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July 17, 2015 4:21 pm

Argentina’s President Kirchner Implies Jewish Community Leaders Caused Foreign Minister’s Illness

avatar by David Daoud

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Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, implied in a series of tweets this week that the local Jewish community is responsible for the country’s foreign minister’s recent deteriorated health, Israel’s NRG reported on Thursday.

According to the report, Kirchner suggested that Foreign Minister Hector Timmerman’s health took a turn for the worse after criticism from members of the Jewish community. The critique was prompted by the government’s decision to include Iran in a commission of inquiry into the 1994 Buenos Aires Jewish community center bombing.

“Hector is seriously suffering after the manner in which the heads of the community behaved towards him and called him a traitor,” tweeted Kirchner after the Foreign Minister underwent surgery on Tuesday to remove a tumor from his liver.

After she was subsequently called out online for her remarks, she responded with a tweet that NRG said implied an accusation of dual loyalties against the Jewish community. “It’s known that Hector is Jewish , but first he is an Argentine, like me. I am Catholic, but first I am Argentine.”

“For me, there is nothing more important than the homeland,” she tweeted.

On Thursday, doctors said Timmerman was recovering “well and without complications.

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  • corey ny

    Just a matter of time until Obama sucks up to them as a reward for their antisemitism — oops I mean anti-zionism.

  • This strange thinking reminds me of an Argentine movie I saw a few days ago. I forget the English language title but in Spanish the 2014 movie was “Wild Stories” based on my translation. It was completely anti-capitalist, nihilistic and fundamentally opposed to civilization (entirely). Have you seen it yet? Probably not because it was not released with English dubbing and thus only shown in “art house” theaters.

    I think this movie reveals a lot about the pathology of a country still governed by the madness of Juan Peron’s ideology. It is a country that practices “vampire economics…” Remember when the government of Argentina argued in US courts that it should not pay off the bond holders for the bonds it issued because those holding the bonds were “profiteers” and “predatory investors.” Ask yourself, who else would be crazy enough to buy Argentine bonds? Obviously, the Argentine government’s decision to welsh on its debts meant that only gambling and risk-taking speculators would consider buying such crap.
    Since World War II, thanks to its “vampire economics,” Argentina has dropped from being a developed economy to a third world economy. Its GDP has dropped approximately 50% in spite of the fact that Argentina is well endowed in resources. In fact, abundantly endowed.
    Nowadays, where I live in south Florida, the middle class of Puerto Rico is showing up, escaping from an island that fully enjoyed the “benefits” of the welfare state. The British “Economist” magazine estimates we Floridians have taken in over 1 million Puerto Ricans since the financial crisis erupted in San Juan. Like Greece, the basketcase of Europe, unsuspecting foreigners have bought Puerto Rican bonds being used to fund lavish state pensions, failing socialist enterprizes, and absurd projects of all sorts.
    Of course, Floridians welcome the middle classes of Puerto Rico, just as we have welcomed the Cubans, Venezuelans and Argentines (!)who escape socialist madness.
    There is one thing that Puerto Rico has in its history: its position as a former colony of the Roosevelt era, under the quack economist/Democrat colonial Govenor Rexford Tugwell it was subjected to an imposed foreign ideology. This ideology has not only wrecked the economy but also the culture of PR. Today in San Juan the socialist elite lives in splendor in its enclave of Viejo San Juan while everyone with the $ to buy a ticket to Florida is fleeing.
    The free enterprise economy of Florida (Republican Governor, both houses of the legislature overwhealmingly Republican) easily absorbs the victims of Latin American socialism (I have not those coming from the messed-up economies of the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Brazil, etc.) Even people from the middle east (there are 3 Arab churches and 1 (new) mosque near my residence). There are no problems coming from these people – they are people who want to work and become rich. And, they are doing so at this moment. Florida has virtually annihilated its public welfare, food stamps, government housing, socialized medicine. The masses coming here are quiet, inoffensive, hard working, education-seeking, clean, well behaved. And, they are tax-payers.
    But look at Argentina. Its resources are more abundant than Florida. We, in Florida, import virtually all of our needs, except for sugar, a dying citrus industry (dying from a fungus) and sugar subsidized by the Obama regime) and tourists. Yet, our bonds are highly sought. Our banks are full of deposits. (Some are discussing restoring gold based banking, as they are doing in Texas.)
    Imagine what Argentine could do with a stable currency, honest public debt, freedom from regulations…

  • Joseph Feld

    Did the Jewish commuity give him a ‘liver tumor’? If you can embrace werewolves [7th son of a 7th son] you can believe most total nonsense.

  • Jerry

    how right are the Brits concerning this murderous failed state.