating its rampart antisemitism
    as in Malmo, anti-immigrant hate, gang problems since the 90s, serious alcoholism especially among youths and suicides to mention but a few. They need to feel self-righteous, and divert from their boring life, by attacking the valiant small Israel the beacon of democracy, progress and hope in the vast terrorist abyss.

  • Atilla

    An excellent opportunity to field test the Israeli Navy’s unmanned patrol boats.

    Program then to search and destroy.

  • sink it.

  • Pastor CJ

    So now Sweden makes WAR on Israel! SHAME on them! There is no Gaza blockade, Israel ships TONS of stuff into Gaza. Palestinians are dependent on Israel – they cant afford or rule a state of thier own! Sweden is either nazi or incredibly dumb.

    • Kris Ktistian

      Pastor CJ.
      we must refer to Sweden in WW2. They supplied the Nazis with ball bearings. So, can we expect anything better from those Swedes?
      Where is their king? What does he have to say?
      Sweden was one of the first countries to recognize a PA state.
      So, What’s new??

      • Kirk Augustin

        @Kris Ktistain, shame on you. In 1943, following an order to deport all of Denmark’s Jewish population to concentration camps, nearly all of Denmark’s 8,000 Jews were brought to safety in Sweden. Sweden also became a refuge for Norwegian Jews who fled from Nazi occupied Norway. Sweden was never anti-Jewish and any honest nation has no choice but to recognize Palestine. It was created by the same UN Resolution that created Israel, 181.
        If one does not recognize Palestine, then they also can not recognize Israel.

    • Mark P

      The Nobel committee in Stockholm has also decided to ignore Israeli candidates for prizes.

  • DocReality


  • If this ship knows what is good for it, it will stop where it is. If it hopes to attract more ‘activists’ it also seems to be foundering a bit. All they (travelling activists)want to do is to try and make Israel look bad. May they, in the end, look very, very bad in the world’s eyes.

    • Kris Ktistian

      They must remember what GOD said. He will bless those who bless his people IsraelHe will curse those who curse his people Israel.
      May all of GOD’s curses fall on Sweden and other JEw haters and Israel haters.

  • Gadi Maier

    Rather than stop them, i think they should be made to stay for 3 months in Gaza i.e, blocked in. Hamas can demonstrate grace and manners for a TV interview, but after 3 months the activists will see the real Gaza and the real Hamas.

    • B Miller

      Yeah, if that was the prerequisite for all peoples that are against Israel,I bet they’d change their stance fast.

  • Walanger

    Let them in but do not let them out again!

  • manley kiefer

    I believe Israel will deal with the Swedish propaganda cruise when they decide the time is ripe.

  • Sink them! Are you Cowards?

    • Eric R.

      It would be cowardly of Israel NOT to sink these filthy, degenerate Nazi savages.

      Oh, and Israel can throw in an IDF raid on the Swedish Parliament while they are at it.

      • Kirk Augustin

        Sounds like something a war criminal would suggest.

  • art

    The bottom line is that Sweden has aided and sponsored an act of war against Israel. American Jews should pressure our Congresspeople to stop Sweden.

    • Kirk Augustin

      @Art, the only act of war is Israel interfering with international shipping can implementing an illegal blockade. How does medicine and solar panels harm Israel?

  • Barbara

    blow them out of the water…no apologies

  • Robert Leviton

    Sink the nazi activists!

  • Eco


    • Charles Martel

      You need help! Seek medical help now before you hurt yourself.
      Brain Nil.

    • Miles


  • 10


  • Eric R.

    Stop the blockade. Arrest everyone on board. Try them for supporting terrorism. Put them in jail. Tell the Europeans they will not be released until the EU stops in BDS campaign. And only 25% will be released each year, so that there is a motivation for the EU to stop its Nazi insanity for at least four years.