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July 10, 2015 12:25 pm

Jewish Groups Enraged After New 49ers Running Back Jarryd Hayne Claims That Jews Killed Jesus

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Jarryd Hayne tweeted about how the Jews were culpable for Jesus death. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Jarryd Hayne tweeted about how the Jews were culpable for Jesus’ death. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Former Australian rugby player and 2014 NFL grab Jarryd Hayne grabbed headlines and angered Jewish groups over a tweet last week accusing Jews of killing Jesus Christ.

“Jesus wanted to help people but was killed by his own people,” Hayne wrote through his Twitter handle, followed by over 120,000 Twitter users, on July 1.

Unperturbed by the potential for backlash among some of his fans, Hayne went on to tweet the next day: “The Jews were the people who took him to the Romans n forced them to give the order because they couldn’t.”

Hayne, 27, described as a “Christian superstar rugby player,” ultimately deleted the tweets on Friday morning. The Australian native — twice a top player in the NRL — announced a $100,000 futures contract with the San Francisco 49ers in March.

The accusation that Jewish people killed Jesus led to antisemitism and violence against Jewish communities for centuries, mainly in Europe but also in other parts of the world. The Catholic Church signed a document just half a century ago recognizing that Jews were not culpable for Jesus’ death.

Chairman of the B’nai Brith Anti-Defamation Commission, Dvir Abromovich, criticized Hayne for bringing up the thousands-of-years-old accusation, thus “fueling antisemitism.”

“We need sportspeople to be powerful voices in countering racism and Jewish-hatred, especially when attacks against Jews worldwide are on the increase,” he said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. 


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  • Paul

    If Jesus is the son of God – was God helpless to save his son from the Jews? Are the Jews stronger than God ? (If that is true, shuoldn’t stupid christians like this sportsman be a bit more careful what they say ?)
    Are Christians Jew-worshippers ?
    Is this man’s stupidity a part of the Christian Heritage ?

  • Marco

    What I know is that this Israelo-centrism is just against the tikkun olam because it is actually an illness clearly making the same israel people perpetrating the same errors and atrocities they have been victims of, on other people.

    We don’t care, somebody wrote here, and many of us think, we don’t think but is commonly known that he was betrayed. If this kind of interpretation and not only this one, with money and many other of jewish comminities survives there must be a reason.

    This interpretation doesn’t mean that it is the real one but it can be mine too (and the sportsman interpretation too) … no problems about that. If you are a public followed person anyway today in general you can’t anymore publish anything online because you would unleash hell of comments and some people who even contracted you might cut your contract or boycott you.

    It’s like this. We cannot speak freely. But of course some people might correctly think that these ideas, this guy, should keep them in his head.

    Online we cannot behave differently from how we behave in real life. You would not talk like this to anyone (like online this guy did) as you would speak instead to a smaller circle of friends privately… not even!
    Probably just in family discussions and environment.

    Anyway supporting the interpretation I give like hayne I say that if you read the Torah or Quran or other religions thougths about money or loans etc. you see that the behaviour that is allowed from the Jewish Text is highly and clearly speculative against a much more neutral or extremely against “tax of interest” of christian or islam Texts.

    This does not mean that somebody is better or not.

    But we CANNOT argue about somebody more greedy or less greedy about money, and we can see in daily talks or business if you ever dealt with stranger people and happened to work with a diversity of people that there are some more greedy and some other less etc.

    It does not depend on religion of course,but by the character!

    Anyway we cannot contest about the fact that the values of jewish Law (text) and communities are far more strict and greedy then other! This is for sure.

    We don’t care a document has been signed ssaying jewish did not betrayed Christ, but people are free to freely interpretate that this is really happened.

    Of course a lot of history as we know it today can be a scam, I agree and a lot of “mindset” that we have today are influenced by past revisions but I also judge freely from what I see. And so many more of us should keep doing or start doing!

  • Luigi Rosolin

    I like to also further to my previous comment: Christian’s are supporting the Jews as in the New Testament is very well declared that they are the blessed and everyone is blessed by them as Jesus choice to be Jew! To save the gentile (non Jews) God the all mighty had work out all this. So now the cornerstone rejected by most Jews had been accepted by the rest of humanity, till the gentile time will pass. So when that time will pass and we are very close the Jews that are not Christian will be also save by Jesus when they will call out in distress for his help.

  • Luigi Rosolin

    I read only a few of the comment that are condemning the man to report what is wrote in the New Testament that are consider sacred by all Christian’s that are the majority religion in the world with believer from start Jews as Jesus and the Apostle were. The first Christian’s were going to the Synagogue to worship and teach. Till the Jews who follow the old Testament had not push them out. Many prophecy in the Toora refer to the future Christ and that he was to be killed and rejected. Before keep yourself in the ignorance can suggest to read history and the Gospel. Most leader and priest at Jesus time had ask Pilate to crucify the Christ for the simple reason they want to maintain they privilege and wrong doing. As reporter Jesus cry for Jerusalem people just before his dead, because he was there doing miracle and most of them rejected him. Jesus on the cross asked the Father to forgive them. The destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 is in view of old prophecy include Daniel and had been witness and report by a Jews Josephus Joseph ben Mattathias, that was close to a roman Emperor.

