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June 26, 2015 12:05 pm

Netanyahu: Israeli Air Force Will Be ‘Major Part’ of Defense Against Iran

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Israeli Air Force F-15, F-16 jets. Photo: xnir

Israeli Air Force F-15, F-16 jets. Photo: xnir

The air force would play a “major part” defending Israel from a nuclear Iran if the military option is executed, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during a graduation ceremony for the Israeli Air Force on Friday.

“The [nuclear] agreement is fundamentally flawed; it leaves Iran with a path to achieve an arsenal of nuclear bombs within a decade … Whatever happens, Israel will always defend itself and in this the air force will play a major part,” Netanyahu told graduates of the IAF pilot training course at the Hazerim air force base near Beersheba.

Israel has maintained that a military option stays on the table to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. In May, the U.S. approved the sale of advanced bombs, including so-called bunker busters capable of bombing underground and fortified sites, in a bid to allay Israeli fears over the emerging deal with Iran.

Israel used its air force in 1981 for a surprise attack against the Iraqi nuclear reactor called Osiraq, and reportedly bombed a Syrian nuclear site in 2007, though Israeli officials never corroborated those reports.

Earlier this year, the commander of Israel’s air force, Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, told Israeli Channel 10 news in a very rare press interview that Israel has been building the capacity to strike Iran’s nuclear sites for over a decade. He said the military option was a “last resort,” but one Israel was prepared to engage.

Netanyahu meanwhile railed against the nuclear deal, accusing Iran of planning to use “many billions” from lifted sanctions to “increase its subversive activities, occupation and terrorism against Israel, the entire Middle East and beyond.”

He said any final nuclear accord would underline the “glaring withdrawal from the red lines that the major powers had previously declared in public.”

Iran has rejected many of the conditions set down in the framework agreement at Lausanne, Switzerland in April, such as addressing international inspectors’ concerns about the possible military dimensions of its nuclear program, freezing all nuclear work over the next ten years and gradually lifting sanctions based on compliance.

Netanyahu’s comments came as Secretary of State John Kerry departed for Vienna on Friday to join negotiators from the American team, as well as from Iran, U.K., France, Germany, Russia and China, as the June 30 deadline for the comprehensive nuclear agreement approaches.

It was his first trip abroad since breaking his knee in a cycling accident earlier this month.

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  • Ed Charney

    “Praise the LORD”! Canada is with Israel 100%! My Bible says that Israel will WIN!

  • Julian Clovelley

    Waffle – pure waffle. there is no alternative plan here and in truth there cannot be one. Look at the map.. There is no such thing as a selective strike against nuclear facilities – Such a strike is a declaration of war on Iran, and all who choose to be her allies. That is the result of the rather bland and nasty non thinking that cuts out the existence of the ordinary people of Iran, treating people and state as one enemy. That is what caused Dresden, Berlin, Nagasaki and Hiroshima. It was the mentality behind the bombing of Warsaw, Rotterdam, London, Cologne, Coventry, Valetta. we should be past that primitive thinking if only because it achieves nothing. The end result of the whole process was the nuclear standoff called the Cold War – which depleted resources, created a state of mutual sabotage and indirectly led to incidents such as Chernobyl as corners were cut.

    But proceed further for a moment along the same lines. If offence is impractical (let alone inhumane in its treatment of innocent people) then what becomes truly defendable?

    That is where Israel’s problems really cut in. In order to become a defendable and supported people, impediments to that state of affairs must be removed. The first is the Extreme Zionist dream. Israel will be a state within its earlier partition borders – or it will be in a state of constant war – unsupported, as the Gaza offensive showed, by the world’s peoples. Look at the map again. A state the size of Israel cannot realistically confront the world, because if the situation deteriorated to open nuclear war, Israel might survive for half an hour – but not longer. It would be a case of even in victory there being nothing left.

    There will be no greater Israel – and eventually the Settlements will close and the Occupation and Blockade end. Unless Israel grasps this then there may be no future. Israel desperately needs a period of stable defence and of stability in neighbourhood relationships

    The writing is on the wall, but Israel and the present writer to my mind refuse to read it. It is a statement of the bleedingly obvious. Israel of the 1947 UN Partition can be sustained, but not one square metre more. Jerusalem can be dealt with at a later date, but in the interim not just political attitudes, but the very nature of Jewish Identity, have to change. The Zionist model is just plain wrong, religiously, culturally, genetically, genealogically, and historically – and in ludicrous, almost psychotic, ambition. It is unsustainable. The Israeli community embraces the future as a modern society or will perish defending a fantasy. It has left the culturally protective environment of the repressed village

    Other communities have had to abandon medieval and earlier cultures too. Ireland had to turn its back on obsessive Catholicism – even Spain and Italy are in the process of following suit. Countries like Australia and New Zealand – and to a large extent the United Kingdom – are becoming increasingly secular, recognising in these times of religious hatred and violence, that only walking away from the lot can uncover solutions.

    The Middle East should be presented with a new Israel – an advanced scientific state that has walked away from the handicaps of mythology, religious fantasy, and village backwardness. To survive, Israel, perhaps more than any other state needs to be founded in reality, beginning with the realisation that there are no differences between people – The differences are purely cultural – There are no special sanctified inheritances – all that is myth. What we have is a world desperately needing to recover from backwardness and the neurotic cultural diseases of the past and of the isolated village. We need a world which can confront impoverishment with the words – “This is ridiculous and unacceptable…

    …And fix it, with a sustainable new economy and socio/political and indeed spiritual ethos. The past is unredeemable – what is to come is within our human ability to shape. We cannot agree on what constitutes the “Will of G-d” – that concept will always divide. What we need to discuss, at every level, is the “will of man” – our keenness to build a better world – to a high degree to make a fresh start as one Humanity in a new Age.

    The Idols – material and abstracted, will fall – they will be smashed by a fed up mankind. If the future is to fulfil new dreams we should already be planning it, already be living in its outer fringes. Let it be a future less divisive, less contemptuous of suffering and poverty – less animal and more human – the chosen artefacts of the only being we currently know to have reached out to grasp Self Consciousness

    is it possible there is even in Judaic religion there is an imperative to follow a new course? – I would argue it is there in the ten commandments. The Zionist construct is a Graven Image. And as with all Graven Images of the past it is misdirecting the course of those who are bowed by it

  • The Watchman

    The biggest deterrent for IRan, is the spectre of a surprise package from Israel, turning Qom or Tehran to a sea of glass.