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July 29, 2015 4:04 pm

Iraqi Politician Calls for Peace With Israel, Blasts Iran and Islamic State

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Mithal al-Alusi

Mithal Al-Alusi.

JNS.org – Sunni Muslim Iraqi politician Mithal Al-Alusi, who leads the Ummah Party, told the Kuwaiti daily newspaper Al-Rai that Iraq should make peace with Israel. He also called Iran “insane” and said the Muslim world has created the Islamic State terror group by fostering a “mentality of vengeance and nullification of the other.”

“Yes. Israel is a state and I support peace with it,” Al-Alusi said in the interview, which was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“I want to see an [Iraqi] embassy [in Israel] and the Iraqi flag flying atop it. This is in our interest. I do not want to tie our interests [solely] to Abu Mazen” and the Palestinian Authority, he said.

Iran, according to Al-Alusi, “is the most insane actor, which gambles with the lives of its sons, its people, and its history in order to [realize] the Iranian leaders’ false vision. It is inconceivable that Iran will control the region someday, and it does not have the power to do so.”

Regarding the emergence of Islamic State, he said, “This crisis is not only Iraq’s. We must fight our internal mentality—the mentality of vengeance and nullification of the other [that] created ISIS, the criminal terrorist organization that harms Islam and that committed a criminal terrorist act in Kuwait against our Kuwaiti sons, friends, neighbors, and brothers, and the [terrorist] actions in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, and elsewhere.”

“It is our creation, not a Western or European or Crusader or Jewish or Israeli creation. It is a creation of the Arabs and Muslims, because we have failed to protect our society and have allowed these extremist views to exist,” he added.

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  • mike

    Sorry I don’t believe it. The day visas in southern Iraq are as easy to obtain as for westerners as they are in Kurdistan, only then will I believe. Iraqi’s are very good at ‘talking’, ‘doing’ is a completely different matter. Iraqi administration is disjointed with multiple parties dividing up the administration like like spoils of war. Corruption and dysfunction is build right into the political system and is endemic. Essentially it’s party sanction corruption, punctuated by self interested corruption. Now that the cow is not giving milk maybe they will improve but forgive me is I don’t hold my breath. They are climbing out of a very very big hole. I think if they recovered the billions obtained by illegal means, Iraq would have no budget problems for several years even if they stopped pumping oil.

  • mike

    Really? This is the informations age so there is no hiding the truth any more specially the ugly truths.




  • An Iraqi speaks sense and truth. Too bad Iraq has been marginalized. It’s finished.

  • David Bentata

    “I do not want to tie our interests [solely] to Abu Mazen” and the Palestinian Authority, he said.”
    This sentence, out of that has been reported, troubles me. It shows a subliminal intention of playing both sides against the middle.
    Am I a cynic?
    YOU BET!

  • An Arab-Muslim politician has publicly endorsed peace with Israel!

    Will wonders never cease?

    PS: http://www.HonestReporting.com

  • Avi

    נאים שהוא אומר את זה אלא אין להם שום כח או השפעה. הצבא שלהם ברכו בפחד בפני דייש

  • Genghis Cohen

    Mithal Al-Alusi speaks the mind of God.