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June 18, 2015 5:57 pm

Spanish Sports Writer Claims ‘Jewish Lobby’ Pressuring Barcelona to Ditch Qatar Sponsorship

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Former FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Former FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Spanish sports commentator Xavier Bosch wrote a column this week claiming a “Jewish lobby” and the Mossad were influencing the FC Barcelona soccer club.

In his latest op-ed for Mundo Deportivo, Bosch accused lobbyists with “unlimited money and inordinate influence” of trying to “control the world and its international institutions.” He warned against allowing a “Jewish lobby” to put pressure on Barcelona to end its $200 million shirt sponsorship deal with the Qatar Foundation.

Additionally, he said “Mossad agents” had infiltrated the club for years, perhaps referring to reports that former Barcelona president Joan Laporta hired detectives to spy on players. Laporta is again running for president of FC Barcelona in elections scheduled for July 18.

Spanish pro-Israel group Hatzad Hasheni said it was “despicable” that Mundo Deportivo — the oldest sports publication still in circulation in Spain — would “provide Xavier Bosch with a platform to recite …  the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” It called Bosch’s lobbyist and Mossad accusations “plain wrong.”

The group said it was “appalled and hurt” that Deportivo opted to publish the piece.

Bosch responded to claims his article was antisemitic, calling the allegations “a malicious misinterpretation of my piece.”

“I have full admiration for the Jewish people, I don’t harbor any sort of antisemitism,” he said.

According to the editor of the FC Barcelona section for Mundo Deportivo the newspaper does not “bowdlerize [Bosch’s] pieces.”

“This one is controversial, but it’s a good one,” gushed editor Fernando Polo. “[Bosch] is simply concerned about the external pressure [FC Barcelona] and its board are receiving against the Qatar sponsorship … Bosch just wants what’s best for the club, without opposition from outside. There is no antisemitism in his article. He is against any kind of lobby: French, German, Jewish.”

Boaz Vilallonga contributed to this report.

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  • James Glazier

    Can you say Anti-Semite?

  • Gary Katz

    Maybe he’s really a Mossad operative and he’s ranting and raving to allay suspicions! Or he could simply be a paranoid jerk.

  • Jossef Perl

    Mr. Bosch reminds the world Spain’s old-time hatred of Jews, culminating in the 1492 expulsion, followed by the inquisition. Interestingly enough this all happens as Spain is now in the process of inviting back the Sephardi Jews expelled 500 years ago. Mr. Bosch statement should serve as a reminder to any Jew who consider taking up Spain’s new offer.

  • Ronald Killman

    Shills, shills, everywhere, and not a drop (of blood libel) to drink…

  • sidney loos

    MMHHHhh… yes the Mossad, has nothing more vital and important to do than monitor a bunch of guys playing football… eat some humble streudel Bosch.. good washing machine or pseudo for nazi’s in French… Qatar is the ingnitor of most EU anti semitism but thats another debate Bosch, get a life football is not all that important.. ;=)

  • Charles Martel

    He needs to check into a mental institution.He suffers from Jew`s on the brain!He should check under his bed I think Mossad has an agent hiding there! Another European Idiot.

  • Andrew Schonberger

    Don’t like Jews ? Chose Qatar instead.

  • I think there should be a jewish org, advocating soccer in Qatar 120′ heat. Just imagine how the game would go, how unpredictable, and how many people would collapse.
    But it is good to let the idiots stick their legs on hot metal, and hold it there, hoping nothing will happen

  • Sammy Eppel

    The vice president of FIFA also claimed that his arrest on corruption charges was the work of Mossad and the Zionists.

    Now it turns out that Jews have the super power to turn sports people into thieves. Well, if Turkey arrested a kestrel on spionage charges in favor of Israel and if the governor of Sinai declared that sharks that attacked tourists were trained by mossad, then anything is possible

    • Elamigo de Croitorescu

      Muy acertados sus comentarios Eppel, como siempre, usted no descansa ni deja descnsar a los demas mijo…

  • Ronald Cohen

    Senior Bosch’s article is worthy of the articles that appeared in Der Stuermer and Vokisher Beobachter during Hitler’s rein of terror in Germany. In fact, sound as if he has listed his ideas from those reprehensible papers.

  • Jilu Rosenblat

    he is against any kind of lobby… except the arab and qatari lobby.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    ….and this is the country that wants to hand out citizenship to Sephardic and Turkish Jews. Why? To burn them all at that stake?

  • Genghis Cohen

    If there was a shred of truth in Xaviar’s allegations he would have been fired by now. So, where is all that scary Mossad control of Spain’s sports world?