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June 16, 2015 1:44 pm

Sherri Shepherd Uses Jewish Analogy to Blast Ex-NAACP Leader Who Claimed She Was Black

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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TV personality Sherri Shepherd blasted former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal for identifying herself as black. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

TV personality Sherri Shepherd blasted former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal for identifying herself as black. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Television personality Sherri Shepherd on Monday used a string of Jewish references as she blasted former Spokane NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal for identifying herself as black, despite being born white.

“If I identified w [sic] being Jewish so much I distanced myself from family, whitefaced my skin gave holocust memories as my own I would be WRONG!” the former The View host wrote on Twitter, adding in a separate post, “It would be a dishonor to my friends who are jewish to take on their past as my own-lie about it… fabricate their pain as mine.”

When a Twitter user asked Shepherd if Dolezal’s claim was not comparable to a Jewish convert who identifies with the Holocaust, she responded saying that converts don’t falsely take on the history and pain of the Jews as their own.

Dolezal resigned on Monday as head of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Wash., amid allegations she lied about her race, and criticism for portraying herself as black. She defended her position on Tuesday morning in an interview with NBC‘s Matt Lauer, insisting, “I identify as black.”

“My life has been one of survival,” she said. “And the decisions that I have made along the way have been to survive and to carry forward in my journey and life continuum.”

Shepherd went on to blast Dolezal for falsifying her race and claiming she faced racism. She said Dolezal “manufactured a past AND profited off of lies.”  The TV personality also accused Dolezal of diminishing the racism that African-Americans faced.

“My daddy experienced REAL racism…so did my aunts, grandparents. #RachelDolzal fabrications cheapens their stories,” she posted on Twitter. “Where did she learn she had2 fabricate being black, making up a history of racism.”

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  • Cathy

    People can “identify” as whatever they want to. What makes Rachel D. stand out is that she has repeatedly blatantly LIED about things over the past few years. She has a PATTERN of saying things that are totally untrue often in situations that benefit her. This disregard for honesty and lack of integrity degrades any good deeds she may have done. She may be mentally ill.

    Examples of untruths: saying she is black, introducing a good friend at public events as her father, introducing a friend as her biological brother, saying she was the victim of mail hate crimes in Idaho where police were not able to authenticate items were actually mailed to her, lying about examples of when she has been discriminated against, lying on her resume, saying her biological parents are not her biological parents, using her black ethnicity to promote her art and hair business, and the list goes on.

  • Tom Wood

    Surely remebering / comemerating the holocust and the black civil rights movement in anyway is always a good thing. We might have a chance of preventing a repeat.

    As an abled bodied child I was apauled by what the Nazis did in those camps, however when visiting one as disabled adult I new that if born in a different time I would have been there. If the fact that a disabled Christian can identify with that location in a different way since my diagnosis offends others, their narrow mindedness is their issue not mine.

  • Joseph London

    I identify as Martian. Is that any worse than Arabs who arrived with Islam in Israel in the 7th Century CE [AD] now claiming to be the ancient Canaanites? Any crazier than Arabs claiming Jews never lived in Jerusalem and never built the Temples of Solomon and Ezra on the Temple Mount? Arabs rewrite history and gain sympathy when they should be denounced as fraudsters

  • Harriet Bronson

    Oh give me a break, for the last few weeks everybody had been carry on about their admiration for the former Bruce Jenner. Why is okay for Bruce is IDENTIFY himself as a woman and alter his body to become Caitlin; but it’s considered an abomination for Rachel Dolzal to IDENTIFY herself as Black! The entire diatribe is insensitive and uncalled for.

    Just get over it, already. That Jewish analogy makes no sense at all.