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July 31, 2015 1:14 pm

Scholar: Iran Deal Fuels ‘World’s Leading Exponent of Anti-Jewish Racism’

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Dr. Ruth Wisse. Photo: Jewish 100.

Dr. Ruth Wisse. Photo: Jewish 100.

Dubbing Iran “the world’s leading exponent of anti-Jewish racism,” a former professor of comparative literature and Yiddish at Harvard decried the nuclear deal with Iran touted by President Barack Obama, saying it would fuel “racism on a global scale.”

“Iran’s frank genocidal ambition dwarfs [Nazi Germany]. Whereas Adolf Hitler and Reinhard Heydrich had to plot the ‘Final Solution’ in secrecy, using euphemisms for their intended annihilation of the Jews of Europe, Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei tweets that Israel ‘has no cure but to be annihilated,'” wrote Ruth R. Wisse.

She wrote that until Iran has a nuclear bomb — though the nuclear deal aims to curb Iran’s ability to do just that — it will continue to commit violence against the Jewish state through Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Lebanese Hezbollah and other regional proxies.

Wisse charged Obama with acting out a double standard on racism; Obama “leaped to the defense” of Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr. and Trayvon Martin, but apparently ignores “the world’s most widespread and ideologically driven racism” by forging a deal with the “fanatical anti-Jewish regime in Tehran, despite what he calls Iran’s ‘bad behavior.'”

She argued that Obama’s environment has long been tainted with anti-Jewish beliefs, whether growing up in Indonesia or worshiping in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, which apparently practices an “animus against Jews and Israel.”

Wisse concluded that “Americans intent on stopping Iran are not against the president but in favor of the hope he once embodied for an end to racism.”

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  • Aviva Astrinsky

    I agree 100% with Professor Wisse.
    The president who received the Nobel Peace Prize even before being sworn to his presidency, has really made his Pastor Jeremiah Wright proud. We all saw on YouTube Wright’s God Damn America sermon. Obama has done his best to damn America — just look at his record in the Middle East: Condemned Bush for invading Iraq, but instead bombed Libya and turned it into a failed state; attempted to install the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt; failed to remove all the chemical weapons from Syria, and instead created the monster called ISIS ; And now his latest deal with Turkey to fight against the Kurdes and deprive them of an independent state to which they are entitled. Peace in out time indeed!

  • Agora que creio eu ISRAEL vai disparar na frente

  • Agora que eu creio que ISRAEL vai disparar na frente do MUNDO

  • steven L

    She is one of the few exceptions in the world of academia who is not a “liberal”.

  • eduardon

    Read this in today’s WSJ, op ed page. 7/31/15
    It is concise and terrific.
    Wisse is always a terrific writer/critic.

  • Sandra Hendlisz

    Without a question Obama is seen not as a friend to the Jews.. It is very insightful on behalf of Ruth wisse to link his indefference to growing up in Indonesia and to his former preacher Jeremia Wright… his early influences shaped his loyalties and his belief systems. As well his dislike of Netanyahyu does not help the situation. it is only later in his college years that Obama associated with Jews at all and clearly the impact did not change his early formation

  • I am pleased to see that the no-longer-helpful phrase “anti-Semitism” has been upgraded to the superior phrase “Anti-Jewish-Racism.”

    To help combat both anti-Semitism and Anti-Jewish-Racism, please visit these web sites: