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June 26, 2015 12:21 pm

After Terror Attack in France, Israeli Minister Calls on French Jews to ‘Come Home’

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Likud MK Ze'ev Elkin, chair of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, called for the IDF to retake Gaza. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Israeli Immigrant Absorption Minister Ze’ev Elkin. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Israel made an impassioned call to French Jews to immigrate to Israel, after the latest terrorist attack in France at a factory in Lyon on Friday.

“To all the Jews of France I say: Come home!” Israeli Immigrant Absorption Minister Ze’ev Elkin said, amid news that a radical Islamic terrorist attacked a U.S. chemical firm in France, killing one.

“Antisemitism is growing, terrorism is rising and according to reports ISIS is committing murder in broad daylight,” said Elkin.

He said Israel was prepared to absorb French Jewish immigrants “with open arms,” adding that Israel was expecting a wave of immigration.

“The absorption staff at Ben Gurion International Airport are expected to work overtime this summer,” he said, calling immigration absorption a “primary concern for the Israeli government.”

According to Tablet magazine, French Jewish immigration to Israel was up 25 percent in 2015, compared to the same period in 2014.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had called on French Jews to immigrate to Israel after terrorists attacked a kosher supermarket in Paris this year, killing four hostages. Israel’s Law of Return allows Jews worldwide to obtain Israeli citizenship.

French President Francois Hollande rebuffed the Israeli call however, insisting France was safe for its Jewish population, which numbers close to half a million souls.

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  • A heavenly maiden with an orb of gold Sits by the Mediterranean Sea
    She gazes at the sailors and ships

    That pass by for eternity

    Who are you? fair maiden,they ask

    Whats your pedigree

    I am a Jew, she answers, and that’s my destiny

    I am called Israel born of steel and fire

    I have gathered my children from many lands afar

    From East and West and South and North

    They came in multitude

    And they have made me what I am

    In everlasting gratitude

    I am their mother and they are my children

    That’s how we both feel

    Israel (my name) is a reality

    That adversity could not kill.



  • Paula Goldman

    I am a Jew. I pray for peace and prosperity to the nation of Israel. It is a wonderful place to visit where all religions and nationalities are respected.

    Christian sites are awesome and inspiring. Go visit now before you get too old to travel.

  • Amos Borochov

    The Israeli minister is not telling the truth.
    Israel is the most dangerous place for the Jewish people.
    It has by far more terrorist attacks than in any other place in the world.
    Israel also has the only army in the world where soldiers are too scared to fight and terrorists because they know that there is a good chance they will be sent to jail for doing it.




  • The Watchman

    The exodus from Britain is also accelerating. We’re rapidly going back to the 1930’s and our idiot politicians cannot even see that their actions are exactly the same as their predecessors. I am now looking to get out. I have a highly portable job as do my family. The West is rapidly going down the Islamic toilet.

  • Valery

    This is not correct. Not diplomatically. France – an ally of Israel.

    • The Watchman

      Is that the same France that votes against Israel at every turn and supports the creation of an unreconstructed terrorist “Palestinian” State?? The same France that supplies weapons to every scumbag and despot, but won’t supply Israel? With allies like France, who need ISIS?

    • Francis

      It might not be correct to call openly on Jews to get home, but certainly not because France is an ally if Israel… I haven’t seen anything that says France is an ally, they certainly support the Arab world more than Israel. Notice I can understand, since Quatar and the Sahoudis have been bying France and its politicians forever now…
      By alliwing this wild immigration since the 70’s France has changed his demographic and is now paying the price..
      Jews have no future there.

    • HaroldT

      France – some ally. France votes against Israel at all UN resolutions. France welcomed Arafat with open arms. France TV commissioned the Al-Dura blood libel and the French judiciary have protected the TV personnel in Karsenty’s court cases. Euronews is virulently anti-Israel. France is drafting a UN resolution recognising a terrorist “Palestinian” state along Israel’s entire east border.

    • judorebbe

      With allies like France, who needs enemies?

    • Valery: Does the light hurt your eyes? I mean, when you pull your head out of the sand does the light hurt? Are talking about the same France? Is the the same France that kicks Israel in the crotch every chance it gets?
      When France becomes majority Muslim, and it’ll happen in about twenty years, the Jews left in France will in the same boat as the Jews in Germany who labelled Hitler as “oh, it’ll be OK, we’re Germans….we’ll be just fine….it’ll pass….”.

  • howard brown
  • martin

    france cant protect anyone every jew should leave france it will be a muslim country soon

    • Paula Goldman

      Martin, if what you say is true about France becoming a Muslim country, I think tourism to France will dry up and the country will become bankrupt intellectually and financially.
      Maybe that is exactly what they deserve in light of Islamic terrorism throughout the world.

  • Destiny

    I wish I could emigrate to Israel. I am not Jewish but I identify more with Israel than USA. I am perhaps too old and impoverished to leave the hell the USA has become.

    • Paula Goldman

      At least, go visit Israel. You will be touched emotionally and inspired.

  • jean lavoie

    Oui……c’est un bonne idee

  • Jose Duran

    As long as France does not crack down on militant Islam, and it’s agents hidden and not so hidden terrorist and criminal elements and cleans the media elite of the left wing scum working with the Islamists, France’s Jewish community will be better off moving to Israel .

  • Sîil vous plait sauvez moi!Je suis une Américaine qui a commencée ma vie adulte en Israël et poursuivi mon parcours Mime Clown Théâtre en Europe.Success, mariée, enfant Eylan ,maison d’accueil artistiques, tournée enseignées partout dans le monde!J’en suis malade et isolée.Je veux me sauver la vie!Personne me crois!Mon fils se considère après son Barmitzva et Ecole Juif, “laïque ” athée, comme son père !Je ne peut pas le laisser là mais je vie dans cette village dans le sud de la France,essayent de faire vivre la culture.Et mon fils vie depuis 2 ans avec son père à Paris.
    Je serais contentes des conseilles.J’ai déjà jouée, enseignée, et fait des conférences en Israël.En 1986 je voulais apprendre le mime et théâtre de geste en France.Accomplissent cette mission je y étais engagé par nombreux organisations, mon future Marie aussi.
    La, je me demandes étants une figure au féminin au Clown avec une certaine reconnaissance de publique si’il arriverais le jour que je reçoit les marques sur ma portes des Nazis.Pour l’instant je me fait voir pour que les gens n’ont plus à vivre le mystère !Je suis Juive!Vous avez m’aimais,aimer Ca fait de bien!Le mystère s’en vas… Heureusement…mais c’est comme l’hanuka combiennes des jours vas durer l’huile de lampe lumineux ?

  • Peter Rosen

    While anti-Semitism is indeed rising all over the world, it is a truly sad day if the only place in the world that Jews can live is Israel, which not only concentrates them for all their enemies, but allows everywhere else to give up the struggle for justice, fairness, and tolerance.

    • theo

      Peter Rosen Indeed it may be a sad day that Israel is the only safe haven for Jews But it may be the hand of providence calling Jews home In that case it is a blessing dressed up as a calamity
      It is a fact that Jews are not safe in many European countries – France ,probably the worst
      As for concentrating Jews in one place ,that too is for the good The stronger Israel is, the safer its inhabitants will be Jews will be among their own, and not exposed as they are at present lost in a maze of alien demographics
      It all boils down to whether one thinks the eyes of the God of Israel will not desert His flock Calling them home does not have an ulterior motive to punish them for that It surely is a part of a messianic design ,so obvious in this era

  • Gloria

    I think it is wonderful to stick together. I am a Christian believing that you are God’s chosen. I wish that we could live in Israel. I feel pressure has my town that I raised my children seems to have vanished. It is very unpopular to say Merry Christmas, or say the pledge. I lived in an eighty two unit complex there were 174 muslims they way they treat us was unbelievable we ended up moving the problems were daily. I pray for a president that protects his people, and I pray that God have mercy on us.

  • count l f chidkiewicz chudzikiewicx

    Who releases a photo of an Israeli Minister looking like a gangster to the Press? Ambassador
    Michael Oren gave us an outstanding educated example of Israeli leadership to the West, and now we get this creepy photo! And Israelis don’t see they can ruin their cases by negative photos like this thug like mug shot

    • Peter Kramer

      I thought the same thing when I saw the photo. Quite real mobster-looking and offensive.

    • Julia

      Right on! It’s all about respect! Where has that gone these days?

  • Rosewood11

    And will the last one out of Paris please turn out the lights!!!

  • ed

    IT, want be the Ovens an camps this time it will be gangs of muslims cutting off heads of jews an non-muslims wake up

  • ed

    It,s not going to get better in europe for Jews they should not wait they need to come Home to Israel now

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    The decision to make aliyah is a very private, sacrosanct one. It should be respected by everyone not directly involved. I am a returning resident to Israel. My original aliyah has had a vicissitudinary development since its origin on August 1, 1975. Notwithstanding, even after many years living in the States because of the difficulty finding a teaching position to my liking, not one soul argued with me before my recent return to Israel because everyone in my life knew that it was the right time in my life to make such a life-changing decision. Similarly, those making aliyah from France, Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, and other places are faced with life-changing challenges before they make the final decision to leave everything and everyone they have known in their lives to start a new life in Israel. The upsurge in anti-Semitism certainly plays a seminal role in such a decision, yet there are almost definitely other serious factors under consideration in such a deliberation as well.

  • John

    France is not safe for anyone except islamic terrorists

  • .

    Extremist Muslims must be eradicated. They are the new Nazis.
    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg, Holocaust Educator | Radio Sefarad…/

    Radio Sefarad

    Un proyecto de comunicación de la FCJE