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July 24, 2015 3:18 pm

Amnesty Blasts ‘Staggering’ Iranian Execution Spree; Nearly 700 People Killed So Far This Year

avatar by David Daoud

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Iran News Agency Mehr's coverage of a public hanging. Photo: Amin Rahmani / Mehr.

Iran News Agency Mehr’s coverage of a public hanging. Photo: Amin Rahmani / Mehr.

Leading human rights group Amnesty International is concerned over the “staggering” increase of executions in the Islamic Republic of Iran this year, the group said in a statement published on Thursday.

According to Amnesty, Iranian authorities are believed to have executed an “astonishing” 694 people between January 1 and July 15 this year.

The group added that the “unprecedented spike in executions in the country,” was the equivalent of “executing more than three people per day.”

“At this shocking pace, Iran is set to surpass the total number of executions in the country recorded by Amnesty International for the whole of last year,” the statement said.

Said Boumedouha, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa program, said, “Iran’s staggering execution toll for the first half of this year paints a sinister picture of the machinery of the state carrying out premeditated, judicially-sanctioned killings on a mass scale.”

He added: “If Iran’s authorities maintain this horrifying execution rate we are likely to see more than 1,000 state-sanctioned deaths by the year’s end.”

Amnesty said that the “surge in executions” shows that the country is seriously “out of step” with the rest of the world when it comes to use of the death penalty, considering that 140 countries have abolished the practice.

“Executions in Iran did not even stop during the holy month of Ramadan. In a departure from established practice, at least four people were executed over the past month,” the group noted.

The report comes just days after world powers moved to welcome Iran back into the international community with the historic nuclear deal finalized last week.

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  • Jack

    The unfortunate reality is that any group of despots eventually degrade themselves to showing their true colors.
    The mullahs are mo different.
    Any imbalance in governance must be addressed openly. Failure to do so results in civil unrest, as in the Green Revolution that failed after heavy handed IRG crackdowns under order from the current ayatollah.
    No people can live under the onerous oppression of dictators through history.
    The Communists failed in Russia and elsewhere.
    The Nazis failed in Germany.
    It is the will of the people that matters in the long run.
    The candle is lit.
    It is only a matter of time for Iran.
    As to their nuclear aspirations, it is now a matter of international law by agreement.
    As long as congress wants the whole affair to be ‘lawful’ going forward.
    Personally, I feel it would be better to be able to wear a star on my chest if I am trying to rein in bad guys.
    That is what this deal allows, pure and simple,
    That or go to war to prove a point that is unprovable.
    A community run and built on law is essential for any nation to succeed.
    This article sure shows unrest in Iran.
    Anybody here connecting the dots with me.
    All we can do is hope that Iran’s leaders in the future will be fair and law abiding, since the current system is going to collapse.
    If the Arab spring is any indication Iran could be headed for some tough times ahead.
    The Saudis even worse.

  • mark

    has anyone thought that maybe the increase in executions could be part of the nuclear deal. who is to say. the world is going to say a lot especially Israel. but I bet that a lot of those deaths where carried out because they where some kind of operative. but who’s to say. but ill put money on it. Iran signed a deal that if the western world accepted them back in to the so called international community. they would have to take care of such loose ends. But than again just my western thinking. I know if they are the worlds major sponsors of terrorism. I would want them to get rid of the threat before I allowed them in. So don’t judge them just yet . You never know it might be a good thing there killing those folk. but most people wont pay attention to the statistics of the bombings and shootings around the world to see if there has been a decrease in violence in certain regions and ethnic populations. but I can only speculate…….

  • yYy

    Funny how people insults here without even knowing why they were executed XD you are extremely brilliant.

  • Keep your hands off Susya !

  • Pites

    I pray we can one day have this kind of justice system in south africa.

  • zadimel

    Where are the 18 comments?

