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June 22, 2015 3:35 pm

Major Jewish Groups Lambaste ‘Deeply Unfair’ UN Report on 2014 Gaza War

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Rockets fire from Gaza. PHOTO: Alalam.

Rocket fire from Gaza. PHOTO: Alalam.

A wide array of Jewish groups condemned on Monday a U.N. report that accused Israel and Hamas of committing possible war crimes from either side of the Israel-Gaza border, during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge.

World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer “strongly criticized” the report, saying, “It is most unfortunate that here is yet another UN Human Rights Council report that puts the democratic State of Israel and the terror group Hamas on the same level,” said Singer. “If further proof was still needed that the United Nations is biased against Israel, this is it.”

He placed the blame for last summer’s violence, which saw about 6,000 Israeli airstrikes and about 4,800 Gazan rockets fired at Israel, on Hamas.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee meanwhile called the report “deeply unfair, inaccurate and misleading.”

“Hamas indiscriminately waged a war of aggression against Israeli civilians while inhumanely exploiting Gaza residents as human shields. Any suggestion of moral symmetry between the actions of Israel and those of the terrorist organization Hamas is a malicious affront to the truth,” said AIPAC in a statement.

“Israel deserves praise rather than criticism,” said AIPAC. “During the conflict, Israel risked the lives of its own soldiers to spare civilian lives by providing Gaza residents with advance warning of impending attacks.”

AIPAC warned that reports like this one could be “eroding the credibility” of the UNHCR.

“The Commission was flawed from its inception,” said American Jewish Committee Executive Director David Harris. “First, the Council chose as commission chairman Canadian law professor William Schabas despite his having worked for the Palestinian Liberation Organization,” he said, referring to the former head of the committee the rights council tasked with studying the Gaza war. Schabas resigned in February, and was replaced by former New York supreme court judge Mary McGowan Davis.

Harris also criticized a line in the report that claims Gaza was occupied territory, along with the West Bank and east Jerusalem. He said Hamas were the true occupiers of the Gaza Strip, since wresting complete control from the Palestinian unity government in 2007.

A contributor to the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs report on the 50-day operation last summer said that despite the allegations against Israel, the UNHRC could not ignore the war crimes Hamas had committed.

“They couldn’t ignore the fact that Hamas had attacked Israel indiscriminately, with thousands of missiles fired into populated areas, some with twice the population density of Gaza,” said Hirsch Goodman, a former military correspondent and founder of the media strategy program at the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University.

“They couldn’t ignore that Hamas had put together attack tunnels that were meant to allow a flow of hundreds of bombers, terrorists and others secretly into Israel to cause mass slaughter … that Hamas used its own people as human shields,” he said, adding that “never before has the U.N. human rights council accused Hamas of war crimes.”

Goodman said the current report was more “balanced” than the fact finding mission the U.N. established for the 2008-2009 Gaza war, because it “expresses belief in Israel’s system of justice… It doesn’t accuse Israel of deliberately targeting civilians. It notes Israel’s attempts to warn civilians in advance.”

“[The report] is much more balanced than before,” he said, adding it makes no specific recommendation to take any of these charges to the International Criminal Court. That the U.N. would deliberate possible war crimes by Hamas is a “huge change,” he said.

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  • Israel has been too soft on the Arabs these days. They should wipe out all the arab nations from the surface of the earth so that we can have peace.

  • elsa chandler

    UNHRC does not exist, who is printing all this garbage.
    UN should not be supported by any country that considers itself democratic.

  • elsa chandler

    UN should not be supported by United States, Canada and all democratic countries, UNHRC does not exist, it has been gone for years.

  • The UN and its opinions are irrelevant to Jews and Eretz Yisrael. What is relevant is the adherence to the Torah, Talmud and the many commentaries by great rabbis past, present and future. If only ALL Jews would adhere to the precepts contained in these holy works by constant study, by word and by deed would the nonsense espoused by the UN, the US, Britain and the world (Olam), hasten the Meshiach and a better, peaceful world for ALL would follow.

    A goy, Gerald Mullen, Riverside, NJ

  • nelson marans

    It is time that the U. S. decides not to fund the UN with our taxpayers’ dollars. The organization, and in particular its sub groups, have lost all credibility when dealing with Israel. UNRWA, UNESCO and the Human Rights Commission are propaganda vehicles, intent on destroying the Jewish state. Why should the American taxpayer be complicit in this outrage.

  • Ted U.

    The sole purpose of UNWRA is to keep Palestinians in refugee status. They have never relocated any of them and they allow them to use their facilities (schools, mosques, etc) to hide ammunition during war. The UN as an entity is completely and utterly useless and should be disbanded. It is a farce that no one takes seriously and it is a cancer that needs to be eliminated. If it were totally unbiased, never going to happen, then it could actually do good in the world.

