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June 21, 2015 11:11 am

PLO Official Urges Palestinian Authority to Revoke Any Recognition of Israel

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Chief Palestinian Authority Negotiator Saeb Erekat.

Chief Palestinian Authority Negotiator Saeb Erekat. A senior Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) official and the former head of the Palestinians’ team for negotiations with Israel, Saeb Erekat, is calling on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to re-examine its relations with Israel and to integrate the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups into PLO institutions.

The Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported highlights from a 10-page document in which Erekat called to revoke any Palestinian recognition of the State of Israel and immediately cancel all economic and security cooperation between Ramallah and Jerusalem.

Erekat stressed that he was not calling to dismantle the PA, but that if the peace process remained at an impasse, the Palestinians should consider transferring the responsibility for the Palestinian population and internal matters in the West Bank onto Israel. Moreover, Erekat wrote, the Palestinians should never sign any peace deal with Israel that recognizes the latter as a Jewish state.

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  • Do not give them a single dollar. Lend them – according to the Oslo Negotiations They agreed that the palArabs should get help to put up industrial villages, so lend them money for that! Help them build up industrial villages but LEND. They have to produce quality goods there to pay back with.

  • Tom Wood

    And he thinks this is a constructive way forward…?

  • Lauren Goldman

    May he live to a hundred and twenty. . . . . days.

  • HaDaR

    The PLO NEVER approved the amendment to its Charter calling for the destruction of Israel. There was NEVER a majority in the PNC, the ONLY body that could do it.
    In fact, Farouk Kaddoumi, current President of the PLO, was always opposed.

  • David Goshen

    There is onlyone major holdup to the peace process.The inability of the PA to reach any agreement with Hamas of Gaza.
    Gaza has a population of 1.8 milion with vitually no human rights.
    The country is run by a Hamas Government which uses its Malitias to supress its 1.8 milion who dare not critize the Government.This is confirmed by clandestine interviews of citizens of Gaza who fear for their lives under the dictatorship.
    No building materials shipped by Israel into Gaza are getting to rebuild Gaza.The Malitias are forcing to sell such materials to Hamas on the Black Market.
    Abu Mazem was appointed by the Secretary General of the UN to supervise the the rebuilding but he and his government are not allowed int Gaza.
    How can the peace process even start with 1.8 milion in this condition not to forget tens of thousands of Fatah
    Officials and supporters who fear for their lives some of whom have been liquidated as Israeli Spies without trial.
    Bring the dictarorship to an end and the peace process can commence

  • It is time to reverse all concessions and stop any appeasement to the Arabs, It has proven counter-productive and only decreased the security and safety of the population in Israel.
    Israel is in control of its own destiny, make that destiny for the Arabs and the world at large that NEVER AGAIN is not just a statement, there is action behind it. The time for procrastination is over. Israel must respond with full force, any attackers must be punished by death.

  • steven L

    An inexistent state wants to destroy an existing state.


  • A suggestion to both any and all Palestinian organizations and to Israel. The country of Isreal.
    Perhaps I do not understand why since the very beginning of Israel being declared a country certain Palestinian groups have always demand the destruction of the new Jewish State. Why is it of need to call for the death of This tiny country. I never understood how in 1967; but 19 years a country, Israel outsmarted 700 fighter jets from 7 Arabic countries and won that war. Yet I must remember that after release from those who survived, never have I heard the than Jewish terrorists whether it was the Urgund or the Haganah the Urund and Haganah ever call for the annihilation of anyone who is of a different semitic culture. What baffles me even more is that (these figures may be off. But only by a few points)That the population of Israel is composed of 80% who practice Judaism and 20% who practice and are devote Muslims. Never have I ever heard anything regarding or related to Israel demanding for and killing Muslim Israeli citizens. This was not the case in Nazi Germany. Correct?
    It greatly disturbs this Jewish mna who has been a member of the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities.
    What I am praying for is the realization of my own definition of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. And this is what came to me in January of 1990 when I was alone and laying on a Beach in a tiny Mexican village.
    UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IS THE EMOTIONAL REALIZATION THAT EVERYONE….EVERYONE IS DOING THE BEST THAT THEY CAN. My truth..( we each have our own truths) correct? simply does not allow for the murder of innocent people.

    My learning depth of both Judaism and is based on he old testament. And yet when I came to understand that for myself the New testament had one of the 10 commandments different than the old based upon what over thousands of years conclusions that were made actually Muslims also are supposed to understand, The New Testaments says THOU SHALL NOT KILL ANOTHER HUMAN. The Old Testament says thou shall NOT COMMIT.

    To LIFE,the only reality. INDEED!!!!

    Dov Yaveed

  • Michael Mayben

    This PLO official’s comment that the Palestinian Authority should integrate the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups into PLO institutions is exactly why the U.S. should veto the U.N. Security council resolution to recognize the Palentinian state.

  • Michael Palmer

    Typical. What more can I say. They never wanted peace and they never wanted to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. They only want ONE Palestine from River to Sea.

  • Cynthia

    So what is new, God rejected them through their progeny, and is still rejecting them. Let them continue down this destructive path and just watch the reward they make for themselves. God is being mocked by them and used for murder and mayhem he will not stand for it much longer before he destroys all of the enemies that surround Israel his people.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Saeb Erekat, one would have thought that you were a peace-seeking man, that you cared about the Palestinian people, that you looked forward to a peaceful co-existence with Israel. What is this uproar now? You are a family man. Don’t you want your children to live in peace? What is the big deal recognising Israel’s Jewish identity? It is the Jewish homeland. It has been the Jewish homeland for more than 3000 years! You have a PhD, you can read. I am very sure that you are familiar with the Bible. It is a recognised authority and it is considered a credible source. As a very well-educated man, why is it so difficult for you to live alongside Jews? I have taught Muslims from many different countries, including America and Saudia Arabia in Chicago. They are human beings, just like I. Many are very intelligent, insightful, decent, reasonable, compassionate, understanding souls. How do you and the PLO and Hamas ever expect to live peaceably alongside Jews when you do not even recognise them as human beings, when you will “never” recognise their right to their own country as a Jewish homeland in the Middle East, when both the PLO charter and the Hamas charter explicitly and uncompromisingly demand jihad against the Jews in Israel and the ultimate dismantling of the State of Israel? How can you ever expect me, an American-Israel Jewish man, to respect you and want to live in a country in your proximity when you threaten to wash your hands of any potential peace negotiations? Is the entire world waiting for PALESTINE in Israel’s stead? Is there no room in your heart as well as in your worldview for a sovereign Jewish state living in peace alongside a sovereign Palestinian state also living in peace? Where is your reason man?