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July 21, 2015 1:37 pm

Jewish Group Says ‘History Repeating Itself’ With German Rush to do Business With Iran

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel flew to Iran Sunday. Photo: Twitter.

German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel flew to Iran Sunday. Photo: Twitter.

Simon Wiesenthal Center Associate Dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper balked at Monday’s announcement that Germany and Iran are planning to hold their first joint economic conference in 10 years, and warned that the forum sounded like “history repeating itself.”

“In the 1980s, German firms played key role in helping Saddam Hussein emerge as a menace to the region, Israel and the world, especially with dual usage projects,” Cooper told The Algemeiner, referring to German firms that were crucial in abetting the Hussein regime’s development of chemical and other weapons of mass destruction.

“It’s true the German official declared openly in Tehran that Germany is committed to Israel, but the Mullahs will be laughing all the way to the bank. Iranian pedestrians beware or they can be knocked down by the wave of businessmen swooping down on Tehran — led by Germans and Austrians,” said Cooper.

On Monday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel, who led a trade delegation to Tehran this week, that he hoped Germany would play a “positive role” reinvigorating business ties between Iran and the EU, both of which stand to benefit economically from the nuclear deal struck by world powers and Iran last week.

Iran’s deputy oil minister for Europe and the Americas, Hossein Esmaeli, told Iranian Press TV that the German trade delegation included representatives from leading German firms such as Linde, Siemens, Mercedes, BASF and Volkswagen Group, among others.

During the visit, Gabriel also called on Iran to reconsider its hostile stance towards Israel, saying, “With the nuclear agreement and the economic recovery that will surely come after it, Iran will also bear new responsibilities, at home and abroad.”

“You must understand that for us Germans, the security of the state of Israel is also of great importance,” he added.

An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson quickly rejected the notion.

According to Deutsche Welle‎, German exports to Iran suffered greatly in the period between 2010 and 2013, sinking to 2.1 billion euros ($2.3 billion) from 4.7 billion ($5.1 billion). Iran’s official IRNA news outlet quoted Iranian officials as saying the planned conference would be held in late summer or early fall and will center around boosting trade amid the lifting of international sanctions related to the country’s disputable nuclear program.

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  • Germany remains what it was…the epicenter of evil.

  • nelson marans

    The premature decision of Germany to engage in unrestricted trade with Iran is obscene, particularly when highly technological companies are involved. Certainly access will be granted to equipment that can be used not only to further the military but also support the nuclear program. The German government should be ashamed, especially in view of the Holocaust, to support the murderous Iranian regime.

  • Jeffery Saddlemire

    The fulfillment of prophecy and God will intervene at the last moment. May God be with the Jewish people.

  • Graham

    I for one will be boycotting the companies above – I hope more will.

    • David McCance McCance

      everyone that I know in Scotland think it can only make the world a little bit safer if Iran does not have nuclear weapons and a lot of them boycott Israelis products so your advice to boycott German goods has fallen on deaf ears here but I take your point about boycotting

      David in Scotland

  • Business will always play the underhand when it comes to dealing with those we suspect we should deal with. Pension funds are inconsiderate when it comes to the terms of dealing with misguided interests. When Rudolf Kasztner was forced to deal with the Devil, in the guise of Eichmann, can we so easily balk at the saving of more than 1,000 Kasztner Jews! History will always repeat itself. It is simply how we deal with the lessons to be learned and the profit to be made!

  • Money make the world go around!

  • It pays to listen. Iran may be the juiciest, but also may well be the deadliest.

    So, leave it to Germany. Or leave it to beaver.

    Kill it now, or kill it later, but kill it before it kills you should be the unspoken rule of thumb here.

    The product of wishful thinking and denial conjoined, this culminating treaty is no more than the latest Munich brought by the latest of today’s enabled enablers and addicts twitching.

    Obama Chamberlian. Churchill, where are you?

  • “We must be ready to sacrifice all for our country Israel. For history does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid. We must continue to acquire proficiency in defense and display determination and stamina in purpose.” Never surrender – we are fighting for our survival and the alternative is extinction.
    Israel’s mission first and foremost is to take care of the Jewish people and insure their safety and security in Israel. Israel’s obligation is to its Jewish People and not to pacify the world at large. The historical facts are that for thousands of years the world at large has always persecuted the Jewish people and stood idle while millions of Jews are exterminated and persecuted.
    Right now we are in a badly separated, internally struggling, bickering state both within Israel and also in the Diaspora. And our enemies are happily latching onto this internal fragmentation exploiting us against each other and leading successful campaigns against us on all fronts.
    No political wisdom, trickery neither weapons and a mighty army can save Israel or Jews worldwide unless we rise above our differences, above our argumentative nature and form a single united Nation that is impenetrable.
    And that wouldn’t just save us but would blaze a trail of hope for others in this crazy world where there are no allies or friends any more only enemies waiting for the opportunity to destroy each other.
    We may not agree on everything, but we must respect each other and work together for our common goal which is survival in this hostile world which is on a spiral deterioration.
    “A United Israel is a Strong Israel” Unity above all is our key to survival.
    YJ Draiman

  • steven L

    In all fairness to Germany, their Foreign minister has told Iran that the rejection of IL is a NO NO.
    Soon or later, the mullahs will be forced “to swallow their big TONGUE”!
    And they will choke.

  • art

    Don’t worry the French and Brits are right behind them The iranians will have 150-500 BILLION $ to spend on arms, nukes etc

  • Harry Brown

    As human nature is unchanged, history always repeats itself.