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June 24, 2015 3:32 pm

Report: AIPAC Preparing to Fight White House on Final Iran Nuclear Deal

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President Obama addresses AIPAC. Photo: AIPAC.

President Obama addresses AIPAC. Photo: AIPAC.

One of the most influential pro-Israel lobbies in Washington has begun urging lawmakers to vote down the yet-unfinished final nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday.

“[The American Israel Public Affairs Committee] is now prepared to fight the White House by pushing Democrats to vote against the president’s signature second-term foreign policy initiative,” said the report.

One AIPAC mailing being circulated was a letter to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) urging her “to play a role in ensuring that Congress does not accept a deal that does not eliminate the Iranian pathway to a nuclear weapon.”

Persuading lawmakers to challenge a U.S. president’s foreign policy represented a break from AIPAC’s usual lobbying efforts, which apparently proved more or less successful as negotiations over the Iran deal progressed, the Bloomberg report said.

But because of concerns that the Iran deal is shaping up to look more like recent statements being made by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, AIPAC and other pro-Israel groups have begun focusing their efforts on an upcoming vote in congress that could veto President Barack Obama’s ability to waive sanctions.

The report was published as Khamenei refuted the last of AIPAC and other pro-Israel groups’ demands for a comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran, shunning more comprehensive inspections of Iranian military sites and refusing to freeze sensitive nuclear work.

Other demands made by these pro-Israel groups were phased-out sanctions relief, the dismantlement of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure and addressing the possible military dimensions of its program, all of which have come into question over the last several weeks whether by media reports, or statements by U.S. or Iranian officials.

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  • ted weiss

    “AIPAC and other pro-Israel groups have begun focusing their efforts on an upcoming vote in congress that could veto President Barack Obama’s ability to waive sanctions.”

  • Steve Bashein

    I’m afraid that AIPAC shot its wad a while back. One way for a come back – arm-in-arm march on Washington DC WITH. CUFI, Christians United For Israel.

  • kenneth c martin

    Please..let Israel go its European Partners…we are across the ocean and have alrady given Israel tens billions of dollars in aid…Its Europes problem not ours…if the want to dismantle Israel’s nuclear setup get the EU’s to join in…since the first world ward we have lost to many lives, spent too much money, to get involved in their fight

  • Larry Andrews

    There isn’t any country named Iran. There is a country named the Islamic Republic of Iran which is a totalitarian theocracy without any freedom of speech, without any freedom of press, and without free elections.
    The Islamic Republic of Iran has the world’s second largest reserves of natural gas, and the world’s fourth largest reserves of crude oil. There is no rational reason why the Islamic Republic of Iran needs a “peaceful” nuclear energy program. AIPAC, and many other American Jewish organizations with the sole exception of ZOA, have been complete cowards in challenging President Obama’s policies towards the Islamic Republic of Iran and Israel. There is only one solution, and that is a direct military confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran to eliminate its entire nuclear infrastructure.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    Renewed respect for AIPAC. They are not rolling over for an American president the way Jewish leaders did for the most part during the Holocaust. This situation is every bit as serious.

    • Barbara

      Too late! They ‘rolled over’ 6 years ago.

  • steven L

    A little or a lot too late!!!

  • Dov

    It is true, Iran will continue pulling the line further back and try to win another point before the final agreement. What is sad though is that instead of keeping the cards tight to his chest, President Obama and his team, have no idea how to negotiate with Iran and continue giving in on another and another concession, which ultimately will give Iran everything and the US nothing.

  • They did not fight against Chuck Hagel! They have zero credibility because of it.

  • Michael Fox

    Rather than the perception of what is turning out to be a bad deal for everyone with the exception of Iran….nin addition to being a major public relations catastrophe with the voters back home in their own countries, the P5+1 led by President Obama and his team are scrambling to craft a public relations narrative that will spin this “any deal is better than no deal” disaster into a win-win for human civilization. They have their work cut out for them.

  • Marcia Mattheus

    Tell me how to help!

    • Marcia Mattheus

      You tell me that I am awaiting “moderation” of my comment. All that I said was “Tell me how to help!”

      • Steven Kalka

        “Awaiting moderation” is an automatically generated message. I should get it myself just from this message.

      • Scott

        Marcia, don’t take it personally. ALL comments on Algemeiner are “awaiting moderation” when first posted. All of us get the same love note…..:-)

  • Yale

    AIPAC may be surprised when it is Iran that walks away from the talks leaving nothing for the Congress to address. That should be followed in some months by Iran’s first nuclear detonation, accompanied by the sound of the Iranians laughing at the foolishness of Barack Obama.

    • Paul Lockwood

      They will want their billions of dollars first. Obama will give it. Then Iran will detonate. Obama is making America’s leadership seem like a bunch of uneducated, unintelligent, and naive idiots.

    • steven L

      How do U know that this was not his plan from day -1?

    • jOHN TRAIN

      Iran Task Force Report Summary Chart: Necessary Safeguards for a Final Deal with Iran
      The following chart summarizes the Iran Task Force report on the necessary elements of a verification and monitoring regime that would ensure a final deal closes off Iran’s pathways to nuclear weapons capability.

  • Maybe AIPAC will earn its keep, for once.

    • Michael Fox

      Ignorance is bliss Isaac. You know not from what you speak.

  • Mullah Obama is Israels enemy No.1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • VictorMc

      What do you expect from (currently) the world’s Muslim leader?