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July 10, 2015 3:37 pm

Researchers Say Women Less Likely Than Men to Kill Hitler, if They Could Travel Back in Time

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Women are less likely to willingly kill Nazi leader Adolph Hitler, according to a published research paper. Photo: Heinrich Hoffman via Wikimedia Commons.

Women are less likely to willingly kill Nazi leader Adolph Hitler, according to a published research paper. Photo: Heinrich Hoffman via Wikimedia Commons.

Women are less likely than men to want to kill Nazi leader Adolph Hitler if given the ability to travel back in time, a recently published research paper revealed.

The paper analyzed 40 studies involving 6,100 respondents in a time-travel thought experiment, the New York Post reported on Friday. While 60 percent of men said they would theoretically be willing to kill Hitler, only 55 percent of women said they would be comfortable doing the same.

The paper was published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Dr. Paul Conway, Ph.D., one of three authors of the paper, said the research describes a gender bias that surfaces across all aspects of moral decision-making, even regarding real-world decisions that do not involve imaginary time travel.

“Men pretty much mainly rely on their logic,” said Conway, a postdoctoral fellow in psychology at the University of Cologne. “That doesn’t mean that women are not logical.”

“Women and men are very similar in how much logic they apply. They both get it. They know that killing Hitler to stop WWII is better for everyone,” he continued. “It’s just that men say, ‘I’ll do it’ and that’s all. Women say, ‘but also, I really don’t want to kill someone.’”

When the New York Post pointed out to Conway that the research paper also suggests that women would be better at running the world without leading it to destruction, the professor replied, “You know, I’ve kind of been arguing that a little bit.”

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  • Jim42

    Most inquiries aren’t methodologically correct…I read a lot of abstracts in my MD life and have read a lot of B…S…t …..

  • Tom Wood

    Interesting concept however how can we be so sure that killing Hitler would have prevented ww2.

    The tensions and bitter feelings he manipulated were still there. Is it not conceivable that some other sicko would have triggered the buildmup to the war.

  • P.guetta

    Not this woman .which is myself

  • Barb Grimes

    Maybe they asked the wrong women. The women I know would stand up for the children and adults who were murdered because they were not perfect. Children and adults with cleft palates, limbs not perfect, deaf and blind children etc. In addition, there is the mass murders of Jewish people.

  • Virginia Dobbs

    He didn’t ask me. Just give me a weapon of choice, hide and watch me take the s.o.b. out. It has nothing to do with my being a woman. I am a human and know evil when I see it.

  • Susan

    This is why we need to stop socializing women to be timid & acquiescent. See,now, ME? I’d’ve answered this with “how much time do I have to do it in?” Or “Can I take a flame thrower with me?” No, I’d probably use a gun – it’s faster, so there’s less time for me to be caught.

  • Joseph Feld

    Although I don’t necessarily agree with Dr Conway’s conclusion that women would be better at running the world, I would admit that Britain’s greatest ages may be the reigns of Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II.

  • Mueller

    You are commenting on an article originally posted in MensHealth!!!!

    That must be one of the most stupid studies I have seen in a long time. Instead of concentrating on gender difference (we are speaking about 300 people out of 6000), the “researcher”, a certain postdoc Dr Paul Conway at the University of Cologne in Germany, should have wondered where those 60% of people were when a lone courageous carpenter called “Georg Elser” almost managed to kill Hitler when it was still possible (1939). He knew what most of the other Germans knew or “wanted to know”, in spite of the massive brain washing mechanisms in place and decided on his own to try and change the course of history.

    Two years later a certain Jerusalem mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini met with Hitler to discuss a good cooperation to further Hitler’s dreams….Now I wonder how 6000 of the mufti’s people TODAY (MB) would answer this question. Well I believe we would have a 100% mens vote leading to a 0% yes to kill answer, whereby women would not even be asked. I wonder if any postdoc grant could be given to this type of study?

  • Ezra ben rav yitzhak

    Does this mean that algemeiner is endorsing Hillary Clinton or Carley Fiorina for president over Willard Romney (the de facto candidate of his messiah-ness, Bibi netanyahu?? Or maybe favoring Tzipi Livni in parliamentary battles? Yeah, right, I’ll believe those things when I see them from the new, right wing rag version of a proud newspaper of the American Jewish working class!! Wing-nut importers!

  • Ephraim

    Great logic. Women would not kill Hitler and would run the world better. Do I sense a disconnect somewhere?

  • Theodore Sternberg

    How exactly was the question posed? Would you have a weapon? Would he? Or just fisticuffs? Would he be in the prime of life, or middle-aged?