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July 27, 2015 11:43 am

Report: Iran Threat of Genocide Against Israel Could Hinder Lifting of International Sanctions

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Iraian President Rouhani at a rally celebrating the 1979 Islamist revolution. Photo: Screenshot.

Iraian President Rouhani at a rally celebrating the 1979 Islamist revolution. Photo: Screenshot.

Iran’s threat of genocide by calling for the eradication of the Jewish state of Israel could complicate the removal of certain international sanctions against the Islamic Republic, an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal on Monday revealed.

The U.N. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide obligates signatories to prevent all forms and threats of genocide, which recent calls by Iranian military and political officials for the destruction of Israel clearly seem to contradict.

And since a nuclear payload delivered by intercontinental ballistic missiles are the Iranian regime’s most logical tool to execute its apparent genocidal ambitions, lifting sanctions against its missiles program after eight years, as the recently agreed nuclear deal stipulates, without any sort of Iranian disavowal of seeking to destroy the Jewish state would appear to belie international law on preventing genocide.

Lifting U.S. sanctions against Iran’s central bank could also prove difficult, influential attorneys David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey contended in the WSJ piece, because these sanctions cannot be waived until the president has declared Iran “has stopped its ballistic-missile program, ceased money-laundering and no longer sponsors international terrorism.”

Also, while the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action struck by negotiators from Iran and world powers in Vienna on July 14 addresses concerns that local and state authorities in the U.S. could continue to impose economic sanctions on Iran, it remains unclear whether Washington could actually force all state-level sanctions to be lifted.

States have the power, for example, to prohibit taxpayer-funded public pension funds from investing in Iranian companies.

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  • Joseph Feld

    Rouhani’s salute in the photo for this article looks familiar. Where have we seen ‘that salute’ before? Saddam Hussein said he was the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezer. Could Rouhani be the reincarnation of Haman or some German chap from the 1930’s? When Germany threatened genocide, the nations of the world met at Evian to confirm that all doors, including the USA, were shut to Jewish refugees. When Iran threatens genocide today most leaders have a selective hearing problem and claim it’s a poor translation, and quickly change the subject.

  • Bullfrog

    The Obama led deal with Iran is a bad deal for America, a worse deal for Israel & an even worse deal for the World.

    The U.N.’s history in acting in Israel’s interests is few & far between, so do not expect anything from this ineffective organisation.

  • AKUS

    Tut, tut!

    Surely Iran should have the right to threaten genocide without anyone threatening to retain the sanctions?

    What is the world coming to when you can’t threaten Jews with genocide?

  • Elaina Hemmingway

    Ben Nathan you’re an ignorant pig

    • Joseph Feld

      Either that or he has an acute sense of sarcasm. I assumed he was taking the p – – – out of the B5+1 who deep down still assume ‘Judischer Blut ist hefker.’ We are closer to Moshiachzeit every day. They will be shown up for what they are.

  • The deal should be scrapped and the present regime needs to be overthrown. They have no peaceful intentions what so ever and have to be once and for all stopped.

  • “Oh! Come on! Iran doesn’t MEAN what it says. It’s only playing to its domestic gallery. If you think for one moment we are going to suspend the lifting of sanctions on Iran for consideration of that pesky Israel full of self-victimising Jews who are ALWAYS complaining about whatever, you’ve got another think coming”.

    “Our AGREEMENT took months to sort out. NOTHING is now going to stop it. Certainly not some minor technicality”.

    Not sure who will say this or whether it will be said in public but be sure it will be said.

    • Simon Phillips

      Are you 100% certain of that? What if they really mean it as most of the world suspects? After all, they are mohommedans and therefore permitted by their book to lie to ANY non-mohommedan.

    • erik keller

      well said.

  • martin

    whats the difference between hitler and the ayatollah the head gear they wear

  • Reform School

    University professors are so overwhelmingly Leftist, every media reporter (including WSJ’s) should be required to read Steve Allen’s DUMBTH facing a full-length mirror or be fired.

  • Michael Mayben

    Hopefully the contradiction of the UN’s International Law prevention of threats of genocide will be enforced against Iran. Also I would hope the lifting of U.S. sanctions against Iran won’t be waived. Unfortunately this is where America and Israel hits a snag. Obama has to declare that Iran has stopped it’s ballistic-missile program, ceased money laundering, and stopped sponsoring international terrorism in order for this to happen, but he won’t. This is where the lying POS Obama will say they have stopped their ballistic-missile program, money laundering, and sponsoring international terrorism. He is the treasonous anti-American president of America who will do and say anything necessary to get his Iran deal done for his Muslim religion and supporter of the Islamic Brotherhood.

  • Yeh! Like the UN are going to support Israel’s position.

  • NuritG

    I know what Russia, China and the Europeans want to get out of this foolish deal. However, what exactly, WE, America, got out of this deal but one HUGE naught and a HUGE headache as well as spending untold money to attend those talks for so long, ending lose our dignity in these feckless talks, giving up on our values and moral and be exposed to the world in our stark weakness of total capitulation.

  • rachel robinson

    “Could Hinder Lifting of International Sanctions” – no, it should say Should hinder etc., or better yet should not lift sanctions.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    The title of this article is most distressful. Iran’s call for the destruction of the State of Israel could interfere with sanctions’ relief? How outrageous! That call for the destruction of the sovereign state should be–must be–reason for the entire agreement to be dismissed as an agreement with a terrorist state, a genocidal state, a malevolent enemy of humanity.

    • Simon Phillips

      Surely such a threat is in itself a de facto declaration of war. Perhaps Israel should solve that problem by taking action themselves right now, before it is too late. Clearly the treasonous idiot in the White House is of no help to civilisation any more. He’s the most probable motivator in the build-up to WWIII.

  • steven L

    But the President knew all this before hand and nevertheless insisted on accepting The Shiadists demand.
    Iran will stop to verbalize their genocidal intends but will continue to work feverishly on their intentions.

  • laura burkhart

    Mr. Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on March 3rd, 2015, the reasons for making sanctions NOT LIFT, were for some of theses very reason’s:1.) Stopped it ballistic missile program, 2.) Stopped money laundering, & 3.)Stopped international terrorism!
    If Obama & Kerry can make fool’s out if the P5+1, & Iran, can they make fool’s out of the entire world, and link a global move of anti-Semitism…without ANY resistance!! Seriously!!!

  • Emily Korzenik

    It looks as though there is a possible avenue for preventing the removal of International sanctions against Iran. I dare to be hopeful that this mistaken deal can at least be eviscerated.

  • Isaac brajtman

    The trouble is that when Hitler wrote that he wants to kill all the Jews, nobody believed him
    When Iran says it wants to kill all the Jews ,every body does believe them
    The world did nothing the first time, and the are doing nothing now too.
    In the end , Israel will do the necessary unfortunately

  • nelson marans

    Contrary to any restriction being placed on Iran for willfully ignoring the requirements of the deal, President Obama will overlook even the most flagrant breaches to keep his precious Iranian deal in effect. Nobel Prize next for arrogance.

  • judorebbe

    The article stated that “The U.N. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide obligates signatories to prevent all forms and threats of genocide.” – With the UN’s track record? Is this a joke?
    Nice to find out that Algemeiner has a comics section.