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July 30, 2015 5:22 pm

Amos Yadlin: Israel Concerned Nuclear Deal Marks US Pivot to Iran

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Amos Yadlin was briefly detained at a London Airport. PHOTO: Wikipedia.

Amos Yadlin was briefly detained at a London Airport. PHOTO: Wikipedia.

Israel is concerned that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action has set the stage for a U.S. pivot to Iran, said Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin, former IDF attache to Washington, on Wednesday.

“[U.S. officials] see Iran as a source of stability in the Middle East. They look at their traditional allies that are not so stable, Egypt, Saudis, Israel maybe and Turkey. Maybe Iran is a better regional ally,” he told an audience including leaders from the U.S. Jewish community who are mostly concerned that the Iran nuclear deal will have dire consequences for the Jewish state.

Still, Yadlin said he had not specifically heard this from Obama administration officials, and he added that “I don’t think this is the case.”

“But music like this is heard in Washington,” he said.

Israeli concerns that the U.S. has abandoned its traditional Middle East allies predate the Iran nuclear deal, however — many officials in Jerusalem felt the Obama administration had given tacit approval for the removal of traditional U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president who was forced to step down during the Arab Spring uprisings in his country in 2011 and who was replaced by a leader from the Muslim Brotherhood, unnerving Israel even more.

And with the Iran deal, many Arab leaders in the Gulf states have expressed similar concerns, though U.S. officials have sought to allay these fears by promising to boost security cooperation and arms sales.

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  • Reform School

    The Legend of American KnowHow, impressed upon Jerusalem in 1945, was shaken when the Clintons abused Monica Blewinsky for their personal entertainment. The Legend should have died when Barack Obama embedded the Holyland Foundation’s unindicted(Muslim Brotherhood) conspirators in sensitive, key positions throughout the United States government’s security services.

    Like European grandparents’ murdered in the Holocaust, Jewish-born, media-annointed spokespersons (like Abie the Fox, Alan the Dervish Wit and Dooley Ben Dover) sing-and-dance for unelected party bosses, like rats following the Pied Piper out of Hamelin.

    Ironically, Evangelical Christians are better informed than most Jews (and many elected officials) of the odds most Americans—not just “assimilated Jews”—may soon be “ass-immolated,” should Obama’s surrender and rewards to Iran be enacted into law.

    How many Americans know chief negotiator John Kerry has family living in Iran? Those with conflicts-of-interest have no business at a bargaining table in any position, let alone chief. Is it MADNESS? Or is it TREASON?

  • Yale

    Does looking to a country whose goal is “Death to America” as a basis for securing American interests and stability sound like the act of a rational actor?

  • Lauren Goldman

    The beginning of the pivot point was when Obama was elected. This did not happen overnight, but now that Obama doesn’t have to worry about getting votes, the gloves are coming off.

  • Arthur Cohn

    Obama, between his lies, has left plenty of hints of his real policy objectives. These include a hate of colonialism, and his lack of support for anything that seems similar to him, even if it really is not. Israel has been painted in his mind (as in Condi Rice’s also) as a colonialist nation subjugating the native dark skin Arabs.

  • nelson marans

    By now it is obvious that a promise by President Obama is worthless. He has followed a pattern of going back on his word whether in Syria, Egypt Israel or Iran. No wonder that our allies are fed up with his supposed support and are looking elswhere when it comes to a crisis.

  • wm.j. levy

    Of course Obama has abandoned Israel. He was all for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt despite the fact that they want to destroy Israel.

    Obama is the one not to be trusted. He is not a friend of Jews or of Israel.

    He might have released Pollard but he used him as a hostage and the Jews accepted their second class status in America by not making “waves”. We’ll have to live with our lack of courage and self-esteem whether you have 32 billion dollars or not.