  • Maybe we killed him. Maybe we didn’t. But, here’s why we shouldn’t care:

    Did Jews Kill Jesus? Should We Care?

    • david mccance

      we can ask him when he comes back

      David from Scotland

  • Brian

    i am not rooting for the 49’ers and won’t buy any merchandise until that bum is kicked off the team. What a disgrace. Go back to Australia.

    Many Jews have forgiven the Germans children even though not too long ago they put Jews in ovens yet this jerk can’t forgive Jee when this happened hundreds of generAtions ago.

    And one more thing, the cross was an Italian-roman invention, not a Jewish one. The Jews didn’t kill Jesus. The Romans did!

  • Andrew Howard

    I was always taught that a child is not responsible for the sins of the father.
    It is taught in Echetzkel (Ezekiel) 18:20 (NIV) The one who sins is the one who will die. The child will not share the guilt of the parent, nor will the parent share the guilt of the child. The righteousness of the righteous will be credited to them, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against them.
    I have used the Christian translation on purpose to show that blaming a Jew who was not born 2000 years ago is going against G-ds own command. I killed no one. I have an alibi.
    I would love to see responses to this. Especially from imbeciles like this Jerryd who perpetuate this slander.
    As for those who say that it was prophecy in the “old” testament that someone would come to die for my sins, I would also like to remind them that G-d HIMSELF told Moshe (Moses) that no one can die for the sins of another. I would ask you to refer to Shemot (Exodus) 32:30-35. It is also confirmed in D’varim (Deuteronomy) 24:16.
    If you want to believe your jesus or yeshuah or whatever you want to call him is the moshiach, then by all beans believe it.
    But maybe, just maybe instead of condemning me or damning, maybe you can learn from me. Just don’t push your religion on me or accuse me of the death of your messiah.
    If the Jews killed your jesus, he would have been stoned to death. Your churches would have rocks on the steeples and you would have a rock tied around your neck instead of a crucifix (a roman torture). Also if your jesus was to come back as you claim he will, when he walks down a street, sees a church with a roman torture device adorning it or across the street he sees a synagogue adorned with Hebrew script quoting a verse from Torah in Tanach, what building do you think he would enter?

    • judorebbe

      Since when was Christian hatred of Jews have to make sense?

  • Jon Gilbert

    The Judeans of 2000 years ago were very badly divided both religiously and politically. Some supported him and others were opposed to him. The Romans did as they pleased in occupied Judea and Jerusalem. Pilate’s feelings against Galileans is shown in Luke 13:1 and he found out that Jesus was a Galilean in Luke 23:6. By saying Jews, one is trying to condemn present day Jews which would be like saying present day Italians instead of Romans.

  • Lori young

    It is a disgrace that he is now a part of a great team.
    He should be kicked off and I and many others would appreciate it.
    This goes to show how stupid he is.
    he needs to get an education and learn the truth.
    If he stays on the team, I will no longer be a 49er fan and many others
    Will follow!

    • Rhys McKenzie

      What he said is mostly true. Directly the Romans killed Jesus. But the Jews (Jesus was a Jew) handed him over to the Romans.

  • NavyWings

    What is funny are the people who call his claim a lie based on the fact the bible was written many years later and therefore cannot be accurate. If you call something a lie, you must clearly know the truth. So what evidence do you have to refute his claim?

  • moneekwa

    Weeeeellll, Jarryd Hayne is missing something big. Is Jarryd a Christian? I am.

    So as a Christian, I believe Jesus died to atone for MY SINS. Ergo, I killed Jesus. And if Jarryd believes that Jesus died to atone for Jarryd’s sins, then the only person Jarryd needs to reference as killing Jesus, is Jarryd. Nobody else is any of his business or concern. He should not be looking past the plank in his own eye (Jesus said that). Then again neither should I so I will drop it right there.

    And G-d bless Israel, and Jewish people everywhere.

    • Thank you for your words. You are appreciated.

  • Julian Clovelley

    The weird American version of Christianity in 2015 reminds me of the reason I ditched the religion in 1963, having been brought up in an English Baptist family. The nonsense that comes from American Christians a half century later is only a few decades more backward than English Christianity in the early sixties. Anything “controversial” in this issue was hammered out in religious scholarship long ago.

