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July 31, 2015 1:31 pm

Report: Top French Official Wants Congress to Vote Down Iran Deal

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U.S. President Barack Obama (left) and French President François Hollande. France has retained skepticism regarding the current Iran negotiating process Photo: Pete Souza/White House photo.

U.S. President Barack Obama (left) and French President François Hollande. Photo: Pete Souza/White House photo.

A senior diplomatic adviser to French President Francois Hollande told U.S. lawmakers that if congress votes to override the president’s veto of a bill rejecting the Iran deal, thus killing U.S. participation in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, it would strengthen western negotiators’ hands and perhaps lead to greater concessions by Iran over its nuclear program, Bloomberg reported on Friday.

The attitude seems to counter the official French position, as French Ambassador to the U.S. Gerard Araud has been pushing lawmakers in Washington to support the deal.

The comments were attributed to Jacques Audibert, a diplomatic adviser to Hollande and former director general for political affairs at the French Foreign Ministry, from a meeting he held with U.S. representatives Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) and Mike Turner (R-OH) apparently to discuss the Iran deal. The French embassy “formally” denied the content of these remarks, which was related to Bloomberg by both of these lawmakers.

“He basically said, if Congress votes this down, there will be some saber-rattling and some chaos for a year or two, but in the end nothing will change and Iran will come back to the table to negotiate again and that would be to our advantage,” Sanchez told Bloomberg. “He thought if the Congress voted it down, that we could get a better deal.”

Many opponents of the Iran deal in its current iteration as the JCPoA believe a better deal could be struck if sanctions remain in place, therefore returning to Western negotiators the upper hand, though supporters of the deal contend a congressional override of Obama’s veto to uphold the deal would isolate the U.S. diplomatically while causing the international sanctions regime to collapse.

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  • pray and sing the SHEMA as would Yeshua,seeking HIM,FOR IT IS HE WHO CAN MAKE ALL THINGS RIGHT,AS HE IS THE ADON OLAM.

  • nelson marans

    With the rush of nations, including a French delegation arriving in Iran to conclude economic deals, there is little chance that the Iranian nuclear accord will be modified. However rejection by Congress could inhibit some international trade as well as to allow Israel to take military action against the Iranian nuclear bomb program.

  • We (The American People) must reject this “Iran Deal”.

    Republicans will rise and reform our out of control Govt.

    Stay Blessed.

  • Joseph Feld

    France knows the Middle East well and France has from time to time objected to suggestions that were negotiated. There are secret agreements between Iran and the atomic inspectors and various other secrets being kept from the Congress and/or the public. Transparency is non-existant. Professor Alan Dershowitz’s recent article points out some of the many negotiating errors that produced a flawed outcome. With intercontinental ballistic missiles and atomic warheads Iran would pose a threat to most of the world.

  • David

    If Congress overrides Obama’s Veto, than this deal may be delayed long enough to give a real President, the opportunity to act in the US and the World’s best interests.

    Obama is not an American, has no interest in the US, its traditions and history, and is only interested in himself and his legacy. Hasn’t anyone noticed? Congress should treat this as a treaty and totally ignore Obama. He is finished.

  • elsa chandler

    This is not a good deal, they will continue doing all the same things, and in fact the funding they will receive will help them. Continue negotiating.!!

  • The French always like to make,an each way bet

  • theo

    Khamenei has today reiterated that Israel must be destroyed He calls it a “cancerous tumour ”
    In dealing with Iran Obama can rightfully be called a collaborator in the destruction if Israel
    There is no other way to describe Obama’s treating with this regime All supporters of this deal must be made aware of what they are aiding – the destruction of a sovereign nation

  • Valery

    We think that the agreement should be more than the West, not Iran

  • ajh

    the blablahblah of negotation used for pretense . meanwhile,
    the business as usual. the war-mind is not fixed by treaty.
    this is a stall.

  • Ben Kramer

    Flooding the airwaves with AIPAC ads will only have an adverse effect, the American public will mobilize and back the the President over a foreign government every time. Netanyahu continues to play his losing hand.

  • Cynthia

    Most US citizens want it voted down by Congress too. Any deal brokered by John Kerry is a loss-loss for all of us. The Devil is in the details, and it must go. The United States is not supposed to deal with Terrorists, and Iran is the mother of them all.

  • Reform School

    Which parts of Treason don’t modern politicians understand?

  • steven L

    Will Schumer support the President or America?
    A better deal indeed but not with Obama and Kerry. That is out of question.

  • nelson marans

    With a number of Democratic Jewish senators and representatives indicating that they favor the miserable Iranian nuclear deal, the Congress probably will not be able to override the veto, although it should try. I consider those Democratic Jewish congressman to be not statesmen but political lackeys and no support should be forthcoming for them either in the primaries or the general election.

  • David Hersch

    The Western powers had the upper hand in the first place and gave it away, probably thanks to Obama’s insistence. As for the French, true to form, they lacked the courage to stand against the deal and sustain their opposition and now hope the US Congress will do so for them. Obviously trade and self-interest trumps common sense.

  • The official French position is what matters, not the words of a former director general for political affairs at the French foreign ministry and a “diplomatic advisor” to President Hollande., possible one of many. So, he speaks for himself and lacks actual power. Hardly a “Top French Official” giving advice to the US Congress. Your headline is misleading. The French government remains supportive of President Obama’s agreement with Iran.

  • Edward Marcinko

    Would Israel allow nuclear inspectors acess to all its
    Nuclear and military sites to prove it is not a nuclear threat to its neighbors?,


      Recent disclosures by Iran indicate that the recently inked nuclear accord includes a series of side deals on critical inspections regimes that are neither public nor subject to review by the United States.

      Reza Najafi, Iran’s ambassador and permanent envoy to the IAEA, stated over the weekend that no country is permitted to know the details of future inspections conducted by the IAEA. In addition, no U.S. inspectors will be permitted to enter Iran’s nuclear sites.


      Sorry Edward- didn’t read you Post properly.

      The answer is NO. Israel does not admit to having nukes, as you know.
      It’s a sad situation that Israel has to have them to guarantee its survival
      in the face of threatened extermination by many Islamic actors; Iran,
      Hamas, Hez Bullah, Islamic Jihad, the Palestinian Authority and now, ISIS.

      This is the truth—

      If the Islamists put down their weapons, there would be peace.
      If Israel puts down its weapons, there will be NO ISRAEL.



      ISRAEL–The Jewish population makes up 6,251,000 (74.9%); 1,730,000 (20.7%) are Arabs; and, those identified as “others” (non-Arab Christians, Baha’i, etc) make up 364,000 people (4.4%).

      SURROUNDING [HOSTILE] ISLAMIC STATES– somewhere around 350 million

      If Israel not had the nuclear deterrent, is it not likely it would exist in today’s
      climate of Islamic Jihad?

    • NOBODY, GOOD OR BAD ALIKE TELLS ALL,WHEN IT COMES TO MILIYARY INFO. This is total lunacy. To think that players will show their cards in a gamble let alone share info on national security in war time.

    • Take the contents of your wallet in hand and walk down the street naked. No intelligent person would do so. So too, national secrets won’t be revealed.

    • Frankly, your comment reeks with anti-Israel animus.

      1) When EVER has Israel threatened to use any nuclear device it may have?

      2). Has Israel EVER threatened to wipe Iran off the map?

      Your attempt to malign Israel is apparent and disgusting given the total lack of a factual basis for your spewing of raw hatred!

      You are uncovering a deep-seated anti-Israel point if view.