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July 13, 2015 1:01 pm

Israeli Minister Steinitz: We Can ‘Sway’ US Public Opinion on Iran Nuclear Deal

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz.' Photo: Liron Moldovan.

Israeli Minister Yuval Steinitz.’ Photo: Liron Moldovan.

Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz told Israeli Walla! News on Monday he was optimistic that Israel would be able “sway” lawmakers, and U.S. public opinion, to oppose and ultimately veto the expected nuclear deal with Iran.

Noting that many members of Congress were currently on summer recess, the Israeli energy minister said crunch time to clinch a congressional veto would fall toward the end of the first half of September, when the 60 day review period for the Iran deal would be reaching its conclusion.

Steinitz was confident that many Democratic senators were becoming increasingly dubious over the nuclear deal, in addition to broad Republican opposition.

“[Israel] knows how to sway public opinion,” said Steinitz.

Steinitz’s assessment of the Iran nuclear deal itself — which diplomats said would be announced on Monday — was far less optimistic. He called it a “win for the ayatollahs.”

“We demanded a deal providing full dismantlement and de-establishment. The world powers came and said that’s not going to happen. It will be an agreement of monitoring and freezing [nuclear work] … But the freeze is anything but absolute and [the Iranians] continue to develop their nuclear program, and the unprecedented intrusive inspections regime Obama spoke about is becoming a joke, a farce. The monitoring under suggestion will be utterly useless,” said Steinitz.

Steinitz — a confidant of Israeli PM Netanyahu, and often the Israeli government’s point man when it comes to the Iran deal — warned that Iran would be able to “obtain nuclear weapons in a matter of days” by the time the nuclear deal expires.

And should Iran seek “to attack Israel or obtain a nuclear bomb,” Israel’s right to respond using military force is unbound by any international accord, he said.

“It is our right to do anything we want to prevent” Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, he said.

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  • William C. McKee

    Dear Minister Steinitz,

    You are perhaps the person that I was (uh) sent to speak to. In the OT there is some prophet that was requesting the state of readiness to defend Israel from a representative of Israel, very much like yourself. Perhaps you recall the story.

    The prophet was well informed by the minister of the day of a good and solid listing of military equipment and well trained troops to use this equipment. As a military man you could appreciate that sort of boiler plate answer to the question. But the prophet hoped to hear evidence of something greater than just formal military might. That was a necessary part of the answer, but not a sufficient part of the answer. At the time, he was hoping to hear some vague reference to God’s part in all of this.

    Let me put it this way minister, as a practical military consideration, Israel can give a substantial military strike to any foe that wants to take them on. That is true. But you, just like all of Israel’s military people, take your oath of defense on a certain mountain — that once held out against the power of Rome. [A super-power of its day.] Israel fought well, fought bravely, even to the last defender. They didn’t win a military victory, but they did win a moral victory. Push come to shove, Israel would give a fight all that they have.

    However, the prophet then or now, would remind Israel that the true fight to be fought is not merely against flesh and blood, but spiritual wickedness in high places. The players on the chess board might be various countries such as Iran and Israel, or America and Russia. But the actual foe isn’t any of them. You have nothing in your usual military arsenal that can do damage to the real foe of Israel.

    Who is the real foe of Israel? That foe is the one that wishes to destroy your contract with God. And if necessary by the [side effect] of a military destruction. Recall your contract. A part of it was to defend a tiny plot of land. The foe (the real one) doesn’t care one way or another if you have a tiny plot of land. The foe, thinks of himself as owning even the whole world. A further and infinitely greater part of your contract, was to be a “blessing” to the entire earth. One does not generate the collective story of the Bible, merely to be one well established country among others. The foe would water down considerably the contact with God — if you were just another nation. But keep in mind that the foe could also win the day if you had altogether too much pride in yourself. The mythic story about the Tower of Babel a cautionary tail about that risk. The true foe, has many assets. But super powerful though he is, he also has significant hidden weaknesses. Weaknesses that could absolutely in an Aikido or Judo-like way, turn all of his great outward threat of power into inward destruction.

    President Putin, who likewise has a vast military arsenal, has not forgotten that at times, even the elements of Judo are of greater importance. I speak not of just merely direct physical moves. Those would teach a method to a greater extent than the principle. Only that principle will be of any use against the true foe. You could otherwise die bravely on the mountain, as you have all vowed — but not achieve what God promised of you.

    Let us give a few names of both strengths and weaknesses of the great foe. For the past several decades, the US press has pointed at Iran and its leaders and said that “they are insane” with their unbalanced hate towards the west. Why don’t they simply see that they are the ones that are in the wrong, and cow-tow to those that are in the right? Ignorance is a frequent tool of the true enemy. The press, for the past few decades, has well listed the sins of Iran. There is the matter of the improvised explosive devices that have harmed thousands of American soldiers in Iraq. Likewise Israel has suffered from Iran backed groups. But the strength of the foe, is to have you believe that there is no reason for this. As in most cases, evil begets evil. Surely your scripture speaks of such a concept.

    What is missing from all the press reports? In America’s situation, no reporting is given to the basic fact that almost since the year 1900 we have a documented history of doing blockades, bribery, and overthrowing of governments in Iran, including ridding their nation of a several decade long experiment with democracy. Ending their experiment with the installation of a very despotic king and an evil police state to keep him in power. All during the time from 1900 and onward the people of Iran, through their democracy offered such examples of cow-towing to America and other western powers, deals like a 50/50 cut of their nation’s net profits on oil. Not only were generous deals like these turned down, but they were used as reason to punish this country even more severely. The sin was over greed of oil. The powers in high places were the oil related corporations. The means, the CIA, who yes at times can be heroic, and various US administrations. The bottom line had become no less than their God. Really the God Baal, a great foe of Israel, pushing aside better angels.

