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July 29, 2015 3:04 pm

Israel Remains Out of the Loop With Secret Annexes to Iran Nuclear Deal

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant

Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant.

The Israeli National Security Council has yet to receive all of the annexes to the Iran deal struck between Iran and world powers in Vienna on July 14, chairman Yossi Cohen said on Wednesday.

Briefing the Israeli Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee — a parliamentary committee whose meetings are largely secret — Cohen said the withholding of these annexes to Israel was contrary to assurances the Jewish state had received.

Though the 159-page Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was widely disseminated, there are several confidential annexes concealed from the public eye. There are also side deals to the JCPoA that were struck between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency that also remain confidential, which is a common practice by the IAEA and other states.

U.S. officials have sought to assuage Israeli concerns that the Iran deal will destabilize the region and provides too many loopholes through which the Iranian regime might renege on its commitments and build nuclear weapons.

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have pledged to increase security coordination between the two countries to counter Iranian influence throughout the Middle East, but Israeli officials largely remain opposed to what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a “stunning historic mistake.”

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  • JohnWV

    “While we’re at it, how about a Citizens for a Nuclear Free Israel effort as well? No need for nukes anywhere in that part of the world. If they give up their nukes, I’m sure the Iranians will as well.” (GKSanDiego in The Hill 7/17/2015)

  • James Caan

    I would request everyone not to lose perspective….President Obama is not an enemy of Israel.But he is President of United States of America.He is responsible FIRSTLY to look after the interests of United States and then of any other country.He is answerable to people of United States and not to people of Israel. President Obama & Secretary Kerry are doing a great job for the people of United States and that is their job.Stop treating these leaders as if their job evaluation is based on managing Israel complicated disputes with everyone.

    • Paul Winter

      Obama’s job is indeed to put the interests of the USA first, but his “deal” most serves Iran and the cause of revolutionary islam. He has sole out Western values to a regime that has contempt for human rights. He has succeeded in his attempt to cut the USA down to size and he has endured the contempt Iran has and continues to heap upon him personally and on the country of which he is the president. He has sold out his allies and created a situation that will lead to at least conflict but possibly a nuclear war. Just the same it is reassuring that his supporters believe that Obama is doing a good job; they can die with a smile on their faces as an Iranian nuke vaporises them.

      • james caan

        Please avoid hurtling personal threats just because you do not agree to my input.This is the same attitude that Israel has had and for which United States has to pay the price in all these years.

    • Chengez K

      Excellent point. Fully endorse.

      No nation in the world abuses its own President for not protecting any other country.

      We must respect our own President and disagree only over the interest of our own country rather than a country in Middle East frankly which has become a strategic liability!!!

    • Barbara kay

      Obama has proven time and agin his animosity to the PM of Israel and his disdain. How foolishly naive and unconcious are those who think that Obama is responsible to the American people . he has directly slapped everyone straight in the face with a deal that empowers the world’s most vicious sponsor of terror with the capability to bomb us all intokingdom come or right into the stone age and no, James C he is definitely not responsible nor ethical for blatantly going behind our own congress and dealing with the Un to support it!

  • Reform School

    If most Congressmen’s brains did not lie amid their cojones they would respond to Obama’s veto threat by vetoing him out of office on a one-way ticket to a prison cell. He has earned being parachuted into ISIL’s lap for Negotiations.
    Yes He Can! That’s REAL Hope and Change We Can Believe In!

  • Elisheva

    This is exactly why Pollard acted as he did: the US was withholding information they were committed to give to Israel! Israel showed weakness in Pollard’s case and abandonned him to American “justice”. And it is showing weakness again in face of this treacherous “nuclear deal”… Oh God! when will we learn?

  • Andre Vincenzo

    It is clear that our president is more concerned with establishing his “legacy”for the history books with little regard for the safety of the state of Isreal. It is up to all of us to press our elected officials to vote against this Chamberlinistic deal made with Iran. This is a grave concern for all and is not something that should be drawn along party lines.

    Democrats and Republicans alike should unite in a bi party effort to over turn Obama’s veto. Congress should express their objection to the 5+1 deal with Iran. All the members of congress,whether Democrat or Republican should over ride Obama’s veto by the majority of both Senate and the House.

    If they vote down party lines and uphold John Kerry’s misbegotten deal, remember their names and vote them out of office this coming presidential election. The Iranian deal is not a party issue but a grab for commerce by the super powers of the world. They would betray Israel for a few dollars to line their pockets.

    Isreal is the last and only democracy left in the middle east and we owe it to our true friend and ally to stand by her here in the U.S and abroad.


    Kerry,Under oath, swore at my father and those who fought alongside him in Vietnam war criminals. Kerry lied then Kerry lies now

    • Jeffery Saddlemire

      This is a battle between good and evil and evil has moved into the White House make no mistake about it.

  • Fgfg

    There is no need to israel to learn about the agreement. In the social world that is topped with 5+1 countries that have nuclear bombs and weapons and have been in talk with Iran, then israel has no place in the agreement and no need to learn about it. Those 5+1 powers gaurantee the security of the world not israel. It looks that israel want to spy on itan. Iran is a member of NPT and IaEA but israel is not member. IsrEl also should disarm from its nuclear storage and it should happen soon. There is no need for israel to have nuclear bombs while they have all the congress of america in their hands,,

    • You are beyond misguided…you clearly have no historical perspective ….and if you believe that Israel should disarm…YOU are right there with those who want to see the destruction of Israel….another sad, ignorant anti-Semite.

    • Noel Eliscu

      Why not should Israel not get all the information. The Iranians say they want to destroy them. Obama cannot be trusted as his word is not worth anything. The nations that have okayed the agreement are making lots of money selling supplies to Iran.

  • Fgfg


  • steven L

    I suspect that there may exist a 3rd (secret) deal between O & K arranged by VJ on the US side.
    Will see how long the Shiadists rhetoric will last.

  • Michael Fox

    The longer this exposed dead fish of a deal lays out in the sun, the more it stinks. It already had a suspicious odor when it was first unwrapped. The financial component of the deal as it relates to the P5+1 members has been swept under the carpet. Iran will be flush with money with the sanctions lifted and the trade deals are already being worked. Weapons to feed Iran’s terrorist proxies and Iran’s goal of dominance in the Middle East will be this rogue nation and state sponsor of terrorism highest priority. This along with Iran’s stated commitment of wiping Israel off the map. Will the sanctions once lifted ever be reinstated? Never. Will Iran cheat. Always. In regards to their nuclear program, they always have lied and cheated and they always will. It’s as sure as summer follows spring.

    • Samuel J. Savitz

      Michael, well said, all but your reference to “…being swept under the carpet.” In this instance, it’s the “Persian rug.” Moreover, it should be emphasized that Iran’s neighbors, except for Syria, those directly affected, are unanimously against the agreement, whereas countries beyond Iran’s nuclear reach are the parties with the vote. More on point to the issue, Obama has a secondary responsibility (after that of protecting the interests of the U.S) to support its allies, and none whatsoever to support its enemies.

  • ART

    It is foolhearty for Israel, or anybody, to trust the US with Obama/Kerry. This treaty has been negotiated in an ugly deceitful manner, lying to the US public and our allies and friends. Lying to Congress and reneging on promises to Congress. Nobody can trust Obama/Kerry

  • howiej

    Not to sound flippant but Israel is not alone. The members of the U.S. Congress have been told that they will not be notified what the secret agreements contain and many will still follow blindly the lead of Obama and Kerry and vote for the agreement. What fools.

  • dante

    obama has made himself the “father of the iranian atom bomb.” obama wanted a legacy? that’s a legacy. it is a legacy of arrogance, delusion, of fantasy and folly, a legacy that will make neville chamberlain, samuel hoare, stanley baldwin, thomas inskip, et al. look honorable and wise by comparison.

  • Contrary to public opinion, I don’t see this as a mistake, but a deliberate act of antisemitism.

  • Jack Holan

    I wouldn’t coordinate a 2 car funeral w/Obama without worrying that he would be incompetent of sabotage my part. We have a 6.5 year record of where his heart, soul, and Harvard mind is at in treating Israel (not to mention other Allies) the mumbojumo he gives each time that everything will be fine in the end (he doesn’t say for who). At this point the worse thing we can do is to accept military toys, money, promises-they mean nothing and can not be counted on. Our most guarded secret revealed by this goof to harm us shows just who he is and the lengths he will go to do ruin us. The release of Pollard is fantastic even though the plea deal was not honored based on lies from Weinberger and then decades of incarceration we “begged” for his release. When Obama saw his opportunities Pollard became his golden egg. Thank you Mr. Obama for Pollards release, its been a long time coming; all other matters are separate. If accept anything now we will 100% lose credibility with Congress over Iran. Don’t worry Obama has his next pressure point set up a Peace Plan by Diktat that he will probably approve at the UN once France submits it. Its the non-negotiated Peace ‘Deal’ that Israel had no input as if we were some Banana Republic.

  • nelson marans

    Is Israel expected to believe and trust President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry when the hallmark of this administration has been to lie and conceal the terms of the Iranian deal. The growing opposition in Congress only shows that the more Congressional members know about the dirty deal with Iran, the more they are likely to oppose it. Similarly, American Jews when polled recently have shown, as details became available, increasing opposition.