    For example it is perfectly clear from the Gospels themselves that in the story of Jesus the Romans carried out the execution, and were responsible. It is highly unlikely “Jesus” would have been executed by the Sanhedrin for blasphemy – albeit they did have the power to condemn him to execution, which would likely have been by stoning. Most likely he would have been told to leave Jerusalem and stop rocking the boat, following his attack on the Temple money changers, that he allegedly carried out in full view of the Roman Garrison

    We don’t know much about the actual origins of Christianity but it appears that the first writings were a portion of those attributed to “Paul of Tarsus” (Saul), whose personal almost existence is equally uncertain. We do know however that Christian Antisemitism first appears in “Paul’s” writings. – as does the strange admission that the vital details of the last supper, that form the core of the Eucharist, were not sourced from oral tradition but from claimed “revelation” There is good reason to consider that the entire Passion story is in fact part of the “missing Gospel” of the Paulists (see I Corinthians 11) and the myth(sic) was created using genuine or fraudulent “Oracle” techniques. It is pious fiction

    The four Biblical Gospels were written considerably later, and there is some dispute as to whether Luke and Acts were written as the last or the penultimate Gospels, John being late but hard to place. Luke is the attempt to create a history of Christianity from the Nativity and Virgin Birth myth to the disappearance of Paul from the story.. It is all propaganda containing – as do the Gospels (and most especially “John”) invented dialogue

    Christianity is a religion that came out of the plethora of Jewish sects that existed in the first century. It is likely that in the “Pauline” version it genuine sought Roman approval but failed to get it. That is why the Paulists sought to exculpate Rome from any suggestion that the Roman Governor executed Jesus (who again might anyway be a fictional character, or a composite of several itinerant preachers). Antisemitism was the tactic they used to seek Roman approval – even granting a Christianised Empire religious grounds to claim that the destruction of Jerusalem and Judea were punishments for the death of Jesus

    2000 Year later these Biblical fictions still can be tools of ugliness in human behaviour. Even as a Christian teenager I totally rejected the vile placing of blame upon those labelled as “Jews” and was forced to defend a close friend from such an attack in our school playground

    The Bible when treated as a record of real history – in common with all religious books – is a dangerous instrument of potential prejudice and bad behaviour. I confess to liking it less and less – impressive as it is from the literary point of view – as I get older, and more distanced from the superstition that dominated my childhood

    I do not believe it is possible to separate Christianity from Antisemitism – I’d like to be proved wrong, but I fear that to do so would require what the religion is not prepared to do – recognise the mythical nature of the entire Bible.

    Antisemitism will not die until we acknowledge that there are neither Jews nor Gentiles – just divisive cultures and divisive religions founded in mythology. To my mind if there is indeed a G-d, he will be found amongst the secular


    • Ben Ivel

      Thanks Tobias for the well written piece you did. I must add that according to the mishna, a Sanhedrin cannot be conveyed on Shabbat and on festivals (like passover), the accounts of the gospels are simply not possible.

    • Gerd Haberstroh

      Great comment! Very intelligent and very true!

  • It proves that there is nothing new under the sun. I have never read the New Testament, but I believe that if you take it’s words literally, that is what it states. That’s why I don’t take The Bible literally. When Britt Hume, the Fox News contributor, said that only Jesus can bring redemption, that is what he believes – freedom of religion. Jarryd Hayne is only repeating what he read in his bible and was told by the preachers who have given him his religious education.President Obama has never denounced the antisemitic remarks of Jeremiah Wright. This kind of antisemitism is endemic in certain streams of Christianity. It is the leaders of the churches who should be castigated for continuing with the ‘Jews killed Jesus’ narrative, not some NFL player. Get the churches to denounce their own teachings.

  • Jay S

    There is absolutely no historical evidence that shows anyone killed Jesus even the Romans. There are only stories that may or may not be true. To repeat the lie that the Jews killed Jesus is simply anti Semitic

  • Ron M Lewenberg

    The court that handed Jesus over the to the Romans was not “the Jews”. They were Roman collaborators. The Nabatean-Edomite Roman Ethnarch Herod slaughtered most of the Sanhedrin. Since then, it was made up of Roman collaborators. The court of Roman toadies handed over Jesus, and he was killed like so many other Messianic claimants. Jesus made this claim when he rode through the Damascus Gate on an ass.
    But if you consider Jesus to be a demigod of “God”, then he killed himself, as he chose death.

  • Bryna Weiss

    You say there are 38 comments but you show only one!! How can I see the other comments?

  • K Hill – you don’t actually believe that drivel do you?

  • Jews did play a part.

    Jews did play a part, but only an idiot feels that the Jews of today are responsible. Only an idiot believes it’s all true.

  • Marcelo Holcberg

    One not so minor detail has clearly eluded this young man… Jesus himself was born, lived and died a Jew Christianity as a religion was not created until 6 centuries after His death

  • rick

    Questions: …
    1.Who was the one who paid Judas to betray Jesus?
    2.Who was the one who brought Jesus to Pilate and Herod? …
    3.Who was that high priest that wanted Jesus to be silenced?
    4.Why Nicodemus was against his own religious leader?
    5.Who were the high priests in the temple who wanted Jesus to be crucified?
    6. Why Pilate said: I wash my hands?
    And Still Jews do NOT recognize Jesus as The Messiah, then why the scandal? Why so lousy statements? Dirty consciences???
    Why Romans placed the tablet INRI?
    /// Jesus “The King of Jews” Jews never liked that/// That’s why!

