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July 30, 2015 1:59 pm

Former Defense Official Says White House Never Intended to Contain Iran

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President Obama defends the nuclear deal with Iran. Photo: Screenshot.

President Obama defends the nuclear deal with Iran. Photo: Screenshot.

The White House never intended to contain Iran with the nuclear deal, rather it hoped for an “evolution in Iranian behavior” as a result, wrote former U.S. Department of Defense official and Hudson Institute senior research fellow Michael Doran in a piece for Mosaic magazine on Thursday.

Doran quoted President Barack Obama during one of his myriad defense pitches of the deal saying he hoped the deal would “incentivize” the Iranian regime to be less aggressive and belligerent in instilling its influence throughout the Middle East, in conflicts in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, among Israel and the Palestinians, and in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Obama said he hoped the deal would make Iran more “cooperative.” So while the U.S. president never explicitly claimed he sought to fully untie the noose of U.S. containment policy vis-a-vis Iran, such quotes adumbrated this position, wrote Doran.

Obama’s deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes, said: “We believe that a world in which there is a deal with Iran is much more likely to produce an evolution in Iranian behavior.”

“In Obama’s eyes, containment is a fool’s errand, and continuing to treat Iran as a pariah will simply ensure that it will never help us damp down Middle Eastern turmoil,” wrote Doran. “To him, therefore, the nuclear deal is not an end in itself; it is a means to the larger end of a strategic partnership that will conduce to his sought-for ‘equilibrium’ in the Middle East.”

In other words, Obama is hoping that a detente with Iran could produce a balance between conflicting Shia and Sunni positions in a widely unstable region, so the containment policy would be off, for now.

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  • marlene

    And the implications of this deliberate danger are terminal – for America. Israel will, in fact, prevail because It Is Written. America, on the other hand, deserves what it gets, even if no one in the world ever deserved obama.


    Obama is presumptuous, to say the least. The Khameini dynasty is not founded on the democratically expressed will of the people of Iran, but on the will of Allah, as stated and enforced in the Koran for over 1500 years. Under Supreme Leader Ali Khameini, Iran is not a nation, as much as it is a religion, that is dedicated to overpowering infidels and Sunni competitors.

  • judorebbe

    Or was it something much more sinister? – “Agents Of The Enemy” by Ken Timmerman, in ( ).

    If you haven’t read it yet, I urge you to do so, and forward it.

  • zadimel

    Where are the replies?

  • zadimel

    I cannot believe that Obama is sincere about a détente with Iran that would carry with it a balance between Shia and Sunni positions, as well as promoting harmony among the nations and terrorist organizations towards each other and between Muslims and non-Muslims. Hatred and violence have been ongoing features between Shia and Sunni for nearly the entire existence of Islam. Indeed, such features have been continuous between Islam and Christianity and between the former and Judaism as well as the Jewish State. In fact, Islamic opposition to any other non-Muslim society or nation has been the moral imperative since the creation of Islam.

  • “The names of those who enabled Iranian Nuclear weapons will be added, next to Hitler’s, to the infamous list that will be framed in the Holocaust Museum dedicated to the victims of the Iranian Nuclear Bomb.”

    The Iranian Nuclear Program and the Final Solution