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July 15, 2015 5:05 pm

Document Reveals Israel’s Elite Sheyetet 13 Unit Assassinated Syrian General in His Home

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Israeli naval commandos assassinated a top Syrian general in 2008, NSA documents reveal. PHOTO: NRG.

Israeli naval commandos assassinated a top Syrian general in 2008, NSA documents reveal. PHOTO: NRG.

U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) documents leaked by whistle-blower Edward Snowden revealed that Israel’s Shayetet 13 naval commandos were responsible for assassinating in 2008 a ranking official of the Assad regime, Israeli media reported, citing The Intercept.

General Mohammad Suleiman was a senior military and intelligence adviser to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, and was believed to be behind the Syrian government’s transfer of weapons from Iran to Hezbollah in neighboring Lebanon.

Suleiman was also apparently responsible for Syria’s nuclear facility in the Deir ez-Zor region, which is believed to have been destroyed by Israel in 2007.

According to the report, in the beginning of August 2008, a small team of Israeli commandos entered Syrian waters near the coastal city of Tartus, and shot the Syrian general to death as he was eating dinner on his balcony.

After confirming their kill, the Israeli military force returned home by way of the sea.

At the time, Syrian sources confirmed that Suleiman was shot in the head and neck.

Even though Israel has never admitted involvement in the assassination, U.S. intelligence groups have in the past suggested that an Israeli force carried out the assassination.

“We’ve had access to Israeli military communications for some time,” a former U.S. intelligence official told The Intercept, adding that knowledge within the NSA about monitoring Israeli military units is highly sensitive because Israeli intelligence officers work closely with NSA officers at its Fort Meade headquarters.

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  • david mccance

    You guys sound like you have a lot of hate in your heart
    David from Scotland

  • P Guetta

    Good for Elite 13 . Congratulations to them !



  • Elisheva

    where are the 5 comments?

  • art

    Good for Israel!!!
    Shame on the US for spying. Another reason to release Jonathan Pollard

  • Craig

    The real-life Avengers. Thank you.

  • steven L

    To day the Obama Adm has done everything to undermine Israel. Part of a strategy to convince Iran into a nuke deal. Next, Obama believes he can convinced the fanatic to stop their fanatical behavior!!! Time will tell.

    • Charles

      yes this is a big part of his thinking – that if he plays nice, then the other kids will play nice. I think its very noble. it certainly appeals to a certain part of the jewish psyche. kind of like a turn the other cheek kind of thing. but i believe this nobleness needs to be paired with wisdom. just because we want to show openness does not require being ignorant of your counterpart’s actions, especially when they reveal his intentions. the objective is to read his intentions and encourage him to CHANGE yes change! if there is no change in HEART then you have to change your tune. its wonderfully noble and all, very chic and hip, especially when compared to some of the people less willing to experiemnt, but if it didn’t work at preschool then why should it work here. if the kids are not changing their behaviour then you need to change your tactics, and at least defend yourself.

  • Bullfrog

    ‘A good job, done well’ ..

  • enufizenuf

    One down, 22 million more to go.