    • Mike P.

      Rick, the reason the Romans placed “INRI” on the cross was exactly because the Romans killed Jesus.

      To claim that you were Messiah meant, specifically, that it was your job to kick out the Romans from Judea and to become the king of the Jews.

      Therefore, any claim to be the Messiah was treason against Rome.

      Sure, the Romans had their puppet local bodies, in Judea it was the Sanhedrin, but all decisions were made be Pilate…150%.

      And Jesus was not breaking any Jewish law in claiming to be the Messiah…he was undertaking a great responsibility and time would tell if he would fulfill it or not.

      Jesus was only breaking Roman law…against treason…in claiming to be the Messiah…and the Romans had only one punishment for it…and there is not the slightest chance that the Romans would ever waive that punishment (yes, the washing of hands thing was purely fictitious…an attempt by Christians to gain official status in Rome).

      When the Romans wrote INRI on the cross, the Romans were mocking the Jews, saying to them, effectively, “you want your king (messiah), here he is…dead.”

      It is actually a boast by Rome that they killed Jesus.

      Rick, you have both proved your own ignorance–driven by your underlying hate–and, by raising the issue of INRI, have also disproved your whole thesis.

    • Marty Erann

      Rick, Your questions are mostly of the type: “when did you stop beating your wife?” They imply assumptions on which the question is based, even if the assumptions might be totally out of line….

    • First of all, the Gospel you read today has been confirmed by Christian leaders that the early Church Fathers had to select from many manuscripts which best suited them, and the political situation they found themselves in, in the 4th century. The first version shows a Jewish sect which may be a little outside of the communally accepted view, but still Kosher. The second version did not scrubbed all of the unwanted verses, but did save the new religion from being destroyed by Rome.
      Also, the godson of Jesus is little different from most of the other godsons, such as Mithra. Rome was happy, the retained verses from version one is a mixture of Jewish and gentile ideas.
      Like any business, X agrees to abide by certain rules and values to hold a job, X does, or is fire.
      The issue here, thus is that Jews accepted certain rules and values, and as eternal. Now, and for centuries, someone has to poke his noise in to try and take as many Jews as possible away from G-d, by having the Jew violate the rules and values we accepted at Sinai.
      Remember; those who bless us, He shall bless; he who curse us, He shall curse. Now accept that Jews are where G-d wants us to be, and live with it, or bring His curse down on you.

  • duPont

    Jarryd and others of different religions need to learn to keep their religions/religious thoughts, etc., to themselves. Religion is a personal thing. His mouthing off against Jews only reinforces the old saying that one should “never talk about religion or politics.” Grow up people. Show some respect for people of different faiths and keep your mouth shut!


    blame the Sanhedrin. blame the evil shepard the slaughter of sheep does no one good ad brings the wrath of God on your head. remember thwy aee Ho special People.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Time to get rid of this anti-Jew by forcing his discharge from his team.

    Jews taught the blacks their tactics. Now the Jews should remember their own tactics and force his firing.

    Oh by the way I see that all the nut jobs are on this site as well.

  • Kris Kristian

    The Xstian Bible was writted many years after Jesus died. So, can one believe a word that is written there?
    Who is this Jarred hayne to say that the Jews took Jesus to have him executed?
    Time for the anti Semites to stop making up more hate stories against the Jews.
    The Jews never crucified anyone. It was the Romans.
    Jared, were there to witness that the Jews took Jesus to the Romans? Stop makinmg up lies.
    Your lies about the Jews is exactly what the haters have said about Jews.
    The Jews own all the banks.
    The Jews own all the media. STOP THERE.
    If the Jews owned all the media, why would they give such bad press lies?
    Most of the media is owned by 1,6 Billion Muslims,
    1 billion Catholics, Manmy millions of Anglcans.

    With the tiny Jewish world populatioin of a total of 14 million, where did the Jews get all the money from to own the media?

    The media in USA, is sold to the Muslims.
    If the media would not be such haters, then people would not buy their newspapers, nor watch such rubbish on TV like BBC< CNN< AL JAZERA etc.
    What sells newspapers, and what makes people watch rubbish lies on TV?



    Why is there so much hatred of
    Jews and Israel? because the Jews have made the biggest contribution to the world in science, medicine, technology etc etc.
    What has Islaim contributed to the world? Nothing, except lies, murder, .
    But they have 1.6 billion members to spread their lies etc.
    How many Jews have been awarded to Nobel prize?A few dozen, How many Muslims have won the Nobel prize? A handful.

    Those of us who love Israel and the Jewish people, must pray to God to carry out HIS promice that 'I WILL BLESS THOSE WHO BLESS MY PEOPLE ISRAEL.'