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    waht’s really atonishing: AI, well-iknown for condemning Israel so often, seems to wake up and to discover Iran is a fascist country of torurers (women, political prisoners, gays…)

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    Hopefully mullah Khamenei will be torn to pieces by his own people !!!!!

  • One can not aks a fanatic to reason in this modern world, when the fanatic has a mental state of the “dark ages”. Some of those executions were done on citizens who were “gay”. Do recall of the 7 year old boy who had his arm crushed by a truck for stealing a piece of bread at a market place. This of course is done under the mandates of the “Koran”. A book that the Pope Francis has not read, but said it was the same as the Bible. – There goes the world.

  • george beacock

    the west have still got the blinkers on when it comes to iran,come on guy’s wake up we need to see the deception coming out of iran are we that gullible

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    And then they blamed it on the Jews.

  • Fred

    Iran the “peaceful”. This spike of executions shows how arbitrary Sharia law is . Ex Judicial murder is accepted. Justice and the human law is non existent. Yet, in the words of the Obama / Kerry one should not see the type of country they are dealing with. At the time of the Munich betrayal Germany enacted anti Jewish laws with Dachau concentration camp in full swing. How perverse its happening again in Iran under the Ayattolahs who are more powerful then Allah as was Hitler.

  • David Goshen

    Interesting that not a word from President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry on this dictatorship which is fully aware from 2009 that the Mullahs did not win the election.They were crying out for support at that stage from
    Obama who ignored the facts.The attempt by the USAto institute democracy in Iraq was squashed by the Sheite majority which supressed the Suni minority which resulred in the ISIS revolution and left the ME in complete crisis.Pity Obama does not know that minorities under democracy are due
    certain rights.Its easy to blame Bush for removal of the dictator Sadam Husein but the real blame is on Obama who did not force the Iraqi Regime to recognize rights of minorities under democracy!!!

  • Carl

    I’m sure the “experts” at Amnesty are hard at work finding some way to blame Israel for this.

  • Sofia

    USA has made a deal with Satan –

    Why would Iran’s monsters even consider stopping the executions during the “holy”? month of Ramadan. Seems all the terror groups have stepped up killing innocent men, women and children.

    You can’t even compare them to savages – these monsters have sophisticated weapons and are enjoying their revolting killings with great pride and pleasure.

    Hell is too good for them.

  • wm.j. levy

    The Nazis used to hang Jewish prisoners from cranes so it seems that the Iranians and the Nazis have a lot in common.

    We are dealing with a fanatical regime who is rabidly anti-Jew and anti-West that will one day destroy Israel if Israel doesn’t destroy Persia first. They are Persians. Maybe not the same people with Hayman who tried to wipe the Jews out and Esther stopped them. Remember the slaughter of Hayman’s followers by the Jews. Jews have to become strong again,not such weak cowards who encourage their haters to hate them.

  • Dr. Pesach Rothstein

    … and people imagine there is no satan.

  • Mickey Oberman

    “…Amnesty International is concerned over the “staggering” increase of executions in the Islamic Republic of Iran this year,…nearly 700 killed…”

    It’s alright. Obama and Kerry still like and trust Iran.

  • It is no wonder that the Arab countries are beginning to overtly side with Israel against Iran, to create a united front against a nuclear-armed Iran.

    I hope that Amnesty is able to get everyone aware of just how backward this Islamic willingness to murder people, based on ignorance, actually is. Syria is caught in an impossible situation – the Shiite opponents of the wahhabist mass killers are not capable of being allies in the cause of protecting innocent civilians.

    Countries like Canada ought to be helping to create a UN force that can act to stop genocide – but thus far countries that should be taking responsible action appear to be all talk.

  • JulianClovelley

    Religion has a lot to answer for

    The sooner we walk away from all or them the better

    We might even find God of we do.

  • nelson marans

    We know the nature of the enemy and our response has been a disgrace for a nation that should support human rights. We have made a pact with the devil, selling our soul for nothing in return.

  • steven L

    Must be against Iran getting nukes!!!!

  • Harri