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June 16, 2015 12:43 pm

Indian Columnist: Israel is India’s ‘Most Trusted Ally’ in the Middle East, Among Top Friends in the World

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Israel is India’s most trusted Middle East ally, and one of its closest friends in the world, an Indian columnist wrote over the weekend in The Asian Age.

“Israel is India’s most trusted ally in West Asia and one dare say among the three or four closest friends India has anywhere in the world,” wrote Ashok Malik, in light of a recent announcement by the Indian External Affairs Ministry that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would become the first Indian premier to visit the Jewish state.

“It is not merely a key defense equipment supplier, but is willing to make serious investments in manufacture of military hardware in India, a prospect that has the potential to revolutionise India’s economy,” he wrote.

Additionally, Israel has helped India develop its agrotechnology, from dairy production to drip irrigation and horticulture across several Indian states. India and Israel share the Indo-Israel Agricultural Cooperation Project, which entered into its third phase this year, and Israeli experts in a variety of fields continue to work across Indian states, such as water-saving techniques in mostly arid Rajasthan.

Some critics of Modi’s visit to Israel argue that it must occur within the larger context of an outreach to the Arab-Muslim Middle East as well, with stops in the Palestinian territories, Egypt and Jordan, among others.

But Malik suggested that the Israel trip be considered a “standalone,” saying it would be “clumsy and discourteous to link a Modi visit to Israel to one to Muslim/Arab countries as well.”

“There is little to be gained by hyphenating an Indian Prime Minister’s first trip to Israel,” he said. “The India-Israel relationship is important enough, even sacred enough, to merit that respect.”

The exact dates for Modi’s trip have yet to be announced, and while some have said it could occur this fall, Malik said that Modi’s packed schedule might mean pushing off the visit to Israel until next year.

Israel and India have enjoyed diplomatic relations since 1992, and conservative Modi has pushed the relationship even further, including public endorsements of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The visit will mark the first for an Indian prime minister, but not for Modi himself, who visited the Jewish state when he was chief minister of Gujarat in 2006.

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  • Indian

    . .people of Israel and Jews all around the world. Israel is defiantly in the centre of modi. it’s prove by his record as cm of Gujarat.and yes don’t ever believe in Indian media. they are full of lefties, anti-Hindu, anti-national Muslims appeasers. India and Hindus respects you and your country Israel. we know you have right to exits and to prosper with peace. you must know Jews were prosecuted 2000 years ago. they come to India and found asylum . since then in India anti-Semitism have never been allowed…god bless both our country, Hindus-Jews.our 2 millennium old relationship.

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  • It’s good to read, a positive well meaning article, for a change, I like India and respect its people. We should cherish their friendship .

  • “The India-Israel relationship is important enough, even sacred enough, to merit that respect.”

    Beautiful. It is so good to hear of these developments. India is becoming an ever greater force for good in the world.

  • alokchaudhary

    India and israel relationship good but india needs to israel technology.

    • Sarfaraz Abbasi

      Begging is not good – technology for what? To suppress Kashmiris like Israelis are suppressing Palestinians.

      • vivek

        see ur country u supress bloch people so do not bark pornistain

  • Michael Mayben

    Obama should read this article to learn how America should treat their allies!

    • Arnold Handelman

      Excellent point. Obama has thrown Israel under the bus. His shabby, demeaning and insulting treatment of Netanyahu is unparalleled for a US President. It is intolerable. As Europe becomes more and more anti-Semitic and anti-Israel, and with the US under Obama no longer being a dependable ally, Israel turns eastward to India and China. As the bible says, “I will bless those who bless you (Jewish people and Israel) and I will curse those who curse you”. US and Europe will decline, and the south and east Asia, welcoming and respecting Israel, will rise as the new superpowers dominant in the world.

  • At present india and Israel have together because of the arab hostilities. But in the long run i doubt this relationship will continue or not because India has hijacked the united nation with its yoga programme and its fondness for vegetarianism. Cain killed abel because of the animal sacrifice. the problem with the arabs is because of the problem between Sara and hagar. but the problem with the hindus is their sacrifice with vegetation and the animal sacrifice carried out by both muslims and christians . When the united nations banns fish eating and goat eating the christians and muslims will be finished off

    • Amit

      Antisemitic people aka Evangelists like you are stupid as usual.

    • Ishaan Sharma

      I think you are underplaying the benefits of this relationship. Do you know that india is the only nation where anti-semitism was not allowed to come up & still some jews are still living in india as an integeral part of our society.

      • Sarfaraz Abbasi

        Really? Last time I read that ‘Hitler Cloth Shop’ was running popularly despite anger shown by Israel and Jews.

    • Ivana Talya Tufakov

      Big mistake for you to stop taking those psychotropics.

      Get back on your meds!

  • Moshe Akiva

    They are both alone in the world. It’s a good alliance.

    • Sarfaraz Abbasi

      What an ignorance. India has 3rd largest economy and yet you call it to be standing alone! Maybe due to their harsh policies in Palestine and Kashmir.

  • steven L

    This report needs no further comments.