  • Enufisenuf

    NOBODY named “Jesus Christ” ever lived in ancient Israel.
    If Yeshua bar Joseph ever lived he certainly was NOT the Messiah. Christianity is a fairy tale but the Old Testament is a relatively accurate history of the Hebrew people. Australian Rugby players all have the IQ of a brain damaged gorilla, no insult to gorillas intended.

    • If you think that Christianity was a fairy tale, then why do you say that the Old Testament is pretty accurate…..the Old Testament also predicted that Jesus would come down to earth and die for our sins, it was prophesied, and it happened. So that is fact, which proves that ALL of the Bible is real, and Christianity is real…

      • Marty Erann

        ANNIER — The “Old Testament” — even if you read the stupid King James version — never said anything about Yeshu “coming down to earth” (by being born through immaculate conception and growing up as a Jewish boy in Judaea or the Galilee?) and die for the sins of pagans in the British Isles or in Rome….or in Australia…

  • This young man, of whom Id never heard before now, may be a Christian, but one sadly ignorant of both history and the Bible. He needs a handler.

  • Yes, history is clear on this matter. Jesus Christ was the Sacrificial Lamb slain for the sins of the entire world. The Jews did indeed kill their prophets and their Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiach. They did hand Him over to the Romans, requesting, indeed, demanding His execution. “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” they cried, “His blood be upon us and upon our children!”

    But it was necessary that He die or we would be without salvation or hope. He willingly laid down His life. While the Jews meant it for evil, God meant it for good.

    It was Jews themselves who testified to these great truths. Jews were His apostles and the congregation of God began at the Feast of Pentecost (Shavuot) with the Spirit of Christ dwelling in them.

    We can be immensely thankful for these things. There definitely ought to be no malice in anyone for the Jews because of this. It was the sins of all mankind that required His blood for atonement, not just the sins of the Jews.

    Yes, the Jews are guilty, and so are all men. The Jews just happened to be chosen by God as the priesthood nation to offer up the Lamb of God on behalf of the entire world. A messy and bloody, but necessary, affair. By His blood, our sins are washed away and by His resurrection from the dead after 3 days, we have eternal life. He gave His life, laying it down, and He took it up again. Death could not hold Him, thus proving He was God Almighty having come in the flesh as the Messiah.

    • christine

      thankyou victor,well done and God bless you.

      • Mike P.


        First, the mere fact that you (and billions before you) would blame “the Jews” for what a (small) assembled crowd did 2,000 years ago is both sick and evil.

        Second, even that small crowd would be very unlikely to be in favor of the crucifixion. Jesus wasn’t hated among the grass roots.

        Third, the idea that the Pilate would ever engage the crowd and give them authority, offer to free a prisoner, offer to commute a capital punishment, offer to forgive treason against Rome, feel guilty and wash his hands when he crucified thousands and was reprimanded by Rome for his excessive brutality in general (Rome was fearful his brutality would cause an unnecessary revolt–and they were correct) is all ludicrous on its face.

        You are obviously an unthinking literalist whose faith is actually so weak that you must accept everything literally (without allowing for the motivations of Christians seeking Rome’s acceptance following the Jewish revolt), lest one tiny sign of common sense and reason on your part unleash a chain reaction of doubts and questioning whereby your entire faith unravels.

    • Yes, well said, Victor. And we know by God’s testimony through the prophets of Israel that the Jews will come to know Him, their Lord and Messiah, by His grace and doing:

      “And I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and pleas for mercy, so that, when they look on Me, on Him Whom they have pierced, they shall mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only child, and weep bitterly over Him, as one weeps over a firstborn” (Zechariah 12:10 ESV).

    • Cubits Emunah

      Amen, so it is indeed! The Blessed Lamb slain by the priesthood nation chosen of God for this holy act. They (the Jews) are indeed blessed.

  • rachel robinson

    Where are the rest of those 19 comments shown above??
    Why is this website hiding them????

  • J. Paquette

    What I find so fascinating, and repeatedly, is to witness Christians who are hell bent (pardon the pun) on making such statements, from the likes of Jarryd Hayne in the sports world, to Mel Gibson in the entertainment world, and everyone in between, proseltyzing their religiosity in Twitter rants or horribly biased and distorted movies, as opposed to actually LIVING their faith as “Christians.” If you truly believe that you must so vocally target Jews for the death of Jesus, why then, are you so incapable of living your faith as a Christian, and find it in your heart, some semblance of capacity to forgive…just as JESUS taught us…Forgiveness! If you, Jarryd Hayne, must stand on your soap box and proselytize as if you mattered, perhaps some self reflection as to your own flaws as a Christian would be time better spent.

    As a former Christian who was educated by the Jesuits, this is but one example of why the hypocrisy of narcissistic “Christians” incapable of living their faith, led to the distintigration of my belief in Christanity, and of Catholocism in particular, as fully congruous with my life and spiritual values.

