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July 24, 2015 4:30 pm

Illinois Governor Signs Unprecedented Anti-BDS Bill Into Law

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signs actionable anti-BDS bill into law. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signs actionable anti-BDS bill into law. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law on Thursday a bill to combat the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

The law specifically targets taxpayer-funded public pension funds that invest in any company that has adopted boycott, divestment or sanctions measures against Israel.

Rauner was joined at the signing ceremony by leaders from the Jewish community and other lawmakers who backed the bill, The Washington Free Beacon reported. He said states must stand up to combat antisemitism and anti-Israel advocates in favor of BDS.

The governors office called the law the first state-based concrete action taken against the anti-Israel boycott movement. State legislators in Tennessee, Indiana and New York recently passed resolutions condemning BDS, but those were non-binding.

The bill concerns companies “engaging in actions that are politically motivated and are intended to penalize, inflict economic harm on, or otherwise limit commercial relations with the State of Israel or companies based in the State of Israel or in territories controlled by the State of Israel.”

The law adds companies that boycott Israel to a list of Iran-restricted companies and Sudan-restricted companies, which must undergo periodic review. That list is sent around to the management at taxpayer-funded public pensions funds.

The Illinois government will also notify companies engaging in activities harmful to Israel that they could face divestment, and if the companies change or drop the Israel boycott, they will be removed from the list.

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  • Artie Van Derham

    “It is worth remembering, too, that Israel is a cause that stands beyond the ordinary changes and chances of American public life. In our pluralistic society, it has not been a Jewish cause – any more than Irish independence was solely the concern of Americans of Irish descent. The ideals of Zionism have, in the last half century, been repeatedly endorsed by Presidents and Members of Congress from both parties. Friendship for Israel is not a partisan matter. It is a national commitment, of the people.”

    John F. Kennedy

    Bigotry has slightly lost its sanction, granted to it, by the fake Left, today.

  • Berni Greene

    I would like this law adopted in California. Can Governor Rauner please send it to all states in the United States, especially New York and California.

    Governor Brown needs to do this in our state. Please forward the bylaws of this law to him!

    Thank you! Praise to you, Govenor Rauner

  • John Areschoug

    Good. A way to actively encounter the BDS movement and its systematic work to strangle Israel. Needed also in Sweden where I come from but here it is harder politically to achieve this. However it is an interesting idea.

  • It is about time that we not only fight back against
    the BDS and Cair- but that we kick out of this country.
    They have no right to even be here, let alone utter a single word. They are fourth class citizens- if not illegal ones.
    God Bless the governor of Illinois.

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    We must bless this Governor for being a true man of peace and afighter against those who are trying to destroy Israel.

  • Bindon Blood

    At last some one in authority has the integrity and courage to act positively against the unholy alliance of left wing activist academics, limp-wristed “useful idiots”,anti semitic,Islamophiles that are for ever searching for the means to destroy the one democratic nation in the Middle East;Israel,of course. It is shameful the way this courageous,beleaguered little country,the source of real progress and good in the world,has been allowed to fall victim to the malicious and,or,misguided forces of left wing vilification. Let us hope more State Governours follow suit.

  • david mccance

    Wow talk about freedom?

    David from Scotland

    • NDMA

      I know, eh? American Freedom = when they stand on the shoulders of others and call themselves superior ; murderous bullies … that’s all I see ; but then again, my future income is not dependant on genocidal entitlement … … …

    • Rod

      Yes. Freedom from the blackmail of BDS. I think this initiative should be adopted everywhere — A fellow Scot.

  • NuritG

    Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is a man with moral compass. May he be blessed

  • Otto Schiff

    There are many countries and governments doing things
    that we don’t like.
    However to single out Israel is clearly antisemitism.

  • Rosewood11

    As if we needed any other reason than obama to boycott Illinois!!! And especially Chicago!!!

    I would like to propose a alternative. I too can practice “BDS”!!! I do not buy anything from a muslim-owned business. If I could buy gas/oil only from wells owned by and located in America, I’d do that. However, since I don’t presently have such an option, I choose to buy anything else I purchase from a non-muslim origin right down to the yarn I knit with. Why should I give money to companies owned by people who want me dead!?! There is presently a company called that offers yarn sourced from Peru. There is also a new company called The Argyle Sheep ( ) that is currently working on producing an entire line of knitting yarns sourced entirely from U.S. sheep. My point to all you non-knitters reading this is that two can play the BDS game!!! Shame on Illinois!!!

    • NDMA

      Now… Top it off with Americans staying out of other countries : and stop shooting down foreign commercial airliners … and we’d happily leave you murderous pirates alone … but pirates gotta kill and pillage for a future, they don’t know any better 🙁


  • Sofia

    God bless Illinois Bruce Rauner for his stand condemning and signing into concrete action taken against the anti-Israel boycott movement.

    This is the only small Country that has so much to offer the world – the ones that are trying to destroy this Democratic Country are appeasing the malignant enemies, who do nothing to better but destroy everything they touch.

    They would rather kill and be killed then to make this world a better place. Israel tries to survive, and using their innovation and brains do so much with the little that they have, and are making life better for all that have access to their technology.

    We have to protect this great Country Israel – at all cos.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Thank you Governor Rauner.

    You are a very courageous man.

  • steven L

    What about the centers of disinformation otherwise labeled academia?

    • NDMA

      Depends : who do they serve? The delusion or the truth?

      Hint : there is no god, just rich bankers who tell priests what investments to suggest to their flock… LoL