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August 2, 2015 8:16 pm

Report: Iran Side Deals Becoming ‘Big Problem’ for the White House

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Secretary of State John Kerry (R) and Secretary of Energy Ernest Mofiz defend the nuclear deal with Iran on CBS Face the Nation. Photo: Screenshot.

Secretary of State John Kerry (R) and Secretary of Energy Ernest Mofiz defend the nuclear deal with Iran on CBS’ Face the Nation. Photo: Screenshot.

Agreements between Iran and the the IAEA about how to address the country’s troublesome nuclear past are a “big problem” for the White House, The Hill reported on Sunday, after lawmakers called to the have the documents disclosed.

The State Department has said these secret agreements are standard procedure between the IAEA and members of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which Iran signed but then violated.

Members of Congress insist that the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act — which sets in motion a 60-day review period ending in a vote on the general nuclear deal reached between world powers and Iran on July 14th — also covers the so-called side agreements between Iran and the IAEA, which are necessary for the implementation of the new international plan for the country’s nuclear program.

The side agreements address inter alia whether Iran’s nuclear program ever had military dimensions, which Iranian leaders religiously deny. The U.S. has said sanctions will not be lifted unless Iran complies with its commitments to the IAEA.

The White House said it would explain the contents of these understandings with lawmakers in private settings, but has yet to do so, according to The Hill. 

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  • Howard Kahan

    I am afraid that Ben Kramer is right. The deal is done. Money talks, and it is loud and clear. The rest of the world is chomping at the bit to do a little business. I will be amazed if this deal falls through. China and Russia will benefit most , and they have a lot of clout. I hope I am wrong.

  • Larry A. Singleton

    “The White House said it would explain the contents of these understandings with lawmakers in private settings, but has yet to do so, according to The Hill”

    This from the most corrupt, un-transparent, unaccountable administration in United States history.

    The American people can trust this administration as much as it can trust Iran. It literally takes my breath away when I think of the stench that is this president’s track record and this “deal” he’s making with the premier sponsor of world terrorism responsible for more American deaths then we can count, including almost 400 Americans in Beirut that includes the almost 3oo Marines. This president has shown nothing but the most utter contempt for Congress and the will of the people. It is no exaggeration to say we no longer have a president, we have a dictator and a tyrant in the White House Worse, he makes Nixon look like St Francis when it comes to the crimes he’s committed and not been held accountable for, not least of which is the murder of those Americans in Benghazi and the four sailors who died as a direct result of his policies to disarm our military. The murders at those recruiting stations is a direct result of his appeasement and terrorists attitudes that America is weak. Why he hasn’t been indicted is mind-boggling and it’s a shame we won’t recover from for a long, long time.

    Time to Call Obama and Kerry What They Are: Traitors by Daniel Greenfield –We have met the enemy and he is in the White House
    Read This Article and Pass it Around Like a Religious Tract!

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  • nelson marans

    What other side deals have been cooked up with the assistance of the Obama administration. Hopefully Congress will be able to expose them on further questioning and then it is up to the media or paid advertisements to let the general public know and possibly overturn the accord. Without public pressure, Obama with his political clout will insure the destruction of Israel by his machinations.

  • Ben Kramer

    The agreement is done. The rest of the world will be doing business in Tehran and American companies do not want to be left out.

  • Noel Eliscu

    we all do not war but we would rather wait a few years and have the world be destroyed . If we look at history Iran is playing the US and Kerry as idiots. The Russians,French and Chinese will make billions in arms sales. The Iranians have not lived up to any commitment and is telling the world that it is going to destroy us and Israel and we are giving the weapons to do it. It is my belief that our government and the news media all should be hung out to dry. Their are many examples of the corruption and decay of Washington. The POTUS telling us that their is no other way of getting peace when he doesn’t no how to do anything but to divide this country. The main Democrat running for President has so much baggage and is still in the lead. G-D help the USA

  • Paul Winter

    Am I reading it right? That State states that secret arrangements are a standard procedure between the IAEA and NPT signatories? But, if true, that makes the NPT is worthless; sign a pact and then negotiate an exemption. And then get Israel to sign but without a “side” deal.

    But isn’t democracy somehow connected with open government? Sure, there can be some quiet understandings between friends, like the USA and Israel are supposed to be, but between nations where one openly expresses hostility to the other? Is Obama mad or just plain bad? And does he think that he is the genius who can fool all the people all of the time?

  • OBAMA, Whitehouse it is hi time that you put all of the facts and details including the side agreements on the table, GET CLEAN just because you faltered during the negotiations does not mean you do not need to come clean now. OR ARE THAT AFRAID THAT IT WILL NOT PASS BECAUSE IT REALLY IS A BAD DEAL?

  • Monty Pogoda

    Bibi said no agreement is better than the one signed. He knows what he is talking about and obama and kerry should get life imprisonment for being traitors.


    As children growing up in Brooklyn, NY, eighty years ago, we learned to trust the rules of games like street football and punchball, even without a signed deal, let alone a TREATY. But, Iran has already violated the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which is a more solemn agreement than a mere “deal.” If Congress votes to accept this deal between Khamenei and Obama, we might as well deflate our football. What a tiresome nonsense: all this formal deal-making between the two champion liars toying with the planet and billions of lives!

  • martin

    if the deal is so good mr Obama let us all know what the side deals are you don’t play poker with 50 cards

  • Joseph Feld

    The Devil is in the side deals! You can’t keep secret deals from Congress and expect Congress to approve.

  • Mr Kerry, who helped negotiate the ‘deal’ said he’d been briefed on the side agreements but had not read them. But he signed the ‘deal’ anyway? Once, long ago & far away, in another country, a minister of finance said in court that he knew some of the things he had to sign was for money towards a ‘slush fund’to fund illegal activities. Seeing that all this was ‘secret’ he used to place a blank sheet of paper over such material & simply sign in the space left for his signature. Mr Kerry has not actually done anything new.

  • steven L

    Will Schumer side with the President or with the country. Kerry has decided long ago to side with Iran based on Mr. Amir Hossein Motaghi ( Who was Rouhani’s image-maker during the 2013 presidential elections, the man in charge of promoting Rouhani to the nation’s youth through a vigorous social media campaign. Thanks in large part to his efforts, Rouhani captured an overwhelming majority of the youth vote and beat his nearest opponent by more than 30 points).