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  • Larry A. Singleton

    Is there one single web site on the Internet that’s NOT an obnoxious, shameless Ad Whore?

  • HaroldT

    The biggest disgrace is the participation of the USA and EU countries in this organization.

  • rulierose

    “If further proof was still needed that the United Nations is biased against Israel, this is it.”

    no, no further proof was needed.

    Lindsay Grahamnesty and others keep making noises about defunding the UN for one reason or the other. we–the US–provide 22% of its budget. we need to end that support right NOW. I fail to see why we should be bankrolling this anti-Israel, anti-American organization one year longer.

    not that Obama would do anything…he thinks the UN is just fine.

  • The UNRWA is a charitable UN organization that allowed Hamas to store rockets. They also teach children to hate Jews. There needs to be a world-wide campaign to stop people from donating to the UNRWA as well as having the US Ambassador to the UN introduce a resolution to cease support for the UNRWA.

    • Ike Semaya

      The unfortunate part of all of this is that there is a majority of the members of the UN believes that Israel should not be able to defend itself, AND “WE JEWS SHOULD DISAPPEAR” They even try to make history over by declaring that we Jews were never in Jerusalum. A reminder for those who believe the above. I will tell you we have been here almost 5000 years. We will still be here when you disappear.

    • In answer to Steve Edelman: UNWRA should be disbanded! There is a UN High Commission for Refugees which could easily take over UNWRA’s work, though it will probably be just as toxic. There is no justification for the existence of UNWRA, but it will continue to exist as it will be supported by all the evil dictatorships that are in the majority as members of the UN.

  • Anthony Dayton

    Israel’s response, calling the UN and its report deeply unfair, inaccurate and misleading only serves to legitimize it. It’s not possible to counter argue absurdity.

    Instead, Israel must fight on its own terms. Maybe a Manifesto citing Hamas’ criminal actions, other world problems not addressed by the UN, the legitimate rights of a nation to defend itself, a few recent salient demonstration of UN antisemitism. The manifesto would essentially state than when the UN deals with its principles, and modifies the report accordingly then Israel the UN can commence a dialogue.

  • Mickey Oberman

    “AIPAC warned that reports like this one could be “eroding the credibility” of the UNHCR.”

    UNHCR long ago lost it last vestige of credibility.
    There is nothing left to erode.
    It is a lying, biased mouthpiece for the inhumane cult of Islam and is responsible for aiding and abetting Islam’s grotesque crimes against humanity.

    Mickey Oberman

    • Just as it’s parent body, the UN did. I keep asking the same question & nobody replies: why does the USA still fund & host this organisation? Surely the money that goes to maintaining the UN can be better spent & the green tower better utilised?

  • Mair Nae

    What about rockets have sent to the civil areas,isn’t war crime?
    Who started that? Isn’t another war crime? Children or Civilian shields is the other step!
    Who wanted that war? Why they don’t ask and answer these questions?
    What about Israel did is a war crime or not the responsibility belongs to Hamas and their protectors.Include UN reporters!

  • Eric M

    Perhaps the UN is teaching Israel that it should not be so cautious when it comes to sparing civilian lives.

    • rachel robinson

      you are absolutely correct!! If they want to start a war they will have to expect an immediate and a strong reply. They should not be able to hide behind the apron of the UN. Once they start the response has to be forceful enough to stop it, by any and all means. Israel should not be the good fighter, which the world and the UN interpret as the weak one. Once you start there is no telling where this will lead, and it should be responded to swiftly and with all the weapons at Israel’s disposal to make sure it stops quickly.

  • This is called stacking the deck against Israel and Obama’s revenge!

  • Ron Millen

    Unfortunately the UN is an unreliable source of important information

  • ezra

    There is no moral equivalent when speaking about Israel’s behavior in defending its civilians and Hamas firing rockets at Israeli civilians and then claiming the Israel is guilty of any crime. For the UN to now place these two in the same bucket makes the whole UN process a sham and clearly anti-Israel in its handling of the matter.

    Moreover, why haven’t we heard Mr. Ban Ki Moon condemn his own employees and Gaza UN agencies from allowing Hamas to store rockets that were to be fired at Israeli civilians in their schools? Why hasn’t the UN condemned Hamas specifically for placing their civilians in the line of fire when Israel dropped leaflets asking them to move our of the neighborhoods that were to me bombed to clear Hamas’ rockets and launchers? We can go on and on.

    Shame on you Mr. Moon and the organization you represent. The report is a travesty and needs to be condemned by all sane human beings.

    Israel needs to ignore UN reports and statements and do what is necessary in order to defend itself and its civilians.