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July 3, 2015 3:44 pm

US House Committee on Foreign Affairs Chairman Slams UNHRC for Anti-Israel Resolution

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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U.S. Representative Ed Royce, (R-CA), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Photo: U.S. Congress.

U.S. Representative Ed Royce, (R-CA), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Photo: U.S. Congress.

Chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs Ed Royce (R-CA) lambasted the United Nations Human Rights Council on Friday for adopting a resolution condemning Israel over alleged war crimes during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge.

“This resolution is a black mark on the Human Rights Council,” Royce declared, adding that “it undermines prospects for direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians to resolve their differences.”

Royce questioned the absence of any condemnation of Hamas’ alleged war crimes, which were indicated in the U.N. report but absent from the resolution. He wondered why the resolution failed to mention Israeli attempts to “minimize civilian casualties.”

“Today, the U.N. Human Rights Council kept up its record of bombarding Israel with biased and shameful resolutions. The goal of this international campaign against Israel is to question the democratic country’s right to self-defense to the point of rendering it virtually meaningless,” he said.

The resolution passed on Friday was written by the Palestinians and Arab states, and welcomes the U.N. report on the 2014 Gaza war. It ignores completely Hamas’ indiscriminate firing of rockets at Israeli cities, as well as alleged war crimes by Palestinian groups in Gaza, though several were indicated by the report.

The resolution passed the UNHRC with full European backing, and the U.S. was the only country to vote against it. Five countries — India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Macedonia and Paraguay — abstained.

Israeli lawmaker and chairman of the Yesh Atid Party, Yair Lapid, criticized the eight sitting European members for voting in favor, declaring “no limit to Europe’s hypocrisy.”

“While in Israel ‘Code Red’ sirens are sounding and the residents of the south are once again living under the intolerable cloud of terrorism, countries like Germany, France and the Britain voted in favor of a report which at best is a bad joke and at worst a symbol of the world’s hypocrisy,” he said, as a rocket fired by terrorists exploded in Israel on Friday.

According to Israeli daily Haaretz, officials in the Prime Minister’s Office expressed gratitude for the U.S.’s moral stand in voting against the resolution, which called for the end of impunity for Israeli officials who oversaw the Operation.

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  • Kris Kristian

    The AZCowBoy

    Have you looked at yourself in a mirror?
    Look at yourself, and you will see what a real cockroach looks lie
    The parasite is/are people like you.
    Parasites like you, need to be buried. May it be soon.

  • Ezra Hanz

    Thank you and your colleagues, Congressman Royce, for pointing out what should be self evident to any reasonable person. Your support of Israel and condemnation of the anti Semitic UNHRC is very much appreciated by clear thinking Americans who understand that the UN is allowing majority Arab countries to set policy in a so called “international forum.”

  • Bill

    I see no reason why everyone is so shocked with Europe’s attitude to Israel. Have we forgotten that they allowed for six million to parish and worked along with the Nazis?

  • Simone Miller

    There is no end to the duplicity of the UN. Most of the members’ representatives live in comparative luxury at the expense of the world. They are by and large a useless group of parasites who take pleasure in castigating Israel instead of complementing them for all of the good that they do for the world. Europe is repeating the horrors of WW II but will not get away with it this time. We will NEVER FORGET.


    I am not rrligious, only traditional Jewish.
    We must look back many centuries ago. Think about the story of Noah.
    G-D warned the people that HE will destroy them if they do not abide by decent standards.
    HE did. HE caused the world flooding.

    I truely believe that the melting of the ice in the arctic and ant arctic, is a warning to the haters of this world. The Arabs and those who would like to see the Jews “disappear”

    He warned that “those who curse my people Israel, so will I curse them”

    With the ice melting, it will increace the levels of sea water, and flood low lying lands such as te Arab lands, and others who want to destroy Israel and the Jews.
    Gaza will be the first to suffer the flood, and be wiped out, as will Saudi Arabia and others.
    Holland which was a country that save hundreds of Jews during the Nazi occupation but has now been taken over by the Muslims, is easy to flood.
    I hope that those who want to see Israel destroyed and Jews “disappea”, will wake up, before it is too late.
    Russia will suffer the worst, and biggest snow storms, that will wipe out much of Russia.

    I hope that when Obama is out of office, a Republican will then occupy the White House, and undo all the evil that Obama has done and is now doing regarding Iran
    Obama still refuses to call Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol, and open the US embassy in Jerusalem. BUT he was very quick to opena US embassy in Cuba.

    US will be saved from the ice melting if the next president is totally pro Israel, and will move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

    US can manage without all the Arab boycotts which will then happen. US will become stronger.
    GOD will protect USA

    GOD does not lie, GOD does not change HIS mind.

    • Jan

      The rising waters will also destroy Tel Aviv, Miami and New York where millions of Jews live so I would not even try to think that only the Arab countries will be affected by the rising waters.