    Before anyone attacks me, I am part of a large family that includes Christians, Jews, Muslims, and a Buddhist.


  • David Prescott

    Jesus is a false messiah, and the Romans were responsible for his death.

    • David Prescott, you have no basis whatsoever for your irresponsible and misleading statements. That also goes for many other ignorant opinions here. Lies mislead and kill. Truth makes free. I have spoken the truth here and you need to believe it, sooner or later. Truth will have His Way. Until then, you suffer the consequences of the absence of truth – not good.

    • Mike P.


      It all depends upon how you define Messiah.

      If you define Messiah by its original definition, the man who would kick out the Roman puppet king and become the legitimate king of the Jews, then Jesus did not succeed.

      If you define Messiah as the person who brings world peace, then the problem lies with humanity and with the authors of the New Testament.

      Humanity refuses to obey the Golden Rule.

      The authors of the New Testament focus as much on demonization of the Jews and on hatred as they do on actually teaching Jesus’ values.

  • David Goshen

    This accusation reminds me of 2 incidents.The first was a meeting after the Holocast of WW2 when Mrs Luke the wife of the founder of Time Magazine suggested tha Jews should move on in their lives and forget about the Holocasta major tragedy of the Jewish People.The USA Jewish leader Nachum Goldman was present and he paused for a minute scratched his
    head and then addressed Mrs Luke in the following words”you recommend forgetting the Holocast and moving on but how is it that the Jews are still accused of killing Christ a few thousand years ago.The second is the fact that the Catholic Church signed a document half a century ago saying that the Jews were not culpable of Jesus’s death.



  • art frank

    This canard was inculcated into the great unwashed by the roman catholic and christian churches for centuries. So what this ignoramus says is not surprising.

    • Marty Erann

      Mr. Randy, can we get him to donate blood to the Red Cross?

  • Patricia

    K Jill, you are so right. Christians must realize sin killed Jesus. Each of us did that. To redeem mankind, He laid down His life, “paying” the required price, the most God had to give. To redeem us from a condemned judgement required something “freely” given. If it had been “taken” from Jesus, then it would not have been a payment from God. He was sent to die for us. He died on His on timing, not on that of those who hated. Without the Jew, we would have no Jesus, no Bible. They are His chosen. God sent a Jew, His Son, to give His life. We love Jews! I wish all Jews would love Christians.

  • Sam Snyder PhD MPH

    I wonder how many concussions this dummy sustained. Unless Jesus went to his alleged death by the hand of the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate through his collusion with Judas Iscariot as per scripture of the Messiah, there would never have been Christianity, which is based on him being resurrected. This had nothing to do with the Jewish people, other then their 2000 years of persecution for a falsehood. Perhaps a Jewish group should file a mass tort against him for defamation, Blood libel and a terrorist threat! a novel cause of action)

  • Seth Watkins

    Really? *The* Jews killed Jesus? All of them? Or most of them? Or even a dozen? This football player is either addled or stupid to think that twitter existed 2,000 years ago, so that *the* Jews could all travel for hundreds or thousands of miles, gather in Jerusalem, and unite to kill Jesus.

    That’s just dumb.

    Most of the Jews of Judea, Galilee, and the rest of the world were not in Jerusalem, had never heard of Jesus, would not have been able to express their opinion on the Roman death sentence, and certainly would not have had any clout with the Romans to convince them to carry it out.

    And by the addle-pated bigot’s logic, I’d say the Australian rugby players killed the aborigines.

  • Jose Garcia

    For the record, attacks are coming from Muslims who denied the Jewish Holocaust and are systematically killing Christians in Syria and Iraq, Our Jewish brothers in Europe are being attacked and mugged in a daily bases. We must put behind our old fears about Christians, the enemy is ISIS and HAMAS not Billy Graham, the irony of life is that Evangelical Christians support Bibi and Israel and are against the Iran Deal and 70 percent of American Jews are liberals who are in favor of an Iran deal, and voted for Obama and are against Bibi, again this argument of who killed Jesus is purely theological, and open to manupulation, the truth is that Christians love Israel and the Jewish people and Muslims are our attackers, Nowadays our persecutors had become victimos of Muslims too, and are giving us their hearts and love and friendship

    • Mike P.

      Jose, you are so right.

      Evangelical Christians have tried to stop this second Holocaust that Iran is now planning by opposing Obama and the 70 percent of American Jews who support Obama are enabling that second Holocaust…and continue to do so at this moment by failing to apply communal pressure against Jewish Democratic Senators who are going to vote for the Iran deal.

