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July 19, 2015 11:34 pm

Ku Klux Klan Members Shred Israeli Flag at South Carolina Protest (VIDEO)

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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KKK protesters were caught on video spitting, stomping on and ripping apart an Israeli flag. Photo: Screenshot.

KKK protesters were caught on video spitting at, stomping on and ripping apart an Israeli flag. Photo: Screenshot.

Members of a North Carolina Ku Klux Klan chapter were caught on camera violently defacing an Israeli flag during a widely covered pro-Confederate flag rally outside the South Carolina Capitol, Vice News reported on Saturday.

Footage of the protest shows members of the chapter, known as the Loyal White Knights, furiously spitting at, trampling on, and ripping apart the Jewish State’s flag. Later in the video, one protester is seen holding up the shredded banner as two others pull at it to tear it even further. Another then repeatedly stomps on the blue and white national symbol while waving a Confederate flag.

“I’m supposed to be neutral, but I know there are millions of people who are going to be watching that who will be terrified, the symbol of their religion like that, stomped on,” the Vice reporter narrating the clip says.

The video also shows other KKK members proudly giving Nazi salutes.

The white power group was gathered outside the South Carolina State House to protest the removal of the controversial Confederate flag from the capitol building a week ago. Dozens of heavily armed law enforcement officials were on hand at the rally, according to the Vice News reporter at the scene.

The protest took place a little over two weeks after a group of neo-Nazis waved Palestinian and Confederate flags at an antisemitic rally in London.

Watch footage of the desecration of the Israeli flag below (23:47):


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  • Charles Martel

    I am a Jew who is armed and ready!I fear the Quisling Jews who help the democrats ruin this country!.Yes lets let more Muslims into America. Over 100,000 come to America every year. Who do you think they will kill first? Yep the stupid liberal Jews!

    Schmucks wake up you bleeding heart Morons.Buy a gun and teach your wussy kids how to fight.Stop being the Victim.

  • Ben Weiss

    The ‘White’ supremists imitate their adored A. Hitler, whose 1000 year Reich was destroyed and finished in 12 years, and whose founder blew his brains out rather than face the world for the atrocities he committed on, not only Jews, but on German citizens, Christian leaders, the Poles,Russians, the Dutch, the French, etc. Too bad those poor misguided KKKs weren’t alive in Germany during WWII to be able to see where their hate leads. It leads always to the destruction of the perpetrators, ie the haters.

  • Marvin

    Interesting alliance: the KKK, Confederate recidivists, Nazis, Palestinians and Islamists. If you figure out what they have in common, you’re half-way to understanding why these groups hate the America Barack Obama wants to destroy.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Jews better wise up to the fact that we don’t only have enemies who are Muslim but enemies who are white and extremist and blacks who hate Jews because this way they have something more in common with the whites.

    Crazy isn’t it. What Israel has endured from before the State America will now endure from terrorist acts to mass killings and devestation.

    This latest killer is a naturalized citizen. He and his family had to take an oath of allegiance. Renounce their citizenship since he broke his oath of allegiance and send his whole family back to Kuwait.

    This should be the law if you are a naturalized citizen and you commit an act of terror then you and your entire family’s citizenship is automatically revoked, no appeals whatsoever.

    This might stop some terrorists from acting out.

    Jews better start being strong and not so weak.

    Every Jew should have a powerful weapon and know how to use it.
    This is Germany in the 1930’s all over again and if the Jews were strong in 1920 and killed Hitler and the Nazis there would never have been a Holocaust.

    • Jorge prado

      Israel live forever be strong nation
      be bless nation

  • Mike J.

    If it weren’t for all the confederate flags one could mistake it for UC Davis

  • Sarah

    How ridiculous does the KKK look? They require the tax payers $ to provide police protection and surround them as they fight to keep the Confederate flag? They look so ignorant to me and I am from the south, but in no way want to be connected with them. How dare they step on the flag of Israel. Another sign of ignorance. Many of them claim they believe in the Messiah. However, believing in the Messiah myself, if they read their Bible…God says Israel is His chosen nation!!God says Israel will always stand like an imovable rock! He sternly warns anyone/nation that tries to come against her. So people that say they believe in the Messiah, read your Bible again and pay attention…the Jewish people have always been God’s chosen people and Israel has always been His chosen nation!

