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July 20, 2015 7:57 am

Hillary Clinton and Anti-Semite Max Blumenthal: Don’t Ignore the Association

avatar by Abraham H. Miller

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Anti-Israel activist Max Blumenthal. Photo: Wikipedia.

Anti-Israel activist Max Blumenthal. Photo: Wikipedia. – It has not been a good month for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Not only is Bernie Sanders coming up on her in the clubhouse turn, but Hillary’s recently exposed emails reveal praise for professional anti-Semite Max Blumenthal. The likes of this sort of praise have not been seen since the notorious David Duke commended Blumenthal for exposing the evils of Zionism despite his Jewish name and Jewish face.

In all fairness, Hillary’s praise was for Blumenthal’s earlier book, “Republican Gomorrah,” where Max showed that his contempt for Christians could rival his contempt for Jews. We should remember that Max’s father, Sidney Blumenthal, has been a longstanding, trusted advisor to the Clinton brand. And Sidney has had no hesitation in publicly and actively defending his son’s most recent anti-Semitic screed, “Goliath.”

This is not Hillary’s first rodeo with an anti-Semitic theme. Immediately after Suha Arafat (Mrs. Yasser) publicly launched an anti-Semitic blood libel at a public forum, accusing Israeli soldiers of shooting Palestinian children for their body parts, Hillary was out the gate to give Suha a warm hug, as if affirming the veracity of her statement.

Jewish liberals, in lock step with Hillary’s own convoluted explanation of this outrage, rendered this exquisite rationale for Hillary’s behavior—Mrs. Arafat must have lectured in Arabic, and Hillary did not understand what she said. Clinton would eventually go that route and try to save face and blame it on a mistranslation in her ear. Nonetheless, “in the Middle East,” Mrs. Clinton said, “a kiss is a handshake.”

I doubt if most Jewish liberals will bother to read Max Blumenthal’s “Goliath” because to do so would confront them with the political dissonance that is easily avoided by studied ignorance. Max’s book is obsessed with comparing the Israel Defense Forces to the Nazis and replays every canard about Israel that could be heard at a chapter meeting of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In fact, liberal writer Eric Alterman, who reviewed “Goliath” for “The Nation,” wrote that it “could have been published by the Hamas Book-of-the-Month Club.” After Alterman’s review appeared, Sidney Blumenthal launched an email campaign attacking Alterman.

As foreign affairs confidant to Hillary Clinton, Sidney Blumenthal’s views on Israel should be a campaign issue. After all, ignoring President Barack Obama’s associations prevented the Jewish community from anticipating both his hostility toward Israel and his pursuit of the disastrous agreement with Iran. That mistake should not be compounded in assessing Hillary.

Longtime friend and supporter of the Clintons, retired Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz, said that Sidney Blumenthal’s advocacy of his son’s book could damage Hillary’s primary run. Dershowitz professed an understanding of how a father would want to protect his son, but then went on to note the obvious. When your son is a bigot, and expresses views that are akin to those of the KKK, Hamas, and anti-Semites generally, it is time to dissociate oneself from those views.

Max Blumenthal is not only anti-Semitic, he is also anti-American. As journalist Rick Moran notes, Max compared American sniper and war hero Chris Kyle to the notorious John Lee Malvo, the mass murderer who shot people in the District of Columbia area at random from a hole in the trunk of his car. The comparison is the product of the mind of an ideologue who thinks his vitriol somehow rises to the level of intellectual insight.

Dershowitz is right about Max Blumenthal, but he is wrong about this being a campaign issue. Given a choice between their allegiance to liberal policies and their Judaism, liberal Jews will embrace the liberal political agenda even at the cost of the existence of the Jewish state. These folks have come to believe that tikkun olam (repairing the world) is best exercised by a political philosophy that will seize money from Peter and transfer it to Paul.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center listed Max Blumenthal ninth on its list of the top 10 progenitors of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel slurs.

But as Jewish liberals would probably say, what does the Wiesenthal Center know about anti-Semitism, anyhow?

Hillary has nothing to fear from her relationship with Sidney and Max Blumenthal. After all, it is not as if Max Blumenthal said something disparaging about African-Americans or put his foot in his mouth like Donald Trump with regard to illegal immigrants. Now, those are issues for which liberal Jews will take to the barricades.

Abraham H. Miller is an emeritus professor of political science, University of Cincinnati, and a senior fellow with the Salomon Center for American Jewish Thought (@salomoncenter).

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  • Daniel Cranston

    I am a member of the 98% of US citizens who are not Jewish. Over the last few years I’ve come to the heretical view that, clearly blasphemous to this site, the US can exist quite nicely without Israel, but not the converse. Most commenters here will find that shocking I’m sure. I read Jimmy Carter’s “Peace not Apartheid” recently and I’m certain all here consider him anti-Semitic as well. Despite Israel’s half century of an illegal occupation, a more balanced story is starting to seep out despite all vigorous attempts to the contrary. I suspect that if the polarity of Israel were suddenly reversed and the Palestinians held the Jews in a half century military occupation, I’d expect that the Jews would violently resist that condition. I find antisemitism abhorrent but I also find defining me as such simply because I criticize some of Israel’s governmental policies, is a path toward breeding anti-Semitism.

  • MAS

    One who associates with notorious anti-Semites, such as Max Blumenthal, cannot claim that they are unaware of their hideousness. We have just gone through 7 years where an American President has been has undermined Israel, providing a final solution with the Iran nuclear deal which threatens to destroy Israel. With that accomplished, and with the rising anti-Semitism in Europe, wholesale attacks on Jews in the United States cannot be dismissed as unlikely. We do not need another president who will cater anti-Semitic desires. If one lies down with anti-Semites, one can be expected to take on anti-Semitic stances. This article is a service because it brings out information which is not well known, but is critical for the Jewish electorate to be aware.

