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July 1, 2015 4:37 pm

Former Defense Secretary: US Must Walk Away From Iran Deal That Doesn’t Grant Access to Military Sites (VIDEO)

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Former Defense Secretary William Cohen. Photo: Bloomberg

Former Defense Secretary William Cohen. Photo: Bloomberg

The U.S. must walk away from any nuclear deal with Iran that does not provide unfettered access to military nuclear sites requested by international inspectors, said former defense secretary William Cohen.

“Let’s verify and then trust,” Cohen told Bloomberg. “Because of the way in which the Iranians have conducted a covert program for so many years, I think it’s incumbent on Iran to earn the trust before they can say the verification regime is okay.”

“Iran has got to come forward and say this is what we agreed to in April. We’re going to now certify and solidify that, and we’re going to allow you to have inspection from time to time, but whenever necessary, on military sites or any other site that the international agency inspection would require,” he said, referring to the April framework agreement that called on Iran to provide access to all nuclear sites and supply chains.

If the Iranians renege on these terms, then “President [Barack] Obama has to simply close up shop, walk away and say we’ll stick with the sanctions that are imposed and actually try to increase them … Because, once they walk away from the negotiation, Iran is going to be free to try to continue to accelerate its nuclear program.”

His comments came as negotiations between Iran and western powers breached the self-imposed June 30 deadline, toward another artificial end-date of July 7.

A U.S. official on Tuesday meanwhile said it was “not appropriate” for negotiators to demand entry to all of Iran’s military sites, because the U.S. would never permit that kind of outside inspection of its own facilities.

Conservative analyst William Kristol expressed shock over that last comment, which was published by AFP.

“Think about that. The American official argues that Iran—a rogue regime that sponsors terror and that has lied about its nuclear program, and that is under sanctions precisely because it has proved time and again it can’t be trusted — should be held to the same standards as the U.S. Amazing,” he said.

Watch a video of Cohen’s comments below:

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  • Mel Kram

    Mr. Obama is not the fool you all think he is. It’s inconceivable that he can’t see what the rest of us see. What all the generals see. What Netanyahu sees. He knows Iran for the evil theocracy that it is; a country with young, educated people who desire to live as they wish in a secular and democratic society. My guess is that Obama’s plan involves pulling the rug out from under these negotiations in an attempt to encourage regime change.

  • Is OBAMA and the P5+1 that gullible or just plain stupid that they can not see that Iran is once again just stalling and they are the once dictating and demanding rather than being accountable for their intends to stir up the world terror?
    Bill, you are 100% right, firmer sanction need to be imposed.

  • A friend who worked in Saudi Arabia for a while, told me he’d learned an Arab adage: Trust allah, but tether your camel. Perhaps we can teach Messrs Obama & Kerry & Mrs/Miss/Ms Sherman this one?

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Any backtracking by the US negotiators would be anathema to the interests of the US and the Free World. If Obama does not stick to the right strategy–do not trust and do verify–he will be responsible for a nuclear capacity Iran, the escalation of Middle East nuclear capacity states, and inevitable conflagration of the Middle East and beyond.

  • Everyone please note that I do not read replies to my comments as too many crazies are out there who are not. serious at this existential time.

  • Cohen said it all and to say it is okay for Iran to hide its nukes in military facilities shows that Obama will kiss the ayatollahs asse to make a dangerous desperate deal. Total unannounced inspection or no deal. If Obama gives the Middle East to Iran Hillary or Rubio will take it back when the black Muslim, president is gone. It will cost Ammerican and other lives, but that’s what the black power president wants at any cost, the first president to endanger U.S. security deliberately. Obama has a secret agenda.

  • AZ

    It was said: “No excuse for those who realize the idea and abandoned. ”
    Hassan Rowhani during his election compaign in May 2013 said: “We should know that we can even interact with the enemy in a way working on the reduction of hostility,and hostility will not be effective “.

  • Expatriate in SE ASIA

    Expatriate in SE ASIA

    America needs strong leadership to face a Totalitarian Political Ideology ASAP. America is becoming weaker as its many enemies are being stronger
    God Bless America