      Mordechai, Obama is not the only Amercan president who has refused to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Every other American president, including both Bushes, Clinton, and Reagan have refused to move the embassy. You don’t like Obama so you are blaming him for this.

      Maybe you don’t know but no countries have their embassies in Jerusalem.

      How dare you speak for God. He never asked you to speak for him.

  • theo

    Come the day when Europe will have to defend itself against tyrants and their agents’ missiles
    We will then see how they respond
    You can be sure there will be no half measures and no considering the impact of their responses
    Their criticism of Israel will come back to haunt them That is a certainty

  • Josh Korn

    Exactly. The US House Committee on Foreign Affairs should be roundly savaging the EU countries for going along with this farce.

    However, nobody should be surprised that they did. After all, they all have a history of either sitting idly by or collaborating. This is just a continuation of their individual and collective policies since the 1930s.

  • Martin Bookspan

    It’s time for the UN to be destroyed root and branch, with its New York headquarters converted into some useful purpose for humanity: a cancer research center, a retirement home for the elderly, or something similar…….

  • zadimel

    Where are the remaining 24 or more replies. Please print them below the LEAVE A REPLY.

  • zadimel

    The UN has proven to include a collection of anti-Semitic nations, most of whom would be unconcerned if the Jewish State were to be annihilated. The EU endorsement of the UNHC resolution, which condemns the Israeli defense to continued rocketing and mortar attacks by the Hamas terrorists, should be a warning to our nation that we must severely limit our contributions to the UN. In any event,continued support of the UN must be based on our national interests. If we find very little security by being a member, the USA should withdraw.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    The E.U., the Obama Administration, the so-called Human Rights NGOs, The Democrat party in the United States, and the U.N. – all deeply hostile to the state of Israel.

    Only the Republican controlled House of Representatives has issued a strong condemnation of this biased resolution.

    Yes, the Republican party – despised my most Jewish Americans, and from which only one Jewish representative in congress serves.

    So, two questions remain: how long can this go on – and when, if ever, will American Jews wake up?

  • jonathan Black

    Many of the UK population do not support the traitor Cameron, who is also debasing his own country,.
    The Uk has a Parliament with a government elected by a minority of the voting public, just 35% voted for Cameron, and his betrayal of the UK is a bitter lesson many in the UK.
    Four millons voted for the UKIP which is now what the conservative party was fourty years ago, they are disenfranchised and very angry at the supine behaviour of Cameron in regard to the EU, immigration, taxes etc.

  • Prof. Herbert Reginbogin

    It takes one of the leading conservative in this country, Congressman Ed Royce, to voice criticism about the European hypocrisy when dealing with Israel’s right in defending itself. Where are all the other leaders in this country? Israel is not perfect but when it comes to the question about who threw the first stone, let us be clear. The fear continues in southern part of Israel because rockets are still be fired from Gaza towards Israel. What will it take to stop this threat? Another war or will the international community start putting pressure on the Hamas in Gaza to put an end as a condition for recognition and at same time the recognition of Israel instead of its destruction.

  • Fred

    Again history is on repeat. Europe has been strongly complicit in the Hitlerian murder of the Jews, now its continues in the hall of the UN ( Tower of Babel ) in support of the new Muslim NAZI’s wishes. Hypocrisy is at its apex in the corridors of defunct world forum.

  • What else is new? UNHRC should be dismantled as all they do is cost $$$$ but when it comes to reporting one does not even has to open the report and read as it is known that it will always bash Israel. Shame on you UNHRC!!!!!

  • Spencer Lehmann

    This resolution is typical of all resolutions that mane from the Arabic and Russian UN controlling countries, along with the typically anti-Semitic EU. It’s meaningless and simply continues to validate the common sense solution that the US must resign from the UN and kick the UN off of the American property in NY where it resides. Let the UN move to one of its beloved Islamic States. Get US out of UN.

  • Why keep blaming the UN for its moral lapses? It has no morality that can be shamed. The only solution is for the USA to stop funding the UN (also the bits in, e.g. France) and rent out the green tower at a profit to reduce the USA’s debt. Then the UN can move to Gaza, Iran, or wherever it can find that will have it.

  • Ephraim

    I would expect no more from Europe, the continent that willingly and proactively assisted Germany in the Holocaust, supported the Nazis. It is only natural that Antisemitism has, once again, become a core value for the alleged civilized countries of Europe.

  • David Goshen

    I would respectfully like to add to the Chairman of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs E D Royce attack on the resolution that the worst war crime of Hamas was their refusal
    to allow the protection of their citizens in the HUGE airraid underground centers ,tunnels under each house in Gaza and the large military underground halls protection after every citizen received timely warning for them to decend underground before every singole air raid.This refusal was to sadistically increase the nuber of victimms
    to persuade the UNHRC to pass resolutions which ignore huge war crimes which show that the Hamas has no concern for the lives of its citizens who have no human rights.
    Israel did what it could but Hamas excelled in bringing deaths to its citizens .There is no doubt that if sheter had been given civilian casualties would have been minimal.We remember the bombings of London in WW2 when citizens took shelter in the Tubestations but that is a human civilized act but that does not exist in the lexicon of Hamas!!!