  • Robert Davis

    The fact hilary’s son in law is a jew does preclude her as an antisemite. Even some opportunist jews are antisemite. The lies and slurs against Israel are not credible of course and they are not used in order to explain that Israel is a nation on planet mars but to force a diktat upon Israel and dictate its borders. It is used by the communist left MASTER IN LIES including its proclaimed name “liberal” which is another lie since it is NOT liberal at all. It is totalitarian and communist. And hilary i a fake “liberal” and a true communist politically speaking.Maybe not economically since she would lose a part of her wealth with communism…

  • Alexi

    This is a silly column filled with logical fallacies and misdirection. One is allowed to commend a book critical of an American political party while at the same time acknowledging that on the subject of Israel and Jews, the writer is off the deep end.

    BUT…. Republican’s just can’t seem to help themselves from turning Israel into a partisan political football, and the Jewish vote into a partisan political football to be won by demonizing through cognitive dissonance.

    Watching Republicans support a country that HAS Universal Health Care while decrying them death panels in the US is a real hoot.

    IF Republicans were as sensible as the Israeli Right, ie.. Likud we’d have something to talk about. But they’re not. They are the party of “death panels”, “gov shutdowns”, “trickle down econ”, “Corporations are people”, “Money is Speech”, and the Confederate flag.

    Perhaps if you’d spend a moment looking in the mirror and cleaning up your OWN HOUSE (Donald Trump? Seriously???) a book the likes of the one Max Wrote about you wouldn’t ever have been written. By anyone.

    • SBS

      Donald Trump may be the 2016 spoiler candidate much like Ron Paul’s designee, Chuck Baldwin, in 2008. Whoever appears to be ‘going rogue’ to get the disgruntled vote, may in the end be a vote for Hillary Clinton. And the further unraveling of America. Her son-in-law is a Jew. So what? Does he believe in democracy for America or the Middle East?

  • SBS

    “… political dissonance that is easily avoided by studied ignorance”

    Great description.

  • Texgotham

    I would have voted for Hillary in the Democratic Party primary here in Texas, but now my vote will go for Webb. To my liberal friends — scratch anti-Semitism and you’ll find Jim Crow and every other form of political and racial obscenity.

  • AKUS

    Accusing Clinton of anti-Semitsm, as this article implicitly does, is going too far.

    By the way – her son in law is a Jew.

    • E benAbuya

      And I’m certain many of her best friends are Jews too.

    • HaroldT

      Firstly, Clinton’s son in law is an apostate Jew. So, get your facts right.
      Secondly, awake from your cocoon of disillusion about Clinton, or are you one of the innumerable American quisling Jews ?

      • Stormin’Norm


        …By “apostate Jew”…are you claiming he is a lapsed or non-religious Jew or

        are you claiming he switched religions???

    • Robert Davis

      The fact her son in law is jewish does NOT preclude her as an antisemite! Heard of jihadstreet?

  • Paul Goodman

    I would disagree with you on two points: his name is not ‘Jewish’, it’s German (many Jews fleeing Germany had German names) and that face is Arian if ever I’ve seen one – small nose, beady eyes and blonde hair. The only thing missing is the Nazi uniform. His looks and his philosophy match perfectly.

    • Stormin’Norm

      Look up his family …THEY ARE JEWS….why waste our time with nonsense…besides the name and face mean nothing…FACT is this putz was born Jewish and is making money by denouncing his own people…and his schmucky father defends him!!!
      I would DISOWN MY SON!!!

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Mr. Miller has unbridled contempt for Jewish “liberals”, who he describes as avoiding political dissonance through studied ignorance. He suggests, rightly, that they will “embrace the liberal political agenda even at the cost of the existence of the Jewish state.”

    Unfortunately the old adage that contempt leaves deeper scars than anger does not apply; the “liberal” Jewish community is impervious to any notion of honor, and so is unmoved by his contempt.

    • Robert Davis

      “liberal” jews are 50% opportunists and 50% cowards ie 100% maggots.

  • Lia

    Please USA, for the sake of ll of us, do not put another Clinton or Bush in the WH.

  • steven L

    HC, Blumenthalx 2, MBs and MSs and other powerful Muslims + liberal Jews.

  • Pinchas Baram

    good article, and I hope Prof. Miller writes more frequently for you, also for As for Max B., he is an evil poisonous dog, one of the select jewish traitors and defamers of our day. may he perish soon, in great pain.

    • Robert Davis

      Blumenthal is a maggot, nothing by himself!He is used by antisemites and he likes that because it makes his “fortune” and that is all opportunists want!

  • This association will not be ignored. Former Secretary of State Clinton has so much “political baggage”, that if she wins the 2016 Democratic nomination, she’ll probably lose in the general election.

  • Fred

    It is sad & outrageous to have a treacherous Blumenthal in our midst. Alas ,some Jews trying to save their own lives betrayed their own father & mother, such is the perversity of life. Blumenthal has drunk from the poison chalice ,all he spews is poison. Hanging on to his fathers position he has the opportunity to spew poison onto the world. It will eventually blow back onto his face. A Rushe of the first class.

    • Robert Davis

      In absence of the antisemites who use him,blumenthal is NOTHING, just a rat of no interest to anyone. And he knows it.

  • art

    Thank you. It is important to study the close advisers, friends and backers of the candidates. Obama was a clear example of this with Malley,rashid khalidi,rice, powers breszinski, freeman etc The donors to the various Clinton charities are a new wrinkle. I agree with Dershowitz about Blumental, there is a point where a father must separate himself from the brutal hate coming from his son, especially with so political a family