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July 10, 2015 1:30 pm

Top Israeli Diplomat Says ‘Absurd’ to Believe Iran’s Claim it Will Join Fight Against Global Terror

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Israeli Foreign Ministry director-general, Dore Gold. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Israeli Foreign Ministry director-general, Dore Gold. Photo: Wiki Commons.

A senior Israeli diplomat called “absurd” Iran’s assessment that it could become a warrior in the international struggle against extremist terrorism.

Writing for the British Telegraph newspaper the day after Iranian Foreign Minister Javid Zarif penned an op-ed declaring his country’s readiness for a nuclear agreement, Dore Gold, the secretary-general of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, called the idea that Iran is a partner against global terror “disingenuous.”

He said Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terror, even under a harsh international sanctions regime. He noted that the country’s elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard operates a special Quds Force, which has activities in at least 30 countries.

Gold cited a 2011 plot in which Iran was planning to bomb the Saudi embassy in the U.S. by hiring agents of Mexican drug cartels, and he mentioned the recent discovery of an Iranian-backed Hezbollah cell collecting explosive materials in Cyprus.

He also said Iran’s sheltering of Sunni extremists who fled from Afghanistan following 9/11 adduced the country’s non-commitment to combating even Sunni extremism, which is ostensibly anathema to Iran’s official Shia faith.

Gold echoed Israeli concerns that a nuclear agreement would boost rather than hinder “Iranian support for global terrorism,” both by releasing at least $100 billion in assets frozen through the course of the sanctions regime and by allowing the country to operate as a nuclear threshold state, which would allow its international terrorist activities to acquire “a protective nuclear umbrella.”

And he said Zarif specifically could not be trusted to speak against terrorism as he laid a wreath in January at the grave of Imad Mughniyeh, a Hezbollah operative who had masterminded terrorist attacks against American and French troops and the Jewish community center in Argentina, among other things.

Gold was responding to Iran’s foreign minister, who wrote on Thursday that the threat of the Islamic State and other extremist groups in the Middle East was a concern it shared with the international community.

“Unless [this threat] is stopped, it will spread further. The cold-blooded barbarism on display knows no borders. The simultaneous massacres on three different continents a short while ago is proof,” wrote Zarif, referring to near-simultaneous terrorist attacks that rocked Tunisia, France and Kuwait, killing scores.

Zarif called for “new approaches,” indicating his country’s willingness to join “international efforts” if a nuclear agreement can be reached.

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  • Moshe Akiva

    I believe the mullahs. They didn’t define what terrorism is, they just said they will fight against it. 🙂

  • Paul Berman

    Iran plans to be the the ruler of the of the global Islamic caliphate which is the only reason they are fighting Daesh. Two sides of the same bloodthirsty extremist coin

  • Vivienne Havalant (Leijonhufvud)

    It is a pity the US does not listen to Mr. Gold? Neither Iran nor Saudi are excempt of supporting terrorism. One could hope that Sunni and Shiia go head to head and wipe the other out! However, as so many terrorists cells are supported and funded by both Saudi and Iran all around the world such a war between these two Moslem outfits will drag the entire world into the arena. Iran has just received a gold bullion delivery from South Africa and Saudi is busy funding mega Europe, Scandinavia, US even irrelevant Irish Republic (Oil off the west coast). To add insult to injury the west is led by an idiot like Obama a covert Moslem who totally believes in the goodness and rightiousness of Islam! G-d help us all ISIS is already at the gates of Israel.

  • David Goshen

    Both Iran and Israel are wrong.
    Iran will only fight against terror which is a regeme not acceptable to Iran which it is attempting to overthrow in the many wars it is partacipating in the Middle East
    It will not fight against terror which is supported by Iran.
    Terror comes in many varities!

  • steven L

    So the good Iranians are going to fight against the bad Iranians!!! That makes a lot of sense since the majority of the Westerners know NOTHING about international politics. ISIS is open about their goals and tactics. Iran is a lot more discrete. But they do just the same thing thinking that nobody pay attention.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    The Iranian brand of terrorism may not be as brash as Islamic State, its counterpart and adversary in line for the “true” caliphate, yet Iran’s desire to lead the Middle East and branch out to a world-wide Caliphate is no secret. If Islamic State is the Sunni rendition of a caliphate, then Iran is the Shi’ite adaptation on steroids, especially when the coffers are opened to the “king’s fortune.”

    The suave delivery of this Iranian foreign minister should not be misconceived as anything other than taqiyya.

    Dr. Gold’s read of the situation is spot on. Zarif’s “new approaches” had better be watched with a seven-tonne, 4.5-metre tall Scanning Transmission Electron Holography Microscope (STEHM) and auscultated by a cardiology stethoscope to detect slush, taradiddle, trumpery, or twaddle.