  • Jose Garcia

    Jews and Christians united we stand for Israel and Bibi Nethanyahu,

  • Jose Garcia

    After the Arab Spring, the old Middle East changed, ISIS emerged and Hamas took the offensive attacking the State of Israel, Arab Christians in Syria, Iraq are being executed by their Arab Muslim brothers in an unprecedented numbers and sold to slavery in accordance with their version of Sharia Law, The State of Israel protects Jews and Christians and even Muslims from any denomination alike, and it has become a sanctuary for Arab Israeli Christians. Bibi has invited them to join IDF and many are ready to fight for Israel, Jesus was a Jew like all his followers and today’s Christians are in America and all over the world support the state of Israel and Bibi with money and weapons and more important with prayers, they understand that Israel was made by Hashem and the Jewish people are his children. Theology is a fascinating tool for love or manipulation, the Jewish nation was an occupied territory by the Romans and even though Jewish tribunals were in force for religious matters the final decision lay upon the Romans who are today’s Italians. Why the Catholic Church never took responsability saying Italians kiled Jesus, there is plenty evidence that they did it, again it was a tool for hatred against the Jewish people, Forgiveness is an essential part of the Christian theology, we must forgive others the same way the Jewish holocaust victims forgave their German Nazi captors. Christians and Jews must come together to protect something we have in common Israel the land of Hashem and his people the children of Israel. Together we can defeat ISIS and HAMAS.

  • Jesus was born so that He could suffer and die for the sins of humans. God, according to Christianity, created the heavens and earth in all their glory, but He doesn’t have the power to forgive sin. Punishment has to go somewhere. God can divert the punishment to Himself–in the form is His son–but He doesn’t have the power to do away with punishment.
    Christians should be profoundly grateful to Judas for pointing Jesus out to the Romans so that they could crucify Him. If Jesus hadn’t been crucified, God would have had no other choice than to send everybody to Hell, to suffer forever and ever.

  • stan mason

    What did Jesus say about who killed him? The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life—only to take it up again. No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father.”

    • Mike P.

      Jesus also says “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?”

      This is also Jesus laying the blame for his death on God.

  • DACON9



    IF A G0D CAN DIE ,,,

    side note: what is the date of his certification that he died for your sins.. sins after his death or before his death?
    Did you stop sinning or did you continue killing?
    jesux died for your sins so therefore you continued having 8 crusades killing?
    isn’t murder a sin?
    was eating forbidden animals a sin?
    was working on Sabbath that THE ONE G-D designated a sin?
    why did jeusx tell you to sell your robe and purchase a sword if you don’t have a sword?
    why did jeusx tell luke to bring those that don’t accept him as a messiah king before him and KILL THEM SO HE JESUX SHALL SEE THEM DIE?



  • K Hill

    Hear me out, please. Nothing this football player is untrue. But at the same time, other Jews, such as Peter, Paul(Saul), John, Matthew brought the Gospel to the world. And it was JEWS, such as Stephen who said the SAME THING in the first century, such as by Stephen who also was a Jew:

    Acts 7:51-53:
    51 “You stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears! You always resist the Holy Spirit; as your fathers did, so do you. 52 Which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute? And they killed those who foretold the coming of the Just One, of whom you now have become the betrayers and murderers, 53 who have received the law by the direction of angels and have not kept it.”

    Jesus IS your Messiah and what the Jews did back then was God turning something bad, but necessary, to something good. Jesus said that no one could take his life, but he lays his life down willingly.

    John 10:17-18
    17 “Therefore My Father loves Me, because I lay down My life that I may take it again. 18 No one takes it from Me, but I lay it down of Myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This command I have received from My Father.”

    So, in reality, the Jews could not have killed Jesus unless he let them do it. So no Jew did anything that God didn’t preordain. Again, Jesus is your Messiah. Thank you Jews for providing us the Light of the World.

    • Kerry Berger

      The Bible is a nice fairy tale or myth. If you are expecting people to believe the written ramblings of barbaric people who lived 2,000 years ago then you are barking up the wrong tree. It’s your choice if you wish to believe all the written malarkey of the Early Christians that’s your business. If you are going to post here your anti-Semitic trope, then you have another thing coming. Take your so-called messiah and shut the door on your way out.

    • Genghis Cohen

      Your every word is inspired by hatred and calumny. God never conceived such an offspring as Jesus. May truth at last restore some shreds of humanity to your tortured spirit.

    • brenrod

      looks like you people will never stop stalking us

    • Cynthia

      Christ chose the twelve, and said to the woman at the well in Samaria:”Salvation is from the Jews” speaking of himself, but i’m pretty sure if you read the whole story he was also talking about the Apostles. None of this is in dispute, and you have used good scriptures to back it up.

    • Isaac Semaya

      The very idea that Jews Killed Jesus is a bunch of “CRAP”
      To understand who killed Jesus just ask “WHO NAILED HIM TO THE CROSS”????????? The answer is simple, “IT WAS THE ROMANS”!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vivarto

      The story of Jews “forcing” Romans to kill Jesus is contrary to all historical evidence and entirely improbable.
      Just some antisemitic mythology invented substantially later.