  • TO: members of KKK. Stupid! you lost the civil war. Why continue to honor the flag. You seem to hate all others beside yourself. You honor Hitler and the Nazi salute Why don’t you leave the USA and live(?) with other demented terrorrists?

    • lovezion

      Actually, they should join all those arab muzzie islamic (isalamic)countries and live there until….some of the savages decide they want to cut their heads and play football with them. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  • These clowns are marking time till they have been spent. They are an irrelevance in today’s, slightly more tolerant age. They are an anathema and sadly lacking the remotest credibility. The real concern is their appeal to a disenfranchised sector of any community, disconnected from the mainstream. Open to lunatics of all persuasions?

  • Lauren Goldman

    The Ku Klux Klan; Tea Party rejects. Perhaps they might want to take an objective look at all of their rallies; they are always a pathetically small group, vastly outnumbered by those who want them to leave.

    • Surak

      No, you are the reject. The KKK was created by the Democrat party in frustration over losing the Civil War. The Dems have continued to practice cultural genocide on American blacks for the last 150 years. Some Jews and some blacks are finally waking up, thank G-d.

      FYI, Ms. GOLDMAN, Tea Party supporters support Israel about 40% in national polls than the Tea Party opponents you’re more comfortable with. Are you proud today of your president Barack Hussein 0bama and selling out Israel? Any non-self-hating Jew should join the Republicans and the Tea Party. Don’t worry, Jerusalem won’t be booed at Republican or Tea Party events, but rather cheered, in contrast to the Dem. Natl. Convention 2012.

      • E.V. Hammond

        THANK YOU, SURAK! I’m Jewish AND a Tea Party Patriot, IIIer, Constitutionalist, G-d-loving American supporter of Israel & Zionism, & right-wing by default, as they seem to be the only ones with eyes & ears open to see the tragedy that the U.S. is becoming! These self-hating, Reform, liberal, Demoncrat, Jews-in-name-only are like zombies, still wandering about singing Ovomit’s praises – which is why I seldom attend Synagogue! WAKE THE HELL UP, my Jewish brothers & sisters, or face another Holocaust!!!!

      • lovezion

        Well said!!! What hurts me the most is when these asinine TROLLS are Jewish!!! But it makes me feel good that the renegate traitor jews will be the first to have their heads rolling down on the bloody floor! I like that!

      • Alexi

        Sure, the Tea People support Israel, and at the same time, the KKK votes Republican.

        Do try to catch up. It’s 2015

  • DocReality

    Did the Islam-loving Black Panthers help them out. I’m sure Jew-hatred is one way they could join forces.

  • Jim42

    Idiotic Jewish Democrats should rather buy Guns and train…instead of fighting the 2nd Amendment!!!!!
    It is smelling bad for them in the USA: from Left and Right…the Middle-between being mostly Indifferent and basically Anti-Semitic…(they don’t care that Jews are NOT much more Semitic genetically than French Catholics (South France) or even like Jefferson who was a Mesopotamian Originated T Haplogroup!!!!!
    since King Balak, Judaism and stiff necked Jewish is enough to put them all in rage !!!!!

    • a.non

      Leave your ignorant opinions about genetics out of this. The evidence has shown time and time again that Jews are highly genetically related to each other and distinct from groups they’re living among. Have you heard of the BRCA1 gene? Not common in French Catholics. They’ve identified a gene in Jewish men of the priestly caste (Kohanim) in Jewish men from Europe and all over the Middle East.

    • Neil Leibowitz

      How do you know they aren’t?

    • Bryna Weiss

      Oh, be quiet, you jerk!

  • Any American who gives the nazi salute is pledging allegiance to one of America’s worst enemies. It doesn’t matter that this enemy was eradicated 70 years ago. This is how stupid the KKK really is. They claim to be the ‘true’ defenders of America and yet they pay homage to an entity that wanted to destroy America. In my mind they should be arrested, tried, and punished for treason.

  • leon klement

    Thank you Loyal White Knights for the complement. you are such dears.

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    Where is the crime?