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July 5, 2015 6:00 pm

Why Hamas’ Beating of Protesters is a Big Story

avatar by Elder of Ziyon

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Hamas police beat Palestinian protesters who demonstrated outside the home of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

Hamas police beat Palestinian protesters who demonstrated outside the home of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

This story encapsulates how much the media ignores stories from the territories that don’t involve Israel.

On Thursday night, many members of the Eshtewi family held a protest outside the home of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza. One of their sons, Mahmoud (in some reports Abul Magd) has been in Hamas prisons for months without charge. The family demanded that Haniyeh come out to talk to them, and they chanted slogans and held up banners.

Hamas police came and started beating them, injuring a number of family members including a female journalist Buthaina Eshtewi, and two brothers were arrested and taken away to an unknown destination.

In one story we have:

  • Detention without charge
  • Peaceful protesters being beaten
  • Peaceful protesters being arrested

In the grand scheme of things, this is not that big a deal. But the complete absence of any western media ever reporting stories like this while eagerly reporting on similar stories that can be blamed on Israel reveals a much bigger issue here.

Even if the media does not consider this newsworthy, “pro-Palestinian” NGOs would be expected to be compiling statistics of these sorts of events, and issuing annual reports counting the number of arrests, beatings, imprisonment without trial, cases of torture, people killed by police – all the statistics that are being zealously kept and often inflated by these same NGOs against Israel, even though they often claim that they are non-partisan.

Journalists, NGOs and diplomats have an unwritten agreement to ignore these sorts of stories to ensure that the news that filters out to the world is one-sided against Israel. The tiniest anti-Israel stories in the Hebrew press get translated and quoted prominently while Arabic stories like these get ignored. The decision as to which stories get coverage is not newsworthiness or the level of human rights being violated. No, the major decision-making is based on a single factor: whether the Jewish state can be properly blamed.

This ensures that generations of young people are brought up on biased, one-sided news stories based on simplistic memes of Jewish oppression and Arab victimhood.. It takes real effort to find out the truth and practically no one will spend the time, since there is an assumption that the news media will do their jobs. And the very people who should investigate this bias are the people who practice it.

This particular case is not a big story. But the situation that causes stories like this to be ignored day in and day out is indeed a very big deal.

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  • Tamara G Jaffe

    The press is not blind. They know exactly what they are doing:following orders, just as every Nazi claimed in their defense after WWII. The world eventually awoke from its WWII slumber and did the right thing. God willing, the press will too.

  • Joseph Feld

    Few of the journalists covering Israel and PA Arabs speak Hebrew or Arabic. Many rely on ‘the usual suspects’, to wit Haaretz English edition, The Guardian, The Independent, BBC and NY Times for their lead. Add to this that journalists working inside the PA territories know they will endanger themselves if they criticise the PA, but not if they criticise Israel. The PA, of course, controls what journalists can see. The loony Left then makes an equivalence between Israel’s self-defense and terrorist rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. Israel spends millions on bomb shelters, while Hamas spends millions on rockets and bombs.

  • Mordecai Ben Natan

    Are there any honest journalists?
    I would love to meet one, if one existed.
    They are threatened by the Arabs and Jew haters to report false statements to make Israel really look bad. The problem is that they are afraid to report the truth. If they Report the truth, they would be banned from any Arab/Islamic country. If they tried to tell the truth during the 2014 Gaza war, they would have “met with an accident”
    So, they are afraid. They are being blackmailed.

    I was in Israel durng the farce called the Russel Tribunal, with Tutu as the chairman.
    Israel was made out to be the most evil country in the world.

    When I came back to Cape Town, I wrote a long article and compared every lie that came ouyt at this farce.
    The press never printed my letter.\

    A few days later, I happened to bump into the sub editor of a leadinmg newspaper.
    I asked hi to please print my articlle as it shows the truith and contradicts the lies.
    He answewr was. ‘ISRAEL IS NOT IN THE NEWS NOW”

  • This is a story which for most of the world’s media is an ‘inconvenient truth’, if I can borrow the phrase from Al Gore.

  • bella irlicht

    This must be exposed.

    We have a right to a balanced view. If this is not corrected then we will ultimately destroy the value that we want our children to live by.

    If we are ill informed we will ultimately pay the consequences. How can the press be so bind????????