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July 27, 2015 4:14 pm

Israeli Deputy FM Launches Initiative to Curb Anti-Israel NGO Activity in Jewish State

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Tizpi Hotovely (pictured above) launched a diplomatic effort to combat funding for extremist Leftist organizations that are anti-Israel. PHOTO: Erez Charodi/NRG.

Tzipi Hotovely (pictured above) launched a diplomatic effort to limit funding for anti-Israel organizations. PHOTO: Erez Charodi/NRG.

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely has accelerated diplomatic efforts to reduce European support for far left nongovernmental organizations deemed to be hostile to the Jewish State, Israel’s NRG reported on Monday.

Echoing comments she has made over the past several weeks in conversations with European diplomats, Hotovely directed all Israeli embassies operating in Europe to focus on the issue.

According to the report, the Foreign Ministry also sent documentation highlighting data on the European funding for anti-Israel NGOs to the diplomatic missions.

According to the data, European funding for the groups totals more than 100 million euros ($111 million) annually. The memo said that “foreign government funding is one of the central pillars of anti-Israel organizations operating under the guise of human rights organizations.”

The initiative will target a number of countries providing the bulk of the funding for the extremist NGOs, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, and even the European Union itself.

Hotovely instructed the Israeli delegations to “create diplomatic dialogue with Israel and set up red lines around the activities of organizations that support the boycott of Israel, work towards the [Palestinian] ‘Right of Return,’ or slander and delegitimize IDF soldiers.”

According to Hotovely, the NGOs that are causing Israel harm include the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat, Coalition of Women for Peace, Who Profits, Al-Haq, Al-Mezan, Breaking the Silence, BADIL, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, the Alternative Information Center, Zochrot, the Applied Research Institute, Terrestrial Jerusalem, Yesh Din, Gisha, Bimkom, No Legal Frontiers, and NOVA, a Spanish BDS organization.

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  • all those arabs in israel who are always complaining about how they are being treated sent them back to where them came from. let see them protest there, israel is to soft on them blame the liberals for that.GOD BLESS ISRAEL AND THE UNITED STATES

  • Monty Pogoda

    Tzippi – Kol HaKavod!!!

  • Teresa

    Bravo! high time.

  • About time too. Col Ha-Kavod to Tsippi Hotovely.

    Successive Israeli Governments have been totally dumb. They have failed to realise that all their liberal concessions to allowing in NGO’s hostile to the Jewish state have been ruthlessly exploited by the (mostly) European Governments who support and fund them.

    The Israeli Government thought they were playing ‘the white man’.

    Unfortunately, the white man has been playing an entirely different game whose title could well be called: “SUCKERS!”

  • Arthur Cohn

    The popular book “Catch a Jew” illustrates how these left-wing European groups fund the far-left Israeli NGO’s.
    Omitted from Hotovely’s list is Germany Which is very prominent in funding the left-wing Israeli NGO’s

  • Yacov

    Good for her

  • Good for you, lady! I support you whole-heartedly.

  • marta mikey frid

    Very proud of you Tsipi. About time someone showed some good old Jewish courage to speak out against these opportunistic enemies within the true liberal humanistic camp. But, what about the New israeli Fund?

  • steven L

    Freedom of speech is one thing internal antisemitism is another. If you don’t want to address antisemitism in Israel then don’t bother asking the outside world to confront antisemitism. Clean your house first.

  • steven L

    Never too late to start.

  • ART

    These ngos are nothing short of a proxy WAR against Israel and should be addressed as such. They and their sponsors also violate the UN injunctions against the attack on member states, not that that is realistic with the UN.

  • Mireille Mechoullam

    They sure do a lot of harm like you said and hope you will succeed in closing the doors of all these parasites who should all move to Gaza or the PA. Let’s see how they will be treated. Am Yisrael Hai.

  • Yale

    It would help to impose a tax on foreign contributions to NGOs, the proceeds of which should go to combatting the anti-Israel propaganda, especially in Europe.

    If imposed at a high enough rate, foreign governments would have to reconsider what they’re doing because the more they seek to assist these NGOs the more material would be available in their host countries documenting how their efforts undermine the pursuit of a viable settlement.