  • Bullfrog

    More shame for the UN & UN Human Rights Council in declaring such an anti Semitic and anti Israel tone. No logic ! No sense ! .. Sheer hatred of the Jewish State.

    Europe .. Shame on you !

  • Jeff Davis

    The Eu is terrified of the Muslims. They are cowards and hypocrites. No one with any morality or intelligence listens to the HRC, which has become a worthless body of bigots, which is just what the entire UN is, for the most part.

    • Kris Kristian

      Jeff Davis

      Look who sits on the UNHRC. Saudi Arabia, China., Russia, plus all other evil states.

      Have you read what Saudi Arabia said about Israel?
      Hope that there will be an earthquake when they have their haj

  • steven L

    Too many people’s actions consist only in slamming doors and doing nothing else!!!!
    Who said that actions speak louder than words?
    Isn’t the use of “black” mark for the PC-lovers racist?
    The rest of the world should know that since Islam plans on conquering the world there is not a chance that the Palestinians will change their mind.
    So, why waste time, lives and lots of stinking petro$?
    Without the complicity of the West, the UNHRC wouldn’t be where it is. It is Europe antisemitism and not hypocrisy!

  • Carlos Decourcy Lascoutx

    Europe never listens to the ground. the countries that make up the foundering Union are as far away from their people as they are from Israel, which is being attacked helter-skelter
    by fanatics who have demonstrated that holocaust is no obstacle for them, it’s their daily bread. it’s easy for an
    observer(and that’s all Human Rights orgs. every moment)to
    accuse Israel of violations and turn a blind eye to what
    they are dealing with as combatants in a quite different
    kettle than the coddled eggs from planet Utopia.

    • Kris Kristian

      What you write is so true.
      In the world, we have 1.6 BILLION Muslims.
      14 million Jews, The Muslims are the greatest liars.
      They have spread hatred against Jews/Israel.
      How many of the other billions of every religion have ever been to Israel? How many have ever met a Jew?
      So, rather believe every evil lie, that asks questions/

      It is impossible for the billions to ever visit Israel to
      If I am told that the Queen of England has stolen billions from her subjects, and I spread that lie, most people would believe it.
      That is what has happened to Israel and Jews.

  • nelson marans

    In a display of the ultimate hypocrisy, Germany and France voted for this travesty. Germany as the perpetrator of the Holocaust and France as a active collaborator should be ashamed of themselves for their poorly disguised anti-Semitism.

  • To hell with the united nations. How many times have they condemned the evil acts of the Muslims?. I wish Israel will wipe the out from this earth.

  • No one would ever see the absolutely accurate condemnation from a Democratic Chairperson. Hillary never ever condemned the UNHRC, because she was too busy looking in the mirror.

    • Kris Kristian

      If Hilary wins the election, it will not only be bad for Israel, but for the whole world.
      She is a witch.
      Keep her far away from the WH

  • Ozwald

    The only reason the US (and Obama) voted against was because he knows that to vote in favor would lead to the Republicans defunding the United Nations. But make no mistake, without a Republican majority, Israel is that far away from being condemned by the entire world. Where have we seen this picture before?

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    One would have to wonder whether Israelis are considered human beings by the UNHRC! How can countries which consider themselves civilised, cultured, modern, and concerned with the values shared by all decent, law-abiding citizens of the world consider condemning Israel for defending its innocent citizens from the onslaught of thousands of missiles and rockets? The true criminals are those who launched those ,missiles and rockets at innocent civilians, who protected themselves with their own people when Israeli troops came to fight them and blow up their terror tunnels, who stored missiles and rockets in schools, hospitals, and areas inhabited by Palestinian civilians. Yair Lapid and Congressman Ed Royce are 100% correct to call foul, to reprimand those counties and people who would defend such abject hatred and barbarian terrorism against innocent people, and to find this UNHRC derelict in its duty to objectively assess a situation and then declare its findings to the world.

  • brenrod

    the “balck mark” is on the EU for enthusiastically endorsing another european blood libel on the jews. Israel and jews should support anything which causes the destruction and burning of europe. it is despicable that they are allowed access into any Israeli controlled territory. there can never be a real peace with the BDS church euro christian jew stalkers.

    • SteveHC

      How about we settle for a boycott of European goods and services… except, of course, those produced by Jewish-owned companies…

    • Sonia Willats

      That Britain – which managed to oppose Hitler and help save Europe from his madness – voted to condemn the survivors of the European holocaust is beyond shocking! SHAME ON YOU, DAVID CAMERON! Shame on you, Britian, and all of your ‘liberal’ press.

    • Sonia Willats

      “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” (The prophet Isiah)