    • Duncan

      I am a staunch Christian Zionist and would sooner fight for the people pf Israel than for my own US government as it is composed today but I agree, this guy said nothing that was untrue. The Romans executed Christ but it was the Sanhedrin that pressed the case initially. I’m not sure why telling this widely accepted truth from the NT is such a negative in Israel.

      • Duncan, it is called guilt, conviction of conscience. The Key for Israel is to confess that very sin:

        “And it shall be in that day I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem. And I will pour on the house of David, and on the people of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of prayers. And they shall look on Me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for Him, as one mourns for his only son, and shall be bitter over Him, as the bitterness over the first-born” (Zechariah 12:9-10 MKJV).

    • George Jarrold

      It is true that the Jewish leaders of the time were the main instigators of the crucifixion of Christ but also many Jews were fervently against the handing over of a fellow Jew to the Romans and recognised Jesus as a prophet of God. Many more than the 12 disciples recognised Him as the promised Messiah.
      As usual it was the politicians acting out of fear and self interest that decided to agitate for the death of Jesus.
      None of this came as a surprise to Jesus and it was prophesied that this would happen.Jesus had to be “sacrificed” by the Jews because they were the only people that had received the message of God at that time and through them salvation would come to the world. No one else could do it and no one else would do it because no one else had the knowledge of the true God.
      It always strikes me that when people condemn the Jews for conspiring to crucify Jesus they always overlook Jesus’ own words from the cross,”Forgive them Father ,they know not what they do” (inverted commas are not meant to indicate Jesus’ exact words in this case). Therefore it is our duty to forgive them also as Christ asked. The Jews were not meant to be persecuted or despised and they were not by early Christians who used to worship in the synagogues alongside their fellow Jews. Paul did not advocate the castigation of Jews but rather implored them to recognise Jesus as their Messiah. Christians and Jews should be brothers and sisters ,and one day ,in God’s time,The Jewish people will recognise Christ as their saviour.

    • Israel Leon

      Brining proof of Jesus in Christian texts does not convince Jews of anything since it’s not Judaism. Christians take this personally but is the same reason Jews rejected Mohammed or any other preacher who wants to convert them. As such this rejection creates animosity that then is laid down in book form leading to written antiJewish rhetoric which in turn is used to incite hatred against the Jews for simply being true to their beliefs. Death as expiation for sin is not a Jewish belief and as far as The Torah goes, claiming that Gd “changed his Mind” to allow for its abandonment suggesting He was in error, so that worship of a human image takes precedence: Christians fail to see that this violates Gd’s own given rules such as the FIRST COMMANDMENT. Christianity is Contradictory. which is the claim Jews made in 33 CE, and have suffered for since it is at its most basic- idol worship. Christianity’s death obsession for its Messiah has no basis in Judaism either literal or allegorical. The Jewish Messiah is not killed, does not rise again, die for sins, or claims or have other claim he replaces the Torah. And if the Jews assisted in killing Jesus then you are true when you say that without it you would not have Christianity as a religion, Chrsitians should laud the Jews for Jesus’ death.

    • Joseph Botbol

      whether Jarryd Hayne, K. Hill or any other Jew hater, time does not matter. An antisemite will always be an antisemite.


    • Dear K-Hill
      a big “Ooops!” there. What you read today is the re-vised version of the Gospels, done after the Coucil of Naecea. The first followers of JC were Nazarene, and almost wiped out over the centuries by their “fellow” Christians. Anyway, the trail was not in the first version, as also the godson, virgin conception and resurrection. Copies of the first version still exist, as one in a church in Jerusalem. Also, the manuscripts written then show a change from the Jewish sect of Nazarene to Christianity, as we know it today. The Nazarene followers were almost wiped out by the Christian over the centuries, as well as many other good, decent people by Christian fanantics. Some of this in response to the Muslim Jihad and some to Christian ideology, which allows no room then for veriance.
      The thousands of followers the second version talks about sows a far different attitude than what would have been seen in the trial story, and our Rugby friend could use some study of what was then, not made up now. Shalom.

    • Ben

      I dont understand;
      1) If jesus’ death brought forgiveness to sinners, then we should thank the jews for having him killed.
      2) If Jesus was really God as the trinity proclaims, could God be killed, couldnt God have stopped the killing, and why did he cry on the cross “Father father why have you forsaken me”, was he talking to himself?
      3) If the Jews had no power to kill Jesus and the Romans were the rulers who could kill him, why would the Romans give in to their vassals against their better judgement?
      4) Did the Christians over the past 2000 years kill more Jews than the one Jew that the Jews supposedly killed?

      • Lots of questions that have plain answers. Write me and I’ll answer them, if you will, Ben.

    • Mandrake

      Hill: I agree pretty much with your analysis, except that I may add that those who accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah should try to bring Light to the Muslim World instead of badgering the Jews. I am glad and congratulate you for thanking the Jews, others are ungrateful.

    • Levi Garbose

      Another dumb pagan—