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June 29, 2015 4:41 pm

Young American Jews Becoming More Pro-Israel, Israeli Think Tank Reveals

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Young Jews in the U.S. are becoming more pro-Israel. Photo: Irish Christian Friends of Israel.

Young Jews in the U.S. are becoming more pro-Israel. Photo: Irish Christian Friends of Israel.

Young Jews in the U.S. are becoming more pro-Israel and the growth is happening almost entirely within the Orthodox community, an Israeli think tank revealed on Sunday.

The Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) presented its 11th annual assessment on the Jewish people to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli Cabinet. The report was the result of a dialogue process, focusing on Jewish values, conducted with more than 40 Jewish communities around the world.

The project, in which more non-Orthodox than Orthodox Jews participated, also found that young Conservative and Reform Jews were more likely to think negatively about Israel’s conduct during the Israel-Hamas war last summer. The same Jews were more doubtful of Israel’s efforts toward peace.

Other major trends discovered by the JPPI were the dramatic growth in the U.S. of the ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox Jewish communities, and that the majority of children from mixed marriages in the U.S. identify as Jews.

The think tank recently reported that the number of Jews worldwide is close to returning to what it was before World War II – nearly 16 million.

JPPI Co-Chair Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat told the Israeli Cabinet on Sunday, “This is a great affirmation of the Jewish people’s commitment to life and continuity but also requires new policy responses and outreach for those who have only marginal connections to Judaism and Israel.”

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  • “..the majority of children from mixed marriages in the U.S. identify as Jews”
    We were ,are, and remain Hebrews. In Israel, the term “Yehudim” (literally, “Judeans”, in English) was adopted, under the pressure of the orthodox religious parties, as an pretext to impose Halakhic Judaism. But why, on earth, should we continue to allow the use of the pejorative diminutive for Judean, “Jews”? Why should we continue to Jew ourselves?
    We are not Jews. Probably, a lot of us belong to The Mosaic Religion, because this is the real name of this religion, The Mosaic Religion (Dath Moshe). “Judaism”, as a name, replaced the name of Dath Moshe, The Mosaic Religion, as a broader religious surrogate to the Hebrew national identity which ceased to exist after the Romans defeated Bar Kochba’s revolt.
    In the tribes period, a person belonging to Judah’s tribe was a Judean, as a person belonging to Levi’s tribe was a Levite, and so on. In the kingdoms period, a Judean was a inhabitant of the “Judea” kingdom. Since in our days a stately entity named Judea doesn’t exist, and since we are not members in Judah’s tribe, and since we have reconstituted the Hebrew national culture, the use of the Hebrew language, the Hebrew national institutions, the Hebrew national state, only the Hebrew identity has actual significance and validity. So, we are Hebrews.
    The Mosaic Religion, or Judaism, should not remain an alternative to the Hebrew state, to the Hebrew national and Hebrew ethnic identity, to the Hebrew culture, and the attempt to cover up this fact by according Judaism a supreme significance is ridiculous, as it would be giving a supreme significance to Anglicanism, for instance. Judaism should return to its religious dimensions as Dath Moshe, and not beyond a religion. We are Hebrew ethnics regardless of our beliefs, be it orthodox, secular, atheists, agnostics, reform, conservative, etc.
    The Hebrew nation has its roots in the ancient Hebrew tribes, in the biblical Hebrew patriarch Abraham, in Moses the Hebrew and the Hebrew slave he saved, in the Hebrew states Israel, Judea, Tyre and Sidon, in the Hebrew kings who reigned this states and in the numerous Hebrew people who lived there and from there was forcedly deported into exile.
    After two thousand years, the Hebrew people has returned to its Hebrew homeland, language, nationality, and on Nov. the 30, 1947, a day after the UN decision, the title of “Yediot Acharonot” proclaimed: “Hebrew State” (“Medinah Yvrith”).
    The Hebrew national state and the Hebrew national culture are the sole warrant for the continuation of our national existence.
    It’s important to mention that, along history, the anti-Semites adopted pejorative and offending names towards the Hebrews, derived from the word Judean, like: Jew, Jude, Juif, Jidan. We, the Hebrews of our days, should not accept, and, of course, should not use, the above pejorative names: We are Hebrews, Hebräer, Hebreux, Ebrei etc., as actually the ethnical Hebrew calls himself in Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria (Evrei), in Romania (Evreu or Ebreu), in Italy (Ebreo), etc. In certain languages, like Russian and Romanian, both denominations exist: one used by the Hebrew ethnics and by people which respect them, the translation of the word “Yvri”, Hebrew, such as Evreu, Evrei etc., and the second, pejorative, in the use of the anti-Semites, created from the word “Yehudi”, Judean, such as Jidan, Jid etc.
    In most countries of Western Europe two denominations were in use, e.g., in Old French, which migrated to Britain with the Norman Conquest, there was the respectable Ebreu opposite the pejorative Gyu (and Giu), which became to “Jew” in English, but the use of the denomination Ebreu has ceased with the aggravation of the anti-Semitism along the crusades period. In Italian, there is only one term: “Ebreo”.
    From the point of view of The Hebrew State and the Hebrew communities in the world, these persons should be considered Hebrews:
    – All the citizens of The Hebrew State should have Hebrew nationality.
    – A citizen of another state is Hebrew ethnic if he stands in one of the following criteria (which should be mentioned in the repatriation law):
    1. One of his parents (mother or father) is Hebrew ethnic.
    2. Has direct family ties (marriage or child adoption) with a Hebrew ethnic.
    The ethnical based appurtenance sets the number of Hebrews in the world to more than thirty million people supporting a process of multiplication and addition, in contrast to the religious based appurtenance which reduces the number of the “Jews” to about twelve million people, whom number is continuously decreasing, since the religious based appurtenance excludes and drives away the many who are not able or are not willing to adapt to the religious criteria. In the USA alone, over a million and a half are disqualified since only the father is a “Jew”, millions – being atheists and not having liaisons with the religious institutions, or because they affiliated to another faith.
    We should return to the our original Hebrew ethnical, national, cultural, historical, territorial identity. The Hebrew national and ethnical identity annuls the dependence on religious institutions, supporting and being supported by the principle that BELIEF IS THE PERSONAL MATTER OF THE INDIVIDUAL.
    Please, read:

  • Nina

    Great news !