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July 4, 2015 10:06 pm

Palestinian, Confederate Flags Fly at Anti-Jewish Rally in London

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Bus in London. Photo: WikiCommons.

Bus in London. Photo: WikiCommons.

A small group of neo-Nazis have staged an anti-Semitic rally in London, but were hugely outnumbered by counter-demonstrators.

About 20 far-right activists protested in central London against Shomrim, a Jewish neighborhood watch group. They had planned to rally in north London’s Golders Green area, home to a large Jewish community, but police decided to move them because of the disorder that could ensue.

Read full story at The Washington Post.

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  • Joseph Feld

    The 25 white supremicists were probably the same 25 who held a demo against Stamford Hill’s Jewish community back in March. Stamford Hill totally ignored them and nothing came of it. In Golders Green about 3,000 Jews were expected to walk to the demo on Shabbos afternoon, and Golders Green Together — representing local Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus in the area — also announced a counter demo, as did the anti-fascists. When the numbers got so large the police moved the demo from Golders Green to central London, out of walking distance on Shabbos, and 200 police were brought in. The reason the demo could not be stopped completely is that they agreed not to move from one spot and the police permission is only required if they march, not if they are stationary. It appears some of the 25 may have been Americans holding a Confederate flag symbolising white supremacy. Some of the anti-Jewish websites supporting the demo were American, and the UK police therefore could not close them.

  • rbockman

    I don’t get the symbolism, the Confederate Flag, large majority of us didn’t arrive in the U. S. until a couple of decades after the American Civil War.

  • Jonah

    Scripture says that they being Islam will say, in the end times, if you see a Jew hiding behind a rock kill him, if you see a Jew hiding behind a tree kill him. They will even convince the rest of the world that what they are doing is sanctioned by God. Now if a liberal Jew runs out from behind the rock and says in his defense, “don’t kill me I am a liberal Jew I voted the individual in office that is arming, financing and protecting those that kill Jews…I am your friend”….do you think that will save him? According to my understanding the Islamic bible tells its converts to stand in line and be marked by the beast. Why are they marked?….because it gives them the right to be eat and be well financed as they exterminate the world of Jews and Christians. Scripture says those that participate in this slaughter are judged as goat nations at the end of the tribulation. The tribulation being the mass slaughter of not only Jews and Christians but also unbelievers . I have a message for Putin and China along with the rest of the world setting on the fence…you don’t want to be judged as a goat nation…not a good idea for your civilization. You will receive blessing from the God of Heaven with gold streets and fences of precious stones and I might add reserved for your people,,IF….you give a Jew a glass of water and a plate of food during these times…is that to much to ask? Firm up your Christian communities because they were spawned by Abraham and protection of the Jews is in their bone marrow. With Rubio the Jews would be protected….with most other politicians they would be up for sale to the largest contributor. A true Christian knows we are the bride of the lamb. And also knows the Lamb was painstakingly provided by the wife of God….Israel. A true Christian knows the names of the tribes of Israel are written above the gates they will enter when entering heaven. I know that is not politically correct to say in this day and age, but God is interested in truth not political deception, the road to hell is paved with political and religious deception.