    The obvious strength of the great foe is the value of oil and the greed by some to control it (absolutely), even if to sell their own grandmothers into white slavery. How many wars of the past, even proceeding WW II, have had an oil factor? Even today, near to where the US had a war with North Viet Nam, wonder of wonders, China is forming giant islands of sand, covered with military weapons, and a freshly formed deep water navy to defend (or claim) them. And it is all over oil and gas.

    Corporate players of various sorts have used methods not unlike those used in Iran to cause mischief in the Ukraine. A lot of chess pieces were moved (including port contracts to the Russian navy to get access to warm water — were torn up). This time not to obtain energy, but to market it. As Gov. Rick Perry suggested, we would now be in a position to send ships with 250,000 tons of LNG to Europe, now that Russia was playing the “bad guy”.

    The strength of the true enemy in this regard is obvious. But his inward weakness is also obvious. Any method that would cut the price of gasoline to between 1 and 2 dollars per gallon. Any method that would remove absolute control by giant corporations would be a Judo-like move on the otherwise absolute power of the true foe.

    I have provided an unlimited supply of such (moral) weapons for Israel to fight the true foe with to the Rabbi Jeremy Rosen of this web site. Minister, take up my pure white-gold weapon and deal a crippling blow to your true foe. The foe, that only as a mere side effect, would wish your nation to die. In reality, his only true concern, is to prevent you from honoring the terms of your contract with God. If you died well on a battlefield, you might still (some-how) live up to the contract. With all the evil in him, he wishes that you never become a true and lasting “blessing” to the world. If you were merely another nation among many, with no greater core of values and no grater hope, then your true function would not be realized. Just like with tiny Vatican City, tiny Israel’s potential is not to be measured in merely its size. Not so long ago, someone came from one of your tiniest cities and permanently changed everything on the whole earth. At least that is what I measure things by.

  • Emmett

    Enough of the spineless lip service of the secular leftist court Jews who have infiltrated the Israeli government. They, along with their traitor of a leader continue with their incompetence and lack of action. I should say zero action and empty words. Except when it comes to harming Israel, then they treat the Jew as an enemy, while treating Israel’s enemies as if they were the national treasure.

  • Simone Miller

    As I page down from this article I see that there is :1. an article about hitler, 2. an article about an idiot athlete jarryd hayne. Please do not be so sure that Israel can influence Congress.

  • Mickey Oberman

    I am sorry, Mr. Steinitz, but your optimism is completely unfounded.

    I wish it were true.

  • theo

    Please Mr Steinitz ,you talk of ” responding” to an attack by Iran
    Are you saying Israel must first absorb a hit before responding
    Is this a new position being adopted ?
    This is totally untenable !
    Your statement then continues : it is our right to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon
    Which is it ? Either absorb a devastating hit or pre empting ?

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    I am just a plain American citizen and an Israeli citizen. At present I am unemployed an living in Jerusalem. I lived in the US for sixty years, was born, raised and educated there. Having spent most of my life in the Chicago area gave me a sense of the American mentality; having taught the lingua franca, my native tongue, in high schools, colleges and universities for more than thirty years afforded me a great deal of insight into the minds of young people living in the States. The perspective of living in Israel, 6000 miles from Chicago for six years of my life has provided me with a degree of objectivity toward my land of birth.

    I would question whether this Congress or any Congress would vote against an incumbent American president on this issue or any issue for that matter. Congress is not the American public: it represents the public’ yet it is not the public in composition, temperament, education, knowledge, interests, understanding, predilections, or mentality. Republicans aside, there is a great deal of tepidity regarding Israel among many if not most Democrats in Congress. This has been the case formats of my life, but it especially rings true today. Israel is not regarded by many elitist liberals in an affectionate manner. I have seen such leanings among friends, family members, acquaintances, in the media, and in my own personal research over decades. Of course, I hope that MK Steinitz is right in his assessment; but I am skeptical to say the least. That there would even be any kind of agreement with Iran after last Friday’s antics burning the flags of both America and Israel and chanting death to both peoples just takes the breath out of me.

    I do believe that Israel can defend itself against any foe anywhere in the world. There is a will here that does not exist anywhere else, including in America. For that, I am grateful. Notwithstanding, I still love and respect the American people as a whole and know that their best wishes do go out to Israel. I know that a large majority of Americans still love and respect Israel and only wish it the very best.

  • nelson marans

    Unfortunately when push comes to shove, President Obama needs only 34 of the 44 Democratic senators to insure that his agreement becomes the law With obvious favors that can be distributed by a sitting president and even possible that a Republican senator will vote against vetoing an Iranian agreement, it is inconceivable that a veto will be forthcoming from the Senate. The fate of the Iranian accord was sealed when Senator Corker reached a compromise that required two thirds of the senate to reject the agreement.

  • ESLombard

    I know that bragging that we know how to influence the Congress.

    That’s something that the grumbling antisemites fill the comments sections with and that the prejudiced. media feed on.

  • Dennis

    U.S. public oponion is already against a deal as described. There remains a disconnect between the will of the u.s. citizens and the actions of